Vanilla Ghost House

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Vanilla Ghost House
World-Level 3-Ghost
Game Super Mario World
Notes This Ghost House introduces the new enemy, Big Bubble.
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The Vanilla Ghost House is a ghost house found in the Vanilla Dome world of Super Mario World. It can be accessed by completing Vanilla Dome 2 through the Giant Gate. By completing this level, the player gains access to Vanilla Dome 3.

Unlike most Ghost Houses, the Vanilla Ghost House does not have a secret exit. It shares this trait with the Choco-Ghost House.


At the start of the level, two Eeries will come after the player. A Dragon Coin near a ? Block with a power-up and Circling Boo Buddies can be seen. Mario or Luigi will have to jump from ledge to ledge while avoiding Boos. The player will then see a group of several Turn Blocks, along with a Big Boo. One of the Turn Blocks contain a Vine that reaches to an alternate route. Using the vine or a Cape, they can collect a Dragon Coin and some regular coins, while avoiding a couple of Eeries. If the player chooses the main route, they will find a ? Block containing a power-up, along with a Big Boo. Further ahead is a single Boo and another pair of Circling Boo Buddies, with a Coin Block which will give the player 10 Coins, and a Dragon Coin above it. The player should then enter the door to the right of them.

Here, the player will find Big Bubbles floating around. Also, rows of 3 coins spread out the room can be found here. The player will soon see 3 Blocks. The middle one contains a P-Switch, while the other ones contain nothing at all. The player should keep moving and not press the P-Switch just yet, but should carry it with them. The player will find a regular door here, which will lead them to the platforms with Boos in the first room. However, there is an outline of coins that take the shape of a door. The player should collect them, then hit the P-Switch. The player should now be able enter the door. The Goal Gate can be seen here, and the player will now have access to Vanilla Dome 3.