Back Door

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Back Door
SMW BackDoor.png
World-Level BD
Game Super Mario World
Notes The Back Door is a shortcut for the Front Door. This area is the only area in the game that Ninjis may be found.
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The Front Door on the left and the Back Door on the right.

Back Door is a level in the Valley of Bowser in Super Mario World. It is similar to the Front Door of Bowser's castle, but skips over the majority of the level, starting at the "dark" room. The eight doors are skipped entirely, making Bowser's Castle much easier. The only difference in the "dark room" from the Front Door path is a Midway Gate just before the fight to Bowser. The battle with Bowser is unchanged, as is the credits and ending scenes.

It can be accessed through a secret path in the Valley of Bowser, specifically after the completion of the level Valley Fortress.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパの城裏口
Kuppa no shiro uraguchi
Bowser's Castle Back Door