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Iggy's Castle Crusher Room.PNG
First Appearance Super Mario World (1990)

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This article is about the obstacles first appearing in Super Mario World. For information about the enemy from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, see here.

Pillars also known as "smashers" are large columns found in Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. These obstacles appear mostly in fortresses, towers, and castles, usually hidden in the floor, ceiling, or also in walls. They move slowly for some seconds, revealing themselves, before suddenly smashing almost anything on their way. After some seconds later, pillars move slowly back.

There are many types of pillars. Some are just large columns with a flat end that fall on the player, these are the ones known as the "smasher". These can be avoided by hiding in small pits found under the pillars. There are also Spikes and Skewers.

Pillars are indestructible, so the player can't destroy them. The player has to avoid them if they have spikes, or else if the player touches them in small form, they will lose a life, but if the player has a Mushroom, they will turn back to small form instead. If the player has a different power-up and touches the spikes, they will turn back to normal, except in Super Mario World (SNES version), where the player reverts back to small form. If the player has a Starman or a Mega Mushroom, they will be immune to the pillars while in Invincible or Mega form.


  • Smithy uses a special attack, the Sledge, which lets fall a pillar over his target.