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Scuttle Bug
Despite everything, there's still a scuttlebug.

Hey, this is our page! Uh, extremely brief bio, we're Cam & Tori, a plural system of 2! We like Mario games, and specifically documenting/way overthinking the strange ones and the strange things in the not-as-strange ones. Our username was formerly Camwood777, so if you saw that on old proposals or Shroom issues, that's us.

At any rate, see you around!

~Camwoodstock & Tori

Current Status

We are currently: PRESENT
Trying very hard to relent from getting too wordy because of wayward carpal tunnel--sorry if we just kind of vanish from proposals, we literally can only say so much before our wrists protest! As for the minor project? ... Grinning so serenely. ;3c

Obviously, our activity here is on various ebbs and flows of activity and less than that. We're always at least a little active, lurking by reading articles and chipping away at any minor errors we notice, but of course, we'd like to think there's times we do more than that. Hence...

  • ACTIVE: We are literally in the midst of, or just off the heels of a Mario Wiki-related project.
  • PRESENT: Nothing going on particularly strong, but we're definitely around. Usually chipping away at a more minor project during this.
  • LURKING: Our default state of existence. Expect us to lurch from the shadows to snap up wayward typos and vote in proposals. You can still message us if you need anything, and we'll probably catch on sooner than you think; just don't hold your breath on it being a particularly fast response, okay? If it's urgent enough, you can try the Mario Boards. If we haven't updated this in awhile, you can safely assume we're lurking.

Substantial Enough Doings

In no particular order nor intrigue, just things we're proud of.




Media Added

The 'Shroom

  • Article 126: Nominated Skillit for Shroom Spotlight. It actually succeeded, and even saw some improvements! #KillIt4Skillit
  • Articles 127-oh god it's been forever we forget when we had to stop: Former Picross puzzle creator for Fun Stuff!

Misc. Shroom Stuff

  • Participated in the First 'Shroom KG!

Even More Misc. Stuff

...and, uh, until there's enough vertical room for this little guy, he goes underneath the fancy stuff

(we'd frankly be surprised if you've bothered even reading this page at all)