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The 'Shroom Spotlight

by Yoshi876 (talk)
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Hey 'Shroom readers! Welcome to this month's edition of Spotlight. What we do here is highlight several articles that aren't up to shape and then you guys go to fix them up. We had a party theme last month, and like any good party there were good bits and there were bad bits Whilst some party-goers left with dignity intact, others were throwing up in the corner. Among those with their dignity include: Coin Cache, which was rewritten thanks to Andymii (talk), Warioad (talk) and myself; File:Gameball.jpg had already been re-uploaded by Arc Ray (talk), however it had not been placed into the article but Time Turner (talk) was now done so; and Utter Nonsense has found its way into the wiki thanks to Owencrazyboy9 (talk). Now the party’s over we can return to what we used to be boring a project aimed at improving a multitude of articles, so let’s introduce the latest articles that have been giving me nightmares due to their poor quality.

  • Super Mario World (trivia) – This article’s trivia section is about as large as planet. Try making it a much more appropriate size.
  • Flower Fields (rewrite) – Spring is upon us, but that’s new excuse for the flowery writing here. And no, neither is the fact that this place is made up of flowers.
  • Golf (rewrite-expand) – Golf is a sport where the intention is to hit a ball into a hole, usually far away. Would help if this article had details on these holes so we know where we’re aiming.
  • File:Badminton Doubles.JPG (Image Quality) – I hear badminton is a lot easier to play if you can tell what’s going on.
  • The Mark of Zero (more images) – This article’s title is fitting, seeing as it has about zero images.
  • Zip-Line Shrine (Wanted pages) – I love ziplines. I’ll let you go on if you create this Tropical Freeze level.

Be sure to check back here next month, where I'll review the progress made on each of these articles. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or feedback, or post a message in the dedicated forum thread and I'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, and get working!

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