Bowser's Barbecue Room

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Bowser's Barbecue Room
Level code 7-15
World Bowser's Seizures Palace Hotel
Game Hotel Mario
Time limit 200 seconds
Boss Iggy Koopa
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Bowser's Barbecue Room is the fifteenth level of Bowser's Seizures Palace Hotel and the seventy-fifth and final level overall in Hotel Mario.


The first section of this level features a boss battle with Iggy. Iggy's sole tactic is moving around with his Bowser mask and hopping from floor to floor, stopping constantly to send out single vertical lightning bolts that home in on Mario's position, as well as single fireballs. Mario must jump on Iggy to briefly stun him; he can jump on Iggy again to stun him for a longer period of time. If Iggy is on screen when all doors have been closed, he will reveal himself from behind the mask before leaping away.

The second section features another boss fight, this time with Bowser himself. Bowser's tactics involve firing multiple vertical lightning bolts which briefly ignite the ground upon contact, jumping from floor to floor, and breathing fire towards the area in front of him. Mario must jump on Bowser to briefly stun him; he can jump on Bowser again to stun him for a longer period of time.

The level consists of ten floors, with anywhere between three to five doors on each floor.