Boo Blast (minigame)

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Boo Blast

Boo Blast is a minigame found in the Game Boy Color game Mario Tennis. In this minigame, the player's character is Mario and the objective of the minigame is to hit Boos as the rally continues with Luigi. There are three rounds, the goal of the first is 30, the goal of the second is 60. In the third round, the goal is endless, but the player must collect 60 points. After each level, Luigi hits the ball faster. After finishing the third round, the player can transfer the data through a Transfer Pak to the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis to unlock Super Mario Court.

In-game description[edit]

"Score a point by hitting Boo as you continue your rally with Luigi. The points earned double for each consecutive stroke that hits Boo. The game ends if your rally ends. The high score is 30/60. Mario, Good luck trying to break the record."