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Kirby hats... Again.[edit]

Lol, I liek ur new archive! Anyway... I'm virtually done. I'm gonna add some small credit text to the bottom... But I'm done! Since I'm not allowed to go to Photobucket (stupid parental controls) I'm gonna have to email you the file. That alright? I'll give you my email if it is. BLOC PARTIER. BTW, Don't just try to hit that "Email this user button" cuz it won't send me a verification message. And if it does, it is blocked.

No. no Image Hosting sites whatsoever. It's ridiculous. But I'll send it to you. When you see a message that's from an adress with the word "tonberry" in it, it's mine. BLOC PARTIER.
Final Fantasy monster. The best ever. He's my fav! BLOC PARTIER.

I see... Some Nsider was probly called that... I dunno. Anyway, I sent the hat. BLOC PARTIER.

K cool. I'm tired, so I'm gonna go play video games or something. CYA 2MORROW! BLOC PARTIER.

Lol, nice new sig. Alright, I'm really leaving now. Let's try this again: CYA 2MORROW! BLOC PARTIER.
Well, now your a sage. Which is pretty amazing. XD BLOC PARTIER.

I figured. That would also be why it links to Link. No pun intended, but it's kinda funny anyway. BLOC PARTIER.

I only put 3 words in the whole thing... And I'm relatively sure I spelled my name right. :P BLOC PARTIER.

AWESOME! I'm glad you like it! I was impressed with my own skill on this one, actually... :P BLOC PARTIER.

Yeah, I was surprised the DS was so good too... I wasn't planningfor it to look so realistic. I also made the eyes and mouth from scratch this time, too, which I don't usually do. The only problem I had was the pink cheek things. I took those from another one of my Kirbies, Cuz I forgot how to do them. :P BLOC PARTIER. Still a nice sig, BTW.

Nah, just find yourself a good GIMP tutorial, I'm sure it can't be that hard. My friend makes funny stuff on it all the time! Hey, wait, do you have a black DS and I guessed right about it? BLOC PARTIER.

I see. I have had two DS's. One, an old gray one, I just got sick of. So I traded it in for a White Lite, whose hinge broke and whose L&R buttons would not work. So I got my Black one which I use now.BLOC PARTIER.

I know that feeling... I'm bored. BLOC PARTIER.

Hmmm... I'm gonna go play SSB or something... BLOC PARTIER.

No. When I sy SSB, I mean Melee. Usually. BLOC PARTIER. Olimar's gonna be awesome, BTW.


Now that we convice you to work in your game why you don't return to your old 'Sroom section? Xpike the hedgehog why?

Convice them convice them! Xpike the hedgehog *puppy eyes*


Jorge, you're hispanic, so am I-Kpshadowsig.pngKP ShadowKpshadowsig.png

Dude, Jorge is a hispanic name, also what hispanic country are your ancestors from? A Spanish speaking country, like Mexico, Spain, Ecuador (like one of my friends), Columbia, Chile, or Argentina, or a Portugese speaking country, such as Portugal or Brazil?-Kpshadowsig.pngKP ShadowKpshadowsig.png Which country,Belize or Guatamala?-Informant P.S. I created another account because I changed my username, which logged me out, I lost my password, and I didn't add a E-mail address, so I couldn't log out.


Hey, I just thought about this... Who's gonna be your main character in Brawl? Or, if you don't know, who's your main in Melee? BLOC PARTIER. I use Falco or Luigi now, but I hope to get good as Olimar. :P

Lol, "Original" meaning having like 50 different moves? :P But yeah. Link is good. I just beat a level 9 DK with him... It was too easy. I wish there was level 20 or something... BLOC PARTIER. I hope that's in Brawl, at least...
I want to be able to beat 3 really hard level 9's all against me befor Brawl come out... Like Mario, Fox and Link or Captain Falcon or something. :D BLOC PARTIER. I'm incredible at one-on-one, but I lose it when there's more than 2 against me...

MS Paint[edit]

Hey Paper Jorge, word on the street is you know how to create and upload comics on MS Paint. Would you be able to tell me how? I'll give you credit. Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

Yes, that is true I can do comics in MS Paint. But, I can't teach you right now. I'm on my Wii. Paperjorgesp.png Paper Jorge Paperjorgesp.png
Didn't you have a "tutorial" once? Where'd that go? 3dhammer.gif 3D, GONE 4 TEH WEEK WHAAH 3dhammer.gif

It didn't have a license so Gohst Jam deleted it without even asking first. Paperjorgesp.png Paper Jorge Paperjorgesp.png And it's not on my CPU anymore.
D'oh. Maybe I'll make one now. 3dhammer.gif 3D, see you next week. 3dhammer.gif
Okey Dokey. Paperjorgesp.png Paper Jorge Paperjorgesp.png

More Smash![edit]

LOL, I hope so. Oh, by the way, I got on Imageshack at school, and uploaded some Kirby Hats. Go check one out at User:InfectedShroom/Kirby Hats. BLOC PARTIER.

Heh, it makes me laugh too. XD Well, check that page every other day or so, and I'll put a couple more on. BLOC PARTIER.

Okay. I will. I'm just trying out my new (and old at the same time) sig. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions· Paper Jorge was here at 10:04, 25 January 2008 (EST)


On userpedia, King Boo recorded a chat disscussion about some guy named "Gavin". Who's this Gavin? GrodenE T C El Is he a user?

Gavin is Wayoshi's real name. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions· Paper Jorge was here at

Oh. GrodenE T C El

Zelda TP[edit]

User:Paper Jorge, Special:Chat

Hey, yeah, how dare they! Next time you can call me. :P Fact is, it is the best game made so far, and that's something. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 14:18, 26 January 2008 (EST)

Hey, thanks. :) I was quite surprised about my new powers. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 14:58, 26 January 2008 (EST)

Just ban the toad guy. He's a sockpuppet -_-' GrodenE T C El

Hey Papa[edit]

SO Im bored...F gLarrynana.gif

You just blocked yourself XD F gLarrynana.gif

Check teh forums plz GrodenE T C El

O...kay. And yes I did block myself. LOL Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·

Mi Wiki[edit]

Thanks for helping me a lot with Mi Wiki ;) User:Crypt Raider/sig 2

No problem! After all, I am bored today. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·

Dimentio M&L sprites[edit]

can you do a version of dimentio? like back and front < > thanks McWolf

Well, I'm not a really good spriter. I could try, but it would turn out...ugly. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·

k then, but if you can try, try ;P McWolf

PJ! Go to Mi Wiki right now! User:Crypt raider/sig


Just for the info, we're now moving Mi Wiki to here. Thanks! GrodenE T C El

I'm kind of sick today. Maybe tomorrow? Also, ScribbleWiki! Yay! This is good news. Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·


I heard you like Zelda games. I like those too, but Wind Waker is better than Twlight :P

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG It's-a me! The user formily know as DB!


You would banned me for no reason oh HOW DARE YOU would banned me for no reason.F gLarrynana.gif

Uhh...what? Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·GENO WHIRL!


Sorry if I acted stupid the other day...F gLarrynana.gif

Meh, it's ok. But I seriously didn't understand a word you said. linkswordmi2.gifPaper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·linkswordmi2.gif

BS Super Mario Collection[edit]

It was never made as a page? That's weird. I remember, after I added all the obscure games to our list, I made articles for each game, going down in order. I don't know why I would have passed over this one and BS Super Mario USA. I guess I must have, though... Red.Tide 23:27, 16 February 2008 (EST)

Maybe there was an article about another BS game? Anyway, in other news, BS Super Mario USA is the 8,000 article on the wiki! Thank you so much for helping us create articles. Keep editing! linkswordmi2.gifPaper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·linkswordmi2.gif


The Yoob looks ALOT like Barney now that I think of it!

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG I can't belive I never noticed it!

They look so similar, I remember an issue of Nintendo Power even mentioned that. linkswordmi2.gifPaper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·linkswordmi2.gif There's more info on it in the Yoob article.


Please Come to the forum.F gLarrynana.gif

Ness, Super Smash Bros.

'Nuff said.linkswordmi2.gifPaper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·linkswordmi2.gif

Garlic Man[edit]

Yup, I'm now Garlic Man. I need to change my sig... Oh, and thanks for telling me about Mario Party 6 in there twice. Maybe I have two copies... (not really). Oh well, Wario Rules. Marcelagus (TCE)

Ah yes, Luigi. I like Luigi and Wario about the same, hard to decide which, though. But I felt Wario should get a chance at the username, too. Oh well, they both rule. Marcelagus (TCE)
Yeah, sorry about the jokes on the userpage. I was actually thinking about changing "Don't I know you?" to something else. As for the picture captions, I'll either change the caption or quote you. The "Mario's Gonna get Seizures" one was just too funny, I couldn't think of a better caption :P. I just want you to understand that I wasn't trying to plajirise or anything. That's all. Well, see ya soon. Marcelagus (TCE)



Meanwhile, I have to archive. Again. linkswordmi2.gifPaper Jorge ( Talk·Contributions)·linkswordmi2.gif