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Mario Baseball Party 3D[edit]

Mario Baseball Party 3D Confirmed Modes Release Date: August 26, 2012

Challenge Mode: Baseball Kingdom's Power Stars Are Somehow Stolen By Bowser And Bowser Jr. The Unexpectly Making A Drill Used By Bowser's Minions And The Baseball Kingdom Has No Power Now But Bowser Has Stolen All the Power From The Baseball Kingdom And Now Mario And His Friends Must Team Up To Stop Bowser To Save The Baseball Kingdom.

Bosses And Stadiums: Mario Stadium Peach's Garden Yoshi Park Wario Caverns Dk Jungle Bowser Factory 1. Blooper 1. Major Burrows 1. Wiggler 1. Dry Bones 1. The Chimp 1. Bowser Jr. 2. Moneybags 2. Petey Pirahna 2. Koopa Troopa 2. Mean Emcee2. Kludge 2. Bowser

Mario Party 10[edit]

Mario Party 10: Release Date: June 3, 2012 Gameplay: The Old Form Of Gameplay From The Previous Games Will Be Used In This Game. Mini Stars And Stars Will Return And Bowser Is Now Attempting To Steal The Mini Star Ribbons And To Be Developed By The Same Developer As Mario Party 9. And That Players Can Now Have Up To Five Items Confirmed Returning Characters: Mario Luigi Peach Wario Daisy Waluigi Yoshi Toad Birdo Toadette Koopa Shy Guy Confirmed New Characters: Baby Mario {New} Baby Luigi {New}

Confirmed Boards: Goomba's Sweetie Blast- Thwomp Is Confirmed To Be A Boss of This Board Boo's Haunted Halls- Kamek And Bouldergeist Are Confirmed To Be Bosses Of This Board A Unknown Jungle Board Colonel Pluck Is Confirmed To Be A Boss Of This Board. Also This Board Will Be A Bonus Board Dry Bones Rocky Caverns- Hammer Bro. And Rawk Hawk Are Confirmed To Be Bosses Of This Board

Other Characters: Ukikis Whomps Monty Moles Lakitus Boos Bomb Boos Hammer Bro. Lakitus Mr.Blizzards Chain Chomps Bullet Bills Goombas Crowbers Podoboos Pokeys Flutters Confirmed Bosses: There A Total Of 18 Boss Battles In This Game Thwomp Bowser Bowser Jr. Wallop Bouldergeist Kamek Hammer Bro. Rawk Hawk 4- Player Minigames: There Will Be A Total Of Thirty-Five 4-Player Minigames A Minigame Involving Players Making Cakes A Minigame Based On The Idea Of Mario Party 6's Clean Team A Minigame Where Players Ground-Pound On Monty Moles A Minigame Where Players Control Pinballs And Make It To A Certain Route A Minigame Where Rivals Collect Music Notes And Jump Out Of Poison: Setting Is World 5-3 From New Super Mario Bros. Wii A Minigame Where Players Skate Around 2 Laps : Setting Is From Freezy Flake Galaxy From Super Mario Galaxy 2 A Minigame Players Collecting The Mini Stars That Ukikis Drum A Minigame Where Rivals Pump Balloons In A Castle A Minigame Where Rivals Are Being Chased By Boos A Minigame Where Players Go In A Haunted Mansion To Suck Garbage Can Ghosts From Luigi's Mansion A Minigame Where Players Jump In Manholes In E-Gadd's Laboratory A Minigame Where Rivals Race Levels In Rolling Green Galaxy Dodging Chain Chomps A Minigame Where Rivals Catch Tiki Torches A Minigame Where Players Whack Pokeys To Get Mini Stars A Minigame Where Players Rotate Pieces On A Lenticular Puzzle 1-vs.-3 Minigames: There Will be A Total of Twelve 1-Vs.-3 Minigames A Minigame Where Rivals Bump Koopa Shells A Minigame Where Players Move In Conveyer Belts Where The Solo Player Attempts To Throw Bob-Ombs A Minigame Where Rivals Are Chasing And The Solo Player Controlling A Whomp A Minigame Where Players Are Using Some Sort of Vehicle To Get To The Goal Without Being Crushed By Whomps A Minigame Where The Solo Player Uses Rocket Engines To Hit The Flutter A Minigame Where The Solo Player Turns The Cogs And The Players Go The Other Way

Boss Minigames: There Will Be A Total Of Eighteen Boss Minigames A Minigame Where Players Throw Bomb Boos On Bouldergeist A Minigame Where Players Throw Spiked Balls To Not Be Crushed By A Giant Twhomp A Minigame Where Players Turn Levers On A Machine To Electrify A Giant Wallop From Super Mario 3D Land A Minigame Where Players Select Books To Hurt Kamek A Minigame Where Players Use Bullet Bills On Bowser A Minigame Where Players Use Jacks To Defeat Bowser Jr's Boomsday Machine A Minigame Where Players Throw Spiked Balls On Rawk Hawk A Minigames Where Players Use Hammers On A Giant Hammer Bro. A Minigame Where Players Use Vehicles To Defeat Colonel Pluck Bowser Jr. Minigames: There Will Be A Total Of Ten Bowser Jr. Minigames A Minigame Where Players Draw Circles On Bowser Jr. A Minigame Chasing Bowser Jr. In A Mountain-Like Maze. Avoiding Podoboos Battle Minigames: There Will Be A Total Of Four Battle Minigames

Retro Minigames: There Will Be A Total Of Six Retro Minigames

Trivia: Toadette Will Return Playable This Is The Third Mario Party Game For The Wii Kamek And Hammer Bro. Will Return As Bosses ND Cube Is Developing this Game Kamek Will Not Return As A Playable Character Bowser's Minions Are The Chimp And Boom Boom And Will be Unlockable Characters After Story Mode Mini Star Ribbons Contain 100 Mini Stars This Is The Second Mario Party Game That 2-vs.-2 Minigames Will Not Return Battle Minigames Will Return

Returning Spaces: Blue Space Lucky Space Unlucky Space Event Space Bowser Space Bowser Jr. Space Mini Star Space Mini Ztar Space Star Space Ztar Space Dk Space Jackpot +5 Space Jackpot +8 Space Boss Battle Space Refresh turn Space Dash Space Captain Event Space Battle Space New Spaces: Retro Space Jackpot 2+ Space Skip Space- Skip Other Player's Turns Lose Turn Space- You Lost A Turn The Next Player May Go Board-Specific Spaces:

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Wario World 2: The Power Of Two[edit]

Wario World 2: The Power Of Two Story: You Will Now Be Playing As Wario And Waluigi Waluigi Can Now Use A Remote. A New Evil Is Being Raised In Wario's Castle That An Evil Black Jewel Turns All Of Wario's Treasures Into Monsters

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