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Absolutely NO editing here or else I (or someone else) will unleash the fatness of Wario on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!

Messages start here. Why? You wouldn't want to know.[edit]

Why do messages start here?! I MUST know! ARRRRGGGGGGGHHHH

If Nintendo uses their head for this decade, Fawful will be in spin-offs! I mean, Fawful should be qualified to be a major Mario character by now! He's appeared in three games(unlike Rosalina who took one game to appear in a spin-off >_>) and is like the greatest character ever! If there's a new Mario Kart, Fawful, Hammer Bro, and ALL the Koopalings MUST appear!!!

I truly hope that Nintendo makes Super Paper Mario 2! The original SPM is just BEGGING for a sequel!!!!!!!!! AND WHAT ABOUT PAPER LUIGI?! WHAT'S WITH NINTENDO THESE DAYS!!! MAKE THE GAMES ALREADY!!!! Of course don't think I forgot about the M&L series. If Nintendo doesn't make Mario and Luigi 4 with Fawful in it, don't be surprised if you hear on the news that Nintendo was just bombed and PWNED by some crazy idiot YEAH SSSSSSSSSSSBOOOOOM!!!! EAT IT, NINTENDO!!!!! (ok I'm not really that crazy, don't sue me...).

Sorry, I am really hyper.

Why do you "suck"? Whats going on in your-a head? OMG DID YOU LOSE IN MARIO KART?!!!! Are you good at that game? If you are, we should trade friend codes.... those terrible 16 digit ones...


Well he will be in one of my dream spinoffs called Mario Kart Special. There will be 12-14 characters. I haven't decided yet. I will help the mariowiki a lot (talk)
You forgot that Nintendo should create Mario and Luigi: 7 Chaos Emeralds. I got the story. Here it goes. 7 chaos emeralds got teleported from Mobius where Sonic the Hedgehog lives. Fawful wants to use them for evil purposes. Sonic wants it back. Sonic sides with Bowser, and Fawful sides with Mario and Luigi. I will help the mariowiki a lot (talk)

PS: What do you think of Taco Bell? Mmmmmmm... Tasty...

Sometimes you gotta wonder whats wrong with Nintendo's heads. Like in Mario Tennis for gameboy, you start off with only 3 playable characters: Luigi, DK, and Baby Mario. Now what in the flaming-hot cheese sandwich is wrong with those people?! No Mario?! BUT HE'S THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!!! And how can you have a 2 on 2 match with onlt a total of 3 characters?!

Oh well. I only have 2 stars in MKW. No matter how well I do, I can never get a 3 star ranking in any races. It always gives me 2 stars. And Don't get me started on MK: Super Circuit; you can dominate all four races and still get a B rank! Wow not that you think of it, video game designers are pretty stupid sometimes...

If there is a Mario Party 9, Fawful, the Baby Mario Bros., Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong(DK Spaces begone!), and MAYBE Rosalina should be in it as playable. But I think Boo, Dry Bones, Blooper, and Hammer Bro. should not be playable, and the sad thing about this sentence is that all that characters I named are my favorite(except Blooper). But they should go because if they are playable characters, Nintendo can't use them as minigame baddies and stuff. If you didn't know, the first 4 Mario Parties had Boo Houses where you could steal coins and stars. The MPs were much more fun when the Boo Houses were there, but now that Boo is playable, he can't help me ruin my enemies lives and steal all their stars. :( And yes, I have in fact ruined Wario's life in the first Mario Party with Boo.


HO HO HUM[edit]

Cool, Fawfulfury65 got a Mario chess set for Christmas? I wish I had something like that! Where did she get it from?

Anyway, it seems like the older you get, the less gifts you'll recieve. Remember, we only got these lame green papers found in red enveloped. Well, I guess money isn't that lame since it buys you a lot of stuff.

Well, at least SOMEONE got something actually awesome for Christmas at least.

See you, you ugly moron (don't take that as an insult).

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 22:17, 27 December 2009 (EST)

P.S. Wario gave a me a present for Christmas. The box contained nothing. Wario said that the box is the present. Well, at least I gave him a bomb.

P.P.S I saw Waluigi go into Target. I followed him. After that, I found the doll and makeup section of the store empty.

P.P.P.S In case you were wondering, Baby Mario is hosting a comedian place tonight. Make sure you buy plenty of tomatoes from the grocery store. Organic vine-grown tomatoes.

P.P.P.P.S I want a Baby Mario plush-toy (I DARE NOT SAY DOLL!!) for christmas.

P.P.P.P.P.S I make too much P.S's

Being Ugly has Never Been so Much Easier[edit]

Referring to you, of course.

First, here are some reasons why Nintendo needs to feel my wrath and penguin SCREAM


Second, YOSHI IS THE WORST IDEA FOR A CHARACTER!!! Is Nintendo blind? Yoshi is not a dinosaur! More like a mentally handicapped frog!!


Fourth, MAKE MARIO HATE SONIC!! C'mon! I always thought they hated each other, not in this friendly rivalry.

Fifth, GIVE BABY MARIO AND UGLY GUY A BIG ROLE! And for those people who hate the babies, well, maybe it's just their opinion, but they are overreacting. They have no heart anyway.

Sixth, WHERE'S MY SMG2??? I also feel like ripping Yoshi's head off and swallowing it and vomiting it out and ingesting it again and vomiting out and burning it and enclosing it in a coffin and burning the coffin and leaving it out to rot and burning it again.

Seventh, why the heck Mario is so angry and serious in Brawl? Isn't he supposed to be a happy man?

Eighth, where's mah ugly baby everybody knows and loves in Brawl?

Ninth, Brawl is a flawed game. Period.

Tenth, WE NEED MORE MARIO SPINOFFS! I play them more often than those mainstream Mario games.

Eleventh, you guys killed off Mario Party, didn't you?

Anyway, I'll think up of more complaints.

Wario is so fat. Nintendo says he is 300 pounds, but you know how seriously inaccurate they are. It's a wonder how the ground underneath Wario can even support him. How his legs not collapse under his weight is another enigma. The worst part is how anybody can even stand near Wario without getting lung cancer by breathing Wario's smelly aroma. Making Wario is a smart move though, because Mario and Baby Luigi really needs someone to destroy with.

Most of the time, I see Wario as a CPU. Really, who wants to play as an obese, elf-eared, pink garlic nosed, stubby legged, fat man who has this creepy smile, smelly aroma, fart, and also picks his nose? Geez, Wario is so ugly. Not as ugly as the Ugly Baby, though.

I gotta run. I heard that Wario is going to walk in the woods by himself. At night. I need to buy a shotgun and chainsaw. Maybe you can come with me?

See ya.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 13:56, 31 December 2009 (EST)


Oh wait. I realized I have some more time. Yes, when it comes to complaints, I'm a real whiner. But those are NECESSARY complaints. What other people complain about, it's a little overboard. I only expected two Toads in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. What did the other people expect? Peach, Wario, Daisy, Rosalina, Waluigi, Yoshi, Shy Guy, Hammer Bros., etc. These people expect too much from Nintendo sometimes. None of these characters can fit in the game and/or the storyline. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi? They fit PERFECTLY. I can even imagine them in the Penguin Suit *drools*.

Hey, tell Fawfulfury65 to imagine Wario in a penguin suit. I expect a very disturbing picture, hm? Well, that reason alone is the reason why Wario isn't in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Besides, the Propeller Suit would be useless for Wario since he's so fat.

Look. There goes Wario.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 14:16, 31 December 2009 (EST)

Re: Rewrite[edit]

Sorry for taking so long to respond :(. Your rewrite was great; after you rewrote it I actually understood half of what was happening so I made a few changes to it. I think that section was properly rewritten! Marioguy1 (talk)


Hammer Bro and all of those characters are generic, but like if you had Hammer Bro as a playable character and then Hammer Bro as a minigame baddie, you'd get confused on whos who. I mean they'd both look the same! Oh well...

I always get like A MILLION stars in Fair Square. Well, at least I would if I ever played Mario Party 6... The sad game rots in the dust of my bookshelf...

One time I was on wi fi and there was some guy named "Baby M Kills" or something. What an idiot ):< He kept on driving backwards and getting cool items(since he was in last place of course) and when I came by him, he would use his oh so great item and pound me to death! HE ONLY WENT AFTER ME!!!! I was kicking butt in first place until that idiot ran by an hit me with a star. And on the last lap too. ):<

I enjoy spin-offs a lot, but I never play with anyone. My brother is in college and my sister is never home so I'm allllllllllllll alone... CPUs are so stupid in some Mario Parties though :(

I hung out at my friends house today. My mom made me bring my Mario Chess set, as if we'd really enjoy playing that together over playing video games. Well, instead of playing traditional chess, we got out all the pieces and made them kill each other. Bowser ate Mario and Luigi, and they gave him a heart attack. But Mario and Luigi broke out of his stomach and Bowser came back too life. Bowser had five more heart attacks and Toad turned into a Koopa Shell... Don't ask.


PS Did you ever wonder how Bowser could have 8 kids and no wife?

PPS Bowser Jr. also had a heart attack.

I got The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks the other day. Its so sweet! There's this weirdo named Cole (AKA Double Hat Man) who (as far as I know) is the main villain and stuff. He's almost as awesome as Fawful. :p But of course he's not as cool. I got a cannon for my train in the game, and now I can blow stuff up!!!!!! Seriously, you can blow up anything, even bunnies. (:< I'M SO EVIL!!!!! But the scary part is that there's these scary train things on the track when you ride by and they have creepy faces and chase you around!!! And the whole time, there's this scary music playing!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Ok I'm not that much of a wimp...

I'm in the process of getting braces on my teeth. Now I have to wear this nasty expander. Its been tasting really bad lately, but now it tastes eh... funky. Maybe its that hotdog I ate an hour ago...

You are lucky to have a twin sister to play video games with you and not brothers and sisters 12 years older than you that never are around to play video games at all. And my parents... you don't even want to watch them play.

Since you don't like wi fi because of cheaters/hackers, do not ever play Mario Strikers Charged online. It a whole WORLD of cheating!!!! If you try it, I bet you'll be faced off against a cheater on the first match. People will do anything to win, and it ruins all the fun. Jumping over the goalie with Toad, using Dry Bones to flip into the net, using Boo to slide right past the goalie, you name it, they'll do it. Its all cheating(too bad I'm addicted to MSC anyway). I love that game. And I have to admit, I cheat a little myself, BUT ONLY WHEN THE OTHER TEAM CHEATS FIRST!!!! People also hack into the game to become an easy "Striker of the Day" with a total of 848484848484 points. What a genius, I'd never know that he hacked. 848484848484 isn't strange at all. It happens all the time.


PS I agree with you on that one. That THING should have a heart attack.

PPS They say that Wario weighs 300 pounds. But I don't agree with that. Wario is so fat, he make little girls and boys cry with terror and disbelief.

My bro has an R4 but we never download new games to it. All those websites he used to download games from were destroyed by Nintendo and those other companies :p .

Nice Zelda joke. Next time you see someone you hate, tell them you have the power of force. Then, lick your hand and put it in their face. Try it.

I consider that cheating in MSC, but against a CPU, who cares. They have no brain anyway :p

There's nothing to do on the wiki today. It looks like their a lot of commotion on the proposals page, but I'm too lazy to read all the comments. Something about merging SSB articles... But other than the proposals, everything is boring. I'm trying to get the Bowser article featured but I really don't want to read through all of it to check spelling and grammar. Right now, I'm fixing all the images in the article. Too many redlinks. I think its fun uploading images. Don't ask why. As long as Wario's hideous face isn't on the pic.


PS Kirby is awesome!

PPS (8D <- my terrible Fawful face. How sad.

As long as there's new Mario games coming out, there SHOULD be more stuff to do on the wiki. Of course now we only are waiting for SMG2, which Nintendo refuses to release info about. Why can't Nintendo just release SMG2 already?! I need new games!! I hate waiting!!

I am very angry at the guy who wrote vote #28 on Luigi's article nomination page!!! You've read it I'm sure. I do have a brain, and the guy who wrote that vote is the one with no brain!!!! Sorry, I just had to say that.

I was playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games this morning. My team and I were invading Eggman's base in Dream Short Track. It was fun, until I realized that Wario was on my team. At that point, everything fell apart... What's that big ball of fat rolling across the stage?


PS 2010 is tomorrow! I'm going for the first edit of the year! At 7:00 (EST), the new wiki day begins, that's when I'll finish an edit. ;D

Your right! It is 1:00! Well, actually, its 1:15 pm. I think that its already 2010 in China. You know, when I just typed "China" I realized that China is a weird word... China China China China China China China China...

I'm not very excited for SMG2 either, but I can't live without new Mario games. Can you imagine what it will be like when Mario get canceled? *Shiver* What will happen if Shigeru Miyamoto dies?! N0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!! He's like 57 years old, that's around when people... retire... *more shivers* Hopefully, they could still make more games without him...

Aww... I don't know what else to write...


PS: Pirate Goomba is a pirate goomba.


Hey sorry it took a long time to respond, but you put your comments in the same section and I forgot that you do that and I just noticed your message JUST NOW (Yeah, I know, that's really sad). I got Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for Christmas. I like playing as Wario in Ski jump and then not doing ANYTHING. It's funny to see that big ball of fat struggling to keep his balance and finally falling Down :D Anyway, Why is Waluigi obsesed with Dolls and other Girly things? That's really freaky. Is that why he wears purple? You know, in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, I remember there is one part where Luigi wears a dress. Waluigi should've been in that dress!!


Happy New Year BLOF[edit]

Thanks and you too ^^ (The gift was lame Dx, just kidding xD)--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 10:08, 1 January 2010 (EST)


Yea thanks for the info.(Baby Luigi has the weirdest way of interviewing people.) I guess I should answer Waluigi's question's now(the ones on your userpage).

  • 1. No.
  • 2.What? NO!
  • 3.0_0
  • 4.Not really, but it can use some MAJOR imorovement.
  • 5.Well, i had a NIGHTMARE about unicorns and rainbows, Why?
  • 6. I dont care about unicorns.
  • 7.Uh,no.
  • 8.You? Youre obsesed with Barbie AND your related to some fatso who peed in his shirt(somehow) No you are NOT!
  • 9.Ok now you are starting to scare me.
  • 10. Sometimes
  • 11.Your wierd.
  • 12. Never been to Coconut Mall.
  • 13.(shivers)
  • 14.Acually, I was gonna Ask YOU that!

I am probobly the only male on planet mars(uhhh, earth) that acually understands that not all females play with Barbie. Sometimes I wonder how Waluigi and Wario are related (Last time I asked Wario, he sat on me (for.0000000000000001of a milisecond, I almost died!) and when I asked Waluigi, he aked me to play with his Barbie Dream House) Ratfink43

Yoshi would die! I dont want Yoshi to die! I really cant see why your sister doesent like Yoshi. I'm also really suprised that Yoshi can hold Mario. I mean, after eating all that pasta, Mario must weigh sumthin like 243 pounds? Maybe? I had the weirdest dream last nigh were, in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Fawful was the main playable character(I know, it will never happen) and the final Boss was some weird, Megaleg-like Robot who's face resembled the Galactic Nova (From Kirby Super Star Ultra).

And how do you come up with theese "facts" about Wario? I mean their wierd and funny! Here, let me try one: "Wario is the best Megastriker. Why? Becuase he's so fat, when he belly flops it into the goal it goes 65765544998665 Miles per hour!" Yeah, I know, it's terrible (XD)


I rareley get dreams related to video games, and when It's those nights when I stayed up really late playing video games.

Anyways, ever scince I beat Super Mario World like, last month, I began to look at Bowser a little differently. As in He acts like a 3-year-old! Riding in a Clown copter, throwing wind up toys at Mario, and whenever he gets hit his copter cries. Those are all things that only 3-year-olds do!

And then when I beat him and fireworks shot up I was like "What? They had fireworks the whole time! Couldn't they have just shot them at Bowser?" I think the weirdest thoughts. Ratfink43

Some randomly named section that I was too lazy to name.[edit]

Sorry, I take forever to reply.

Right now, my brother is having a big party with his college friends and they are I am not allowed to play my Wii because it might ruin the party with all the noise the game makes. So I have quite a lot of time to hang out on Mariowiki. And now I have something to keep me occupied on editing. You should make a user subpage for that too.

I found my Super Nintendo in my sister's closet today. It was in there for like 2 years because it broke and was useless. But like I said, I can't play the Wii now, nor the Gamecube(I play those games on my Wii because my brother has the Gamecube at his college), I don't feel like playing the N64, don't feel like playing DS/Gameboy, and my sister took all the good NES games to her boyfriend's house and forgot them. I had no games to play, so I was so desperate that I took the Super Nintendo out of my sister's closet, hooked it up, and somehow, IT WORKED!!! Too bad my sister took all my good Super Nintendo games...

Hows the new year going for you? I don't understand what the big deal is for the new year. I mean, we're celebrating the Earth going in a big circle 2010 times! Who cares... For me, the new year comes, I yell "Happy New Year", and then forget about it.

Note: That whole paragraph was a joke and I do enjoy the new years.

You what game I really hate now. Mario Kart 64. I grew up with that game, I got it for my 5th birthday a long time ago. But I hate it now. The CPUs are ALWAYS right there behind you! You can bomb them with a million blue shells and they'll still be right behind you before you know it! And if you get hit by lightning and go over a ramp, you won't be fast enough, and fall into a ditch or something. Dumb game...

I love Donkey Kong Country 2 though(that's half the reason I set my Super Nintendo back up). The music is just masterful, the graphics are the best 2-D graphics(for a SNES game), and its just plain fun, not frustrating. I can't beat the game 100% in 5 hours. ;D And it not too short of a game, especially when you are getting all the bonuses. The GBA remake is so messed up, though. I just hate it.


PS They say that it is really bad to have an obsession with money. But what if you have an obsession with gift cards?


Hey, how's it been, I made a new personal userbox and wondered if you'd want it to replace my old one. Here it is; |-



. Have a good one, TIMMY TIM

I was retired, but I'm back. As for the userbox, you can do whatever you want with it. TIMMY TIM

i am making ds cases that are not real they mean the ds games i wish will be real(mariomario678910)

Wario's RETURN!!!![edit]

Sorry for the long time to reply... again.

I was at Toys R Us today, and I saw the scariest thing ever! There was one of those crane game machines(Y'know the ones that never pick up the toys) and right in the corner of the machine was... a WARIO plush!!! It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen!!! *faints*

I know the Earth went around the sun more than 2010 times, but I mean it went around 2010 RECORDED times. Oh well, who cares.

Don't have much to say so...


Image help with a item section...[edit]

Sorry to ask this, but you seem to know where to find images from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. On that page, I have currently added an Image "bestiary" thing that the other installments have. I have one problem, though. I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor for both myself and the page. You see, there is no current image for the drumstick (there just needs to be one), white background of the star candy, split the images of the syrups, beans, refreshing herbs, and to have the latest image of the nuts and mushrooms (I think they are not correct, but almost absolute of it). What I am asking is that if you could just help me with this (since you outstanding at finding the correct images) so that the item section can be correct and complete. Do you think you could help me out on this? (I would surely do most of this, but I do not know how to break up images, change it to a white background, or find some prefect images (usually I don't)) Please help me out on this. Baby Mario Bloops

Thanks for the tip you gave me (the site). Yes, I sent you thoses when I made the uncomplete thing. Another user added the stuff, so that is why some of the stuff above was completed after I sent you that. Sorry for all the stuff, and prefect was meant to be perfect. Thanks for the tips and sites (again). See you later, enjoy your day! Baby

Mario Bloops

Mario Featured Nomination page[edit]

Please, less of the sarcastic tone. Nobody is trying to feature anything "just because it's Mario". Also, the history section follows the guidelines according to this. Please read the guidelines before bashing the article writer. --Garlic Man (talk)

Uh, Hey[edit]

Yo! Sorry for the late response (Man, Why the heck am I always doing that!!)

I noticed that Wario sprite on your page (I belive it's from Wario land Shake it) It's pretty funny. and random. and random=good. Well, when I went to your page, I didnt exprct some fat wierdo who pees in his shirt(how the heck is this even possible?)

Larry Koopa? Duck? Naw, Wendy's the one who sounds like a duck (a FEMALE duck, that is.) Me and my friend make fun of how she throws braclets at you. They look like rings, so it's like "Hey, she's giving us rings, is she gonna ask us to marry her?"

I puked at the thought. Me+Wendy=Pukeing. Lots of pukeing. Wendy's the ugliest Koopaling. Ever. My favorite Koopaling is Lemmy, and I have 2 reasons:

  • 1 He's cross-eyed. Cross-eyed peoples are cool.
  • 2 He has a cool name. Ratfink43

Possible Wiggler pics...[edit]

You said that if you had a wiggler picture, that you could just cut out Wiggler from it and be able to create the perfect picture for the Bestiary. I got two pic likes below that have wiggler in it. They aren't best as I wanted, but they should do, since those were the only ones I could find. Baby Mario Bloops

[1] [2]

A New Userbox[edit]

Hey BabyLuigiOnFire I made a new userbox.


Here it is. Hope you like it. Reason is on MarioWiki talk:Userbox. I will help the mariowiki a lot (talk)

Interesting facts about Wario you should add to you're user page[edit]

  1. Bowser really wants to go take over Sarasaland, but Wario's there, and everyone died, so he was forced to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. That's why Daisy is here.
  2. Wario forced Luigi to wear a dress, and then everyone laughed at Luigi.
  3. Wario created the Princess Luigi glitch in Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  4. You know why you're bathroom smells bad?? Because Wario's There.
  5. In Super Mario 64 DS, Bowser sided with Mario to kill Wario and his butt.
  6. In the Subspace Embassy, it is everyone vs Tabuu and Wario.
  7. Recently, Wario grew one googolplex tons.
  8. On Earth, wars stopped so everyone can fight Wario.

From I will help the mariowiki a lot (talk)

May you please help me[edit]

I was looking at the color codes and it says to make them hexidecimal. How do I do that? For more information can you please look at my talk page.

Unrelated: May you please sign this petition for Mario and tell others about it? [3]


Hello BabyLuigiOnFire. I know we havent met, but im Raphaelraven497! just to tell you, a friend of mine joined the wiki as FireBabyLuigi11!! How do you feel about that?

Adios- Raphaelraven497

I hate how "OnFire" links to that ugly Baby Luigi article[edit]


I love randomness.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 22:25, 1 February 2010 (EST)

And my signature looks better than those nasty pictures of Ugly Baby Luigi strung with those repulsive lines you call letters.

And both of our Biology Finals scores are 196/200. You and your Ugly Baby Luigi Powers.

Oh, and how can you NOT know that our birthday is 17 days from now? I can't wait to be 15... (being a teenager sucks)

Kamek SHOULD rot in a pit. And not just in any pit. Wario's armpit.

Kamek is just a named Magikoopa that acts a lot like some sort of turtle witch. Kamek should have been a female. But NOOOOOO!!! What's the harm in putting more female characters?? And why are all the current human females princesses? And all the male people plumbers? Is this some sort of Mushroom Kingdom fashion?

And I'm talking about regularly occurring humans.

Did you hear about the 3,021 calorie ribs(Outback Steakhouse's specialty)? That sounds DEEEEEELICIOUS! With just 242 grams of fat (only 90 grams of it are saturated) and a meager 4,648 mg of sodium, this is main reason why America is so DARN fat! Oh, and did I tell you that there are more obese people than overweight people in USA?

I blame all of this on Wario. He's obese you know. He's probably some sort of role model. Aha! Put that in your Wario facts!

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 22:56, 1 February 2010 (EST)

Wario sucks. The most disgusting character ever known to man (and woman).


Wahoo. So will I! Muahahahahaha!!! Red Shell 68066vr. Red Shell 68066vr. Red Shell 68066vr. What a weirdo. I like weirdos. I'm one too!

Wow. There's actually SOMEONE who likes my no punctuation, indentation, blah, idea for a story. That was just a crazy idea that popped up in my brain like bubbles on bubble wrap. Yay.


Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 00:50, 4 February 2010 (EST)

Why is your comment off topic?[edit]

In your New Super Mario Bros. nomination page, you made a comment not pertaining to the article. Could you please move it or delete it?

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 21:20, 8 February 2010 (EST)

More Facts about Wario[edit]

(Wario is my second least favorite character.)

  1. Every time Wario steps on the earth, earthquakes occur.
  2. The same thing happens on the moon.
  3. Wario spinning causes hurricanes.
  4. Beans are made of Wario's Body fat. That's why you fart after eating beans.
  5. The enemies of New Super Mario Bros Wii are just some of Wario's Fart disguised, and Bowser is Wario disguised.
  6. Tabuu sided with Mario in Subspace Embassy and everyone else to kill Wario.
  7. You know what causes tsunamis and sandstorms??? Wario kicking. When he kicks water, a tsunami occurs and when he kicks sand, a sandstorm happens.
  8. Darth Vater stopped fighting the Jedi when Wario stomped into the Star Wars Galaxy.
  9. Wario is gay.
  10. Wario is retarded.
  11. Wario's dinner is poo (or poop).
  12. I wonder how does Wario drive a kart?? He doesn't. He uses his fart to carry him through the course.
  13. Wario will win first place if there was a farting contest.
  14. Wario is gayer than Luigi.
  15. Wario is worse than Chuck Norris
  16. Technically, the physics of the Mario Universe are the same, but they developed these ultra super mega advanced technology called WarioRepellent.
  17. Fawful sided with Bowser and Mario to kill Wario.

-KS3 (talk · contribute)

Re:War, Warrior, Wario; and other stuff[edit]

Yeah I based off LeftyGreenMario, but I was planning to add more. and Yeah I want your userboxes.

Mario games should be rated R because of Wario (and maybe Luigi too) or Nintendo should take Wario out or Wario should start exercising at the gym 24 7. They never sleep (well in Super Mario Bros 2 they do) so Wario can do that.

I won't be on this for a very long time. (school)

-KS3 (talk · contribute)


Hi,I'm the FireBabyLuigi11 Raphaelraven497 was talking about.I'm sorta new here on the wiki and I always go on your userpage. I was wondering if.....

you could tell me how you did your infobox

you could tell me how you get a picture in your sig

and if we could be Super Mario Wiki friends. If you want to be friends here's my userbox |-


MnL2 BabyLuigi.png

Tsutarja sig11.png' FireBabyLuigi11BabyLuigi PiT sprite.pngI wasn't thinking "God". That was one of his creatures and he threw it at me!

WARNING: The following content may be explosive and/or smell really bad!![edit]


File:Wario's Throne.jpg

Please do not count that as spamming your talk page, you can delete if you want, and avoid the terror above.

SO! What's up?! Fawfulfury65

Oh no! I had a feeling that your userpage would be POISONED with that disgusting, sick, vulgar, nasty, deplorable, terrible, fat, atrocious, horrid, rotten, unpleasant, gruesome, awful, poor, repulsive, dreadful, beastly, and overall WARIO ugliness!!! NOOOoooooooooo and now he's gonna get my userspace too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!1 What? HE ALREADY PEED ON MY USERPAGE!!! AND PEACH'S HAIR!!!! AHHHHH!!! Bleh...

So, your birthday coming up? When? Where? Who? What? Why? I forgot you could save pictures from SSBB on SD cards. Maybe I can find a picture of Wario being punched in the face (and farting of course) and download it to the internet!!!!! YEAH!!!!

I HOPE Sonic's not playable in SMG2! He's... he's... blue and... ICKY!!!! I don't like Sonic! BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! SSBB was enough for him!! Yes, I agree with you that FAWFUL should be playable instead!!! OMG!!! What if WARIO were playable?!

Oh and sorry I took a long time to reply again, but every time I'm about to type up a message to you, my mom comes in and deletes everything I wrote. Really, she did that three times within like two days.


WHAT?! You can seriously take a screenshot whenever you want? Mannnnnnnnnnnn I need a video capture thingymajiggy. Do you happen to own Donkey Kong Country 2 on SNES or virtual console? If you do, take as many pictures as you possibly could. I need more screenshots for the DKC2 articles!

Ok, I'll try that glitch in my game, but right now my brother took my memoey card and MKDD game to his college. So now I don't even have the Parade Cart, or the game itself.

I have SSBM and SSBB, but I haven't gotten the original... yet. I was planning on getting it once, but I turned it down and got Mario Party instead. Now I would have bought SSB over that horrible game any day. I don't like the first Mario Party because the only way to win is LUCK, which I apparently don't have.

Out of all the Mario Parties, which is your favorite? Mario Party 2 is the best one for me... or maybe MP3, but I know it's not MP 1, 5, 7, or Advance.

Of course Wario bribed them! How else would he be accepted in the games. I mean, its the olympic games, not the ugly fatso games. Wario shouldn't be in it at all, especially when you can't choose who is on your team. Trust me, when you are about to break a world record in a relay race, and realize that Wario's the last person on your team to go, it's not pretty.

Sonic games are so dumb now. I mean, they try to make the games all cool and stuff, and forget about making it FUN!!!! And really, who does Sonic think he is. I think he's some loser who can even walk across his own front porch without those "special shoes". You know, Sonic can't really run fast. Its just his shoes that make him all "speedy". Heh... although Mario can also jump higher with special boots, too...

I think the developers of Mario Kart Wii hate me. Why you ask? Because no matter how PERFECT I race, I'm always thrown down with this terrible TWO star ranking!!!! I'll come in first place on all the races, and still get two nasty stars.



Hello BLOF. I was thinking is DK brown because Wario pooped on him as a child? Does Wario lose weight?EVER? Would you suggest "The Biggest Loser" to Wario? Does Wario have a girlfriend? Yes.

Oh? So he's NOT a girl?? Sure looks like one.

hmm... i guess not .

so... whats up

- as people call me, Raphie

I like magic cheesecake school bus pasta pie[edit]

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 20:21, 17 February 2010 (EST)

Post B-Day Present[edit]




Have a Good Post B-Day From your Friend Mecha-Boss Unit and congrats on gainig 490 exp. and 1 yearUser:Mecha-Boss Unit



Yeah I know I'm a day late... don't worry though, cuz' I still remembered!

Of course you can take screenshots and have fun at the same time! DKC2 is the best 16-bit game EVER!!!! Really!!!! Even for an old game, the graphics are amazing and the game is just plain awesome!!! YEAH!!!!

So. Speaking of Mario Party, listen to what Wario apparently says when he loses in the Japanese version of Mario Party: [4] Wario's a baddddddddddddddddddddd man!

I don't like Mario Party 5. The board maps seem so lame, and every time someone gets the star, it appears like 5 spaces away from them. Either that, or I'm just really unlucky. And since I stink at that game, Wario always beats be at minigames! Talk about horrible!!!

I was playing MP2 yesterday. Man, it way great! I got to steal TWO stars from Wario!!!!!! Not one, but TWO!!!! And within three turns, too! I just love Boo ;D! Plus, when Wario was one space away from the star, I hit a battle space and he lost the game and ended up with 19 coins!!! That's ONE COIN away from the star!! And he lost it because of me kicking his butt in a minigame (darn, I forgot what it was called)!!!! I was playing in Bowser Land at that time, so at the last 5 turns of the game, Bowser came and predicted the one who was going to be the loser of the game. Guess who he chose? I'm sure you know, that fat head, Wario! Wario is in last place so far (since I still haven't finished all 50 turns I was gonna do), and I'm living the big life in first place!!!

Can you show me a screenshot of the Fawful spore thingy? I really wanna see it if it looks EXACTLY like Fawful! Luckily, THE WEEKEND IS COMING UP. Er... actually, it IS the weekend! Yayyyy!


Happy 15th!!!!![edit]

Sweet 15!! uh... wait thats 16... oh... im not a teen yet... i dont get it... so Happy Birthday i had SOOOOOOOO much homework i couldnt go on yesterday so i know this is a little belated. well still...

So... What IS UP?????!????!???!??


p.s. Happy b-day from Wario *farts, everyone dies of smell*

Happy B-DAY BLOF. Sorry for the late response. :P--FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!

Happy Late 15th! Let's celebrate with Wario Facts![edit]