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Mario Party pre-release content

Debug Mode

Page 3

Index Japanese Name Minigame
21 Koopa no Kimochi Bash n' Cash
22 Bowling Gogo Bowl Over
23 Hipdrop Ground Pound
24 Koopa Fusen Balloon Burst
25 Ten Count Coin Coin Block Blitz
26 Hammer Coin Coin Block Bash
27 Kuzureru Yuka wo Kakenukero Skateboard Scamper
28 Boutakatobi de Jump N/A
29 Blockyamano Okatara Sagashi Box Mountain Mayhem
30 Plate Watari Platform Peril

Page 4

Index Japanese Name Minigame
31 Bouwatari Teetering Towers
32 Iroiro Kinoko Mushroom Mix-Up
33 QuestionBlockMP.png QuestionBlockMP.png
34 Yougan Tanizoko Okkoti N/A
35 Hammerbros Item no Tou Hammer Drop
36 Kosodoro Game Grab Bag
37 Slider Race Bobsled Run
38 Nokkare Ball Bumper Balls
39 Tsunawari de Dangerous Tightrope Treachery
40 Nokonoko Pole Knock Block Tower

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Glitches

Creepy Steeple's invisible platform

Mario and Koops in the invisible platform

This glitch only works once Mario collected the Ultra Boots. Mario must be in the highest part of the archway in front of Creepy Steeple, then perform a Spring Jump by holding the A Button button and rotate the control stick. The jump now propels Mario to a small, invisible platform.