Welcome, watch for falling Spiked Balls if you want to know were it's coming from take a guess

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Super Spike
Species Spike
First appearance Super Mario Bros. 3
Latest appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)
Affiliation(s) Spike The real yoshi

Hi, I'm Super Spike. I'm new to the wiki.This ---> BIGGER than ever The biggest Spike ever!!!How mach does he EAT? is what I put after my comments. WARNING:Awesome page!

Who's online: Maxbrick, TheDarkStar, Niiue, The Mansion, Spectrogram, Mariolover1116, Fabricio-faiffer-2003, MarioGamerFan24, Mario jc, Wynn Liaw, Platform, Yoshi876, ZelenPixel, OneShookBoi, Bri-11, Keyblade Master, SonicSpeed48

To start

Mario icons

Mario using a Hammer File:MarioBrosMario.gif Mario walking. Mario's idle animation from Super Mario 64. Color.gif Mario.gif Mariodancingonblock.gif

Yoshi icons

Green Yoshi A Yellow Yoshi YI Red Yoshi Animated Sprite.gif Blue Yoshi White.gif Yoshi 4.gif A cyan yoshi sprite. Yoshi model animation from Super Smash Bros.

The Goomba I like

It's wierd, but I like Goombella! A beta image of Goombella, for Super Paper Mario.

My userbox tower

Super Spike's Userbox Tower

This user listens to video game music. Music.gif

This user likes how smart his favorite koopling is. File:Iggy Koopa NSMBW.png

This user is bad at dancing Mario dancing and singing Yoshi model animation from Super Smash Bros.

This user does not wack his Bro on the behind Luigi crying

This user is sometimes horrible at Stomping on Goombas Wario Jumps.gif

This user thinks the Boo looks wierd in this GIF file Boo house.gif

This user loves ¢oins, well who doesn't. A Coin Spinning in New Super Mario Bros..

This User wants to be a star on the wiki. Power Star

This user thinks that Yoshi looks cute like that--> Yoshijumpjoy.gif

This user thinks Mario should not be squared. 8bit.gif

This user thinks Mario should fly to Bowser File:TDS Raccoon Mario.jpg

This user likes Running WarioWalk.gif

This user wants to shine File:PMTTYDShinespritesprite.png

Green Yoshi

Yoshi MP4.png
Mr. Game & Watch
Princess Peach in a cage
Princess Peach
Zelda OoT Sticker.png

Princess Peach returning the tennis ball in Mario Power Tennis
The Face Raiders logo for the Nintendo 3DS.

In The ghost House

Well,here's one:

Mario and Big Boo on the balcony of the mansion in Big Boo's Haunt. Big Boo's Haunt! From MFGG NSMBW icon

Thank You

Lets say "thank you" To Mario Yoshi 3.gif

Baby Yoshi VS. Goomba

Baby Yoshi wins! Yoshi is cute.gif

Mushroom talk

This time we talk to a Mini Mushroom. File:Minimushroom.png

Me:Hi Mini Mushroom I'm Super Spike, and this is an interview.

Me:Q.1,What's your favorite color?

Mushroom:Blue, cause I have a blue cap, but I don't like Blue Toad.


Mushroom:BECAUSE, he ate almost all my friends!

Me:Why did he eat them?

Mushroom:So HE can shrink.

Me:Ok. Q.2,Who's your friend?

Mushroom:The Poison Mushroom, and Bowser.


Mushroom:poison can hurt toads, and Bowser can hide me in ? Blocks.


Me:Q.3, What's your favorite Game?

Mushroom:None, I don't have arms.

Me:I see.

Me:Alright, That's It.

Now we talk to a Mega Mushroom. Sprite of a Mega Mushroom

Me:Hi Mega Mushroom I'm Super Spike and this is an interview.

Me:Q.1, What's Your favorite color?

Mushroom:Yellow,cause I have yellow cap, but I don't like Mario and Luigi.

Me:This again, lets stop here.

My stuff

My Green Star Greenstar.png

My Grand Star which powers my userbox tower Grand Star

My Chain Chomp pet ChainChompNSMB.png

My Silver Star which I need 4 more of File:SilverStar.png

My Boo which gets stuff in hard to reach places BooMASATOG.png

My pet Green Yoshi File:Yoshi2-CaptainSelect-MSS.png

My Bronze Star Bronze star.png

My Baby Yoshi pet Little Yoshi eating a panel from Tetris Attack.

Hot day

File:MarioSMA4.PNG Mario:Hay bob,nice hot day huh? A Bob-Omb from New Super Mario Bros. WiiBob-omb:yea i-BOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lakitu & slipice attack, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



In the lava

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars promotional artwork: A Lava Bubble. A Li'l Cinder from Super Mario Galaxy so thats whats in it.

jump for your life

  • Hey Mario! Your not moving, come on MOVE NOW!
  • 500px


Funny things

FalcSmash.PNG C.Falcon:Show me ya moves. Mario:Ok Breakdancemario.gif

File:BowserParty3.jpg Gwa ha ha! I'm richer than ANYONE! Artwork of Yoshi from Mario Party Advance No I am!!!!! Artwork of Bowser from Fortune Street (also used in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games) Darn it!

150px YAY! My lunch!

150px Bob-ombs are easy to hit. BOOOOOOOOOOOMM!!!

catping.gif O rly and ya rly about what?

SSBhammer.jpg This hammer could flatten anyone!

830px-Ball_n_Chain_NSMBW2.png AHHH! Spiked ball!!

Smash Ball YEAH! SMASHED BALLS! It's very wrong

Yoshi:What does it smell like. File:YS Sniff.gif:It smells like a............goes on forever

150px 149px

MSOWG yoshisnowboard2.png


ani_all2mariopicksmall.gif Mario:How many vegies are their underground? '-' Exercise