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SpicyToad's Userbox Tower
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Hello, everyone! This is my user page.

I'm SpicyToad. I was born in Edmonton, Canada. I come from Ethiopia, a country in the Horn of Africa. I'm only an 12-year old boy, but you can expect great things from me! I'm just your easygoing kid who is addicted to Mario, Minions and Chemistry. Seriously. I am IN LOVE with Chemistry. I also like to sketch Mario characters, specifically Toad. Oh, and I hate Waluigi. Sorry to all his fans out there.

Stupid Things

Now, Mario is fun and all, but some things in the series are crazy and appalling. Here are 5 of my least favourite elements:

  • Wing Cap
    • Look, I've played the remake of Super Mario 64, and from what I can tell, it rocks. But I just don't think having Mario to fly around with a cap with wings makes sense.
  • Poltergust 4000
    • Using a vacuum cleaner to suck up ghosts has a point, but to drive in one?
      • Sorry, but Luigi's best kart in Mario Kart DS (for me) is the Streamliner.
  • Layer-Cake Desert
    • Ugh. Again. A stupid, nonsense world from New Super Mario Bros. U. Ice-cream instead of pyramids. UGH.
  • Waluigi
    • I hate him.
      • Done.
  • Rainbow Road (SNES)
    • I'm a huge fan of the Rainbow Roads. This one, with its annoying music and irritating Thwomps, just doesn`t fit in.

Super Mario Maker Tips

Super Mario Maker - Play Create Share.png

Yes. Play, create, share. Just follow your heart and build the course you dreamed of! But it might not be popular in the Course World. To spice things up...

Flying ? Blocks and Flying Coins

Say you're building a mountain course. Well, what better than to add these two? They help to really get the course into full action. And look right at home in the sky.

Mountain courses

I am personally addicted to making mountain courses. Are you? Here's the thing: they have to be in a particular style, or otherwise they don't work.

Best style: Super Mario Bros.

Best layout: Ground

Best enemies to put: Red Koopa Paratroopas

Secret Areas

So, you want to make a cave in your mountain. Erase a few blocks where you want it to be and place the second semi-platform style. Make sure the platform covers up the background. Do this, and you're all set!

Funny Things

Here are some things that I found funny at the time.

  • Super Mario World was released on August 13. My birthday is August 12. So me and Yoshi can typically celebrate our birthdays together. Ha ha.
  • Waluigi debuted in Mario Tennis, so his Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. involves corporal punishment with a tennis racket. Wow.
  • Luigi has phasmophobia, but he owns a Polterpup. So either the Dark Moon fixed his fear of ghosts, or he was just crazy.
  • A very popular controversy on the Internet is that each time Mario hits a Brick Block in the original Super Mario Bros., he would kill a Toad because the game's story said that the Toads were turned into Brick Blocks. Mario deserves some jailtime.

Mario Games

Here's a table on every single Mario game I have.

Game Picture
Super Mario Galaxy Mario Spin Art - Super Mario Galaxy.png
Super Mario Galaxy 2 SMG2 Cloudflower.png
Super Mario Maker Super Mario Maker - Mario Artwork 02.png
Super Mario 3D World Cat Crew Group Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png
New Super Mario Bros. U Toad and Blue Baby Yoshi.png
Mario Party 10 MP10 Toad Board art.jpg
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Toad Minecart Artwork - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.png
Mario Kart 8 Princess Peach and Yoshi - Mario Kart 8.png
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Luiginary Attack Artwork1 - Mario & Luigi Dream Team.png
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Trio Attack.png
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Three ghosts - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.png
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Golden Lakitu Artwork - New Super Mario Bros. 2.png
Mario Kart 7 Toad MK7.png
Mario Party: Island Tour Cards Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour.png
Mario Party DS 100px
Mario Kart DS 100px

|- !Paper Mario: Color Splash !PMCS Boxart.png |}