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Hi Peoples of the Earth! As you can see I LUV Peach! My name, as you can see, is PeachyPower! Too Bad it won't fit on my DS name! I would like to thank my brother RickyMario, hopefully you have seen his page, for helping me build this page!

Here are my stats:

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Favorite Players: Peach and Daisy

My Version of cute: My Puppy and Yoshi


I own the world famous Wii!

I like the Mario Kart Series the best, I also love Mario Party!

I have a secret crush on Luigi! Because he is funny and taller then Mario but younger!

I can play the intro to the Mario theme on my flute!

My Friend has joined as DaisyDreams

The Characters I LUV

File:TrPeach blossom.jpg
Pretty Peachy!!!!!!!!
File:TrLight arrow zelda.jpg
Zelda's Final Smash From Super Smash Bros. Brawl. OOOOHHHH Sparkly!!!

DaisyMP6 Daisy.jpg

YoshiYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


Luigi'KISS' 'KISS'I Love You!


Bowser He Rules!BrawlBowser.jpg



My Mario Series Games(By Series)

Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 2Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario All-StarsSuper Mario All-Stars

Super Mario WorldSuper Mario World

Super Mario SunshineBox NA Super Mario Sunshine.png

Super Mario Kart+Mario Kart 64+Mario Kart Double Dash+Mario Kart DSMario Kart Double Dash

Super Princess Peach DUH!Super Princess Peach Alternative Box Art.jpg

Mario Party+Mario Party 4+Mario Party 7+Mario Party 8Mario Party 7

Super Smash Bros. Melee+Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. Melee

Other Nintendo Games I Own

Pikmin + Pikmin 2

WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Game$+WarioWare Inc.: Smooth Moves

Pokemon Pearl Version+Pokemon Battle Revolution

Big Brain Academy+Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

How I Came to LUV Peach

My Brother, RickyMario, got me into it. This is how HE got into it.(I copied it from his page!)

2 Years ago around February, he was at his friend's house. He was watching him play his Nintendo DS. The game he was playing, was Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. Now, before this he was either a fan of the Zelda series or the Pokemon series. When he was watching him, his whole life had changed. The game he was playing was so interesting, the graphics were awesome! When he got home he looked online for a Mario and Luigi like game for his GameBoy Advance SP. (He didn't have a Nintendo DS yet but when school got out he got one with New Super Mario Bros.) What he found was Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. After many days of saving money, he got the game. Eventually he got more Mario games.

Then eventually I was watching him play and saw how pretty Peach was and got into the series. THE END

How I got RickyMario Back Into Pokemon

After a while RickyMario got to carried away with mario and stopped liking pokemon'GASP'.

So one day he had a friend over and me and him were playing pokemon! He kept saying to his friend"Stop playing that! Let's go play Mario!"

Pretty soon he saw in the pokedex he saw MAGNEZONE!'BIGGER GASP'

What is that he asked and soon he was playing with us and also said when we were talking about pokemon: It sounds like we are speaking a foriegn language! Cool!

And thats how he got back into pokemon!'EVEN BIGGER GASP' He stopped liking pokemon?

My Fav Sites

Here I put some of my favorite nintendo related sites. Some of them are:

Super Princess Peach

IGN Game Cheats

Mushroom Kingdom

My Catch Card!!!

Hi people! Here is my catchcard!


I Took an NC Quiz and Got Peach! DUH!

<""> "tpeach.gif">
Which Neglected Mario Character Are You?

Peach and Pals