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Mario: Welcome to-a-Mario's userpage! Luigi: No it's Luigi's! Mario: Mine! Luigi Mine! Mario: SHUT-a-UP! Luigi: YOU! Mario: Stop! Luigi: YOU STOP! Mario: That's it! Me: How about you guys share it, OK? And that's rivalry begins. I wonder who is online. Let's-a-check!

Look, it's Luigi! New styled with Mario Bros. clothes!
Tepig is my favourite character

Who's online: Blhte, DandelionSprout, SmashFan, Yoshiabel55555, KMB VOLVO B9TL, Mid188, Vmario97, Extra Super User, LostCause1118, KiwiBird97, KoopaBB, Koopa con Carne, DingoHazel, Moses Sin

(My bro helped me install this.) Here is my userbox tower! (I only put rename userboxes, friend boxes and PP userboxes.

Mario vs Luigi's Userbox Tower
Artwork of Luigi jumping from New Super Mario Bros. Wii Artwork of Mario in New Super Mario Bros. Wii
MarioNSMBW.png NSMBW Luigi Standing Render.png
File:Mario luigi jump.jpg
Dr. Toadley's intern
Petey Piranha from Mario Super Sluggers
Artwork of a Goomba in New Super Mario Bros. (later used in Mario Super Sluggers, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Run)
Mario's artwork from Mario Party 8
1st part from the Kongo Jungle map.
Mario's artwork for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

My custom Mario sports mix team

I also have a Mario Sports Mix team like my brother.

Favourite Characters in order

<gallery> File:Yoshi MP9.png|Yoshi File:Babymariositting.png| Baby Mario File:NSMBwii BowserJr..jpg| Bowser Jr. File:FortuneStMario.png| Mario File:Shy Guy Mario Party 4 art.jpg| Shy Guy File:NSMBULuigi.png| Luigi File:Kamek-212x283.png|Magikoopa