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Sorry about Super Users it was getting so good! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif P.S. The Elite 4 went down in deafeat!

Well I changed my mind also how do you archive your talkpage. PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Good Job!

Good Job on the contest. But it would be coool if you got first! User:Yoshiaga/sig 19:40, 28 September 2009 (EDT)

just a question? Our school has band outside. and They have to cancel it when it rains (Band). That means you have to stay in the class your in right now D:! Luckily I don't take band :D!
How is school? How are you? WHat Job are you thinking about on the shroom? User:Yoshiaga/sig 19:59, 28 September 2009 (EDT)


Sure there is space for you! Here, feel free to choose ay vacant one, or click on the Teams pages (Fake News, Fun Stuff or Art & Music) --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 19:46, 28 September 2009 (EDT)

Actually theres nothing to do with chat, follow this link [1] also, heres an example --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 20:15, 28 September 2009 (EDT)
Follow the link i gave you. COMMENTS SIGNED AND ON BOTTOM or i wont answer :) --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 20:27, 28 September 2009 (EDT)


Nothing much.

Oh. Me and my friend are making a computer game. We just started so it might take a while though.

The same guy who spilled grape juice on his grandma's coffin and cleaned it up with apple pie but just made it worse

I know it's random. Anyways you know Bugsby. The guy i made that's in some places on my userpage. Well he made some guy named Space Boy and we are makin a game of the two uniting and defeating enemys you know the usual.

We don't know if it should be a game like Mario 64 or an RPG.

Me too. I'm the one who decided that but my friend wants to do the Mario 64 idea. I mean excluding collecting a bunch of stars but you know.

He does'nt want RPG because he thinks that they are shooting games. I try to tell him but NO...

I even showed him my Mario RPG game and he sayed..."Well all I know is that none of my friends know RPG!" Yet RPG's are quite famous you know.

He also does'nt like my idea of putting a giant yeti boss but wants to put a giant tub of ice cream that works at McDonalds. I'm like WTF!

I'm working on the game right know. I'm not adding the McDonalds guy though. X3

We both agreed on 1 thing though. To add these 2 remixes.

[[2]] [[3]]

If I had a penny for every time I heard that i would be very rich.

It's raining! I'm going to check even if we don't live in the same place. and...uh...uh NO! It's raining! Not lying it is. I was supposed to sell some things for money tommorow! :(. I need the money for BIS I told you that already. Well, :( I'm doing it anyways. I have $20 so far. I'm still in need.

and PMD stands for...

Ahhhh. I don't play Pokemon that much anymore. I don't know where it is. XP

My pokemon games.

I lost them for so long I just forgot about them. I'm going to look for them tommorow because i'm to lazy to do it now.

So what else is new.

Cool. Well nothing new for me but the game. Oh I'm trying to work for the Shroom for Fake News.

Oh. Do you get tired of all the band things.

I know how you feel. That happens to me everyday when me and friend draw sketches for the game. He always make some useless character and demands to put him in. Then it's hard to stay positive.

I have to get off too. Bye.

Nice Makeover

I am Zero! Lets see, you can be in the next issue after this issue, that is a very nice makeover you done with your SSB info box. So far only you and Monteyaga have reserves for the next User Brawl after this one. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Re: Power Shots

I really do not know. This is the closest that I could find. · SMB (Talk) · 16:37, 30 September 2009 (EDT)


Yo FunkyK38:
It's a new month (tomorrow), new Pokemon. I thought I'd stick a new Pokemon on my sig each month, too (not quite random). Here's my new sig 417.pngCmario17PMTTYD Curious Mario Artwork.png for October, so what is the new random Pokemon for you.
How are you doing on that special project that you were working on a week or two ago? I asked earlier, but it ended up at the bottom of your archive; I also wasn't quite sure if you were still a little mad at me. (However, it does seem that they got rid of a LOT of user sub-pages recently)

Sorry, its just that I'm into Pokemon almost as much as I am into the Mario (series). In fact, the first game I EVER played was Super Mario Bros., and then Pokemon Yellow followed a couple years later as the 2nd, I think.
I decided to post my sig early because after I log out of this session (today), I think I'm done until tomorrow, and I changed it so I wouldn't forget. If you really feel I'm copying you and you want me to undo it, I can and I kind of owe you one (make that two - one for the box and one for the misunderstanding).

Wow that's really cool - you even decorated the bat, which you probably had to create because I don't think Rosalina is in baseball. In all, it is quite the masterpiece and you should be proud of it.

I dunno, I have the game and I think that the articles might end up as stubs (though I've been proven wrong, as you know) If it was me, I would add it to the characters' pages if it isn't already there (which it should be)

I'm sure you know what I mean.

Sluggers pages

I see you finally got your ok to create the pages.Hammer Bro Brawl artwork.pngMCHammerBro.MP8 MCBallyhoo and Big Top Artwork.png

Idk. I just saw you asking a bunch of people and then....well honestly you really don't need to ask to make pages that need to be made. they are important articles and their Super start baseball counterparts have pages too. So lets just make them. I'll help you if you wantHammer Bro Brawl artwork.pngMCHammerBro.MP8 MCBallyhoo and Big Top Artwork.png
I just made a proposal about the pages. check it out and let me know what you think. Hammer Bro Brawl artwork.pngMCHammerBro.MP8 MCBallyhoo and Big Top Artwork.png
Well I just figured since there's the difference. ok. I'ma get to work wit you now.Hammer Bro Brawl artwork.pngMCHammerBro.MP8 MCBallyhoo and Big Top Artwork.png

RE: Mario Super Sluggers

Hi there, I wouldn't recommend creating articles about the "power-ups" in Mario Super Sluggers for the time being; I doubt they would be necessary in this case. Thanks for asking! --M. C. - "Mario Gals" Fan! User Page | Talk Page 22:39, 30 September 2009 (EDT)

Starts with S.....

Tadaa!2.gifHi, FunkyK38!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon
Follow the link saying "PM me" ;) --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 16:39, 1 October 2009 (EDT)
Yes, you type in the box, and you write it all in one PM, using subheaders to divide :D --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 16:44, 1 October 2009 (EDT)
Great Section Funky!!! congrats --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 17:23, 1 October 2009 (EDT)

no, i want to be freinds with EVERYONE WHO MADE A FREIND USERBOX! and you made one! Hello!YoshiDance.gifOhsnap!Color.gif {talk}{edits}Finga Ninjaaa!

From Bowser's Luma

With my image - I was going to put it in the Shortcuts part of Coconut Mall but it was too big an image so i just left it there. Like the Pokemon! :D Thanks for the offer but I don't need help right now -for now I'm just trying not to look like an idiot :D Thanks!


Ugh, I just re-formatted my userbox shop... and it took FOREVER. €lectrobomber

Yoshario deleted it to tick me off because he told me it was non-encyclopedic material. But I'm really mad at him because all of the stuff on user pages is non-encyclopedic material. I'm gonna talk to Porple about this later. €lectrobomber

Sorry for being late, but no, I don't have MSS. Even worse, I don't have a wii T___T ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png


I just wanted to say hi I'm trying to get new freinds on here so do you wanna be freinds? (part of my name is red so it wolnt show up on your page) Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

Thanks if you want my user box just pick one from the 4 I've left out. I'll take yours too. Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif


Do you think funky kong should have his own game? Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

Ok here's a box I made for you! Edit it however you like!


Funky Kong DKKoS art.png


That was random... but random is good! Anyway me going to camp thunderbird for a class trip and we are staying for three days... WE LEAVE TOMMAROW OCT. 7! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Hey go to Toho and then find the link to media, then the link to toons and then.. Voila! Instent Comedy! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Can you belive that Yoshario drove electrobomber away!!! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Long Time...

Hey, how've you been, it's been a while. TIMMY TIM


Electrobomber ain't coming back? I mean he did overreact a bit but still, Yoshario should have gave him a warning. That does not mean he has to leave though. He was one of my best friends. >_< *SOB*


Well, I guess so but still. He(YOSHARIO) at least could tell him(HatetheN64DD) to save it somewhere on his(ELECTROBOMBER) computer. Yet, Electrobomber could have put them up as public userboxes.

Oh well. Somewhere like Microsoft Word or anything. I also called him by his old name by mistake. XP

Hmm. I wan not his friend at the time. He was also a giant fawful addict. Then again who isn't

Well in games i found him annoying but his personality is weird. (in a good way.) I HAVE FURY!

Now fight like you just got burned to a crisp in a hot blazing sauna of baked potatoes!

Yeah i know. Now talk to me like a soul on a monkey rack.

LOL :3

LUCKY! *Get's all jelous*

Oh gosh. I was 99% chance of getting swine flu. MY ENTIRE CLASS LAST YEAR HAD IT AND I'M ALL LIKE. 0_0. Ummmm. I just missed it though.

Ha Ha I took all my shots already! Until college! Which is in like 7 years! I'm going camping all next week so now i'm not jelous. X3

Ahh. Changing subject randomly 1)I heard fawfl makes a cameo in the audience of m&s at olympic winter games! 2)On halloween I will egg ur house :3

I'll egg every house then!

Oh well. Do u even do trick er treat anymore

I'm goin to a halloween dance to ask out a girl. But i can't get in without a costume so i'm going to put some mask on and a cape a hat and just walk in. But that will ruin my chances! YOUR A GIRL!!!!What do you think.

Yeah in a silly costume! Well i'll put on a tux and say that's my costume. But she likes silly. BUT UGGHH I'm all confused

Hey were not retarted! Most of the time! Well yeah i will but i'm talking about my costume! What should i be?

Ok well then thx. I got to go to bed it's like 2:15AM. I HAVE to or i'm in deep trouble. Bye!

I live in New York. I logged off when you sent me that message.


Hi. Uhm... sorry for bursting into the conversation. I'm not Yoshario, but I think the main reason for the userbox removal was the discriminatory content. You don't discriminate anyone on your userboxes, so it should be fine. This is only my opinion though. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 21:33, 6 October 2009 (EDT)

Yes, I'm one of those people who don't make friend lists to avoid making people feel uncomfortable when they are not on the list. I will keep the userbox at my talk page however ;3 - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 21:40, 6 October 2009 (EDT)

Friend Request

↑Well... that's about it.↑ Fawfulfury65 (talk)

This is fun!!!

This is very fun, talking to you on 2 different things. Anyways, I don't really know what to talk about. How was week? Baby Mario Bloops

Mine had many hard days, since we practiced everyday of the week, but I finally got no homework today!!! Did you see the proposal page? Baby

Mario Bloops


My clock is set wrong. XP Me so stupid!


P.S 1 step closer to egging ur house :3

Now that you mention it....

There has been alot of vandals on the KHwiki. I have a link to this wiki on here... So vanal might come along and vandalize. SMG Polari.jpg Montey SMS Snooza Koopa Artwork.jpg 17:33, 9 October 2009 (EDT)

Yes kingdom hearts... Do you play that?
I have almost all the games... But I don't have the COM (the one for gameboy..) I hope tose 2 nOObs don't become vandals...
It is still quiet. I am a bit supiscious.
How long can it be quiet? It has been queit al night?
What were they about?
Supper mario bros? Lol....
Maybe I should Go change my sig now since there is a diddy kong fan.....
I have been using typing all my life... <.< No seriously I have....
I have such bad writng my teachers make me use microsoft office for writing assignments...
I've gotten used to it....
Oh yeah I was gonna ask you somethin. Is there room for me on the Brawl tactics team?
Yes I do have brawl. All tough it loads slow...
Oh noes He is so funny... (Althouh I do not know him that well...)


(clinches teeth so hard that they break) Breakdancemario.gifM64FanBreakdancemario.gif

I should have a shorter name

I mean you beat me because it takes a longer time to write my name.

Nah, I'm not going through all that work just to change my name to that.

No ur not. It wont be the end of the world

I remember when I was a noob. Has flashback[[4]]

I find that as a compliment

I get that a lot

I'm goin camping tommorow and won't be back till next friday. I'm packing now so, Spread the word because i'm to lazy too.

Re:What are you doing?

I'm making redirects incase the guy comes back and trys to make the articles again. I've seen people remake articles over and over again after mods delete them. I'm breaking the cycle. Hi!!!Nerdy Guy (I used to be a patroller myself before my computer broke and I got stuck with a DSi)Click on the "y", please.

A DSi is awesome, but it's slower than real computer so I can get some edit conflits on talk pages. I don't realy have a problem with Knife deleting my redirects, he only deleted one that was very minor and redirects aren't that big of a deal. Hi!!!Nerdy Guy (I spend alot of time on the forums, the DSi works pretty well on that)Click on the "y", please.


As far as I can tell, there's nothing out of the ordinary about this user. It's a fairly common bug that user registrations show up twice, and I'm not sure what causes it. - 2257(Talk) BbQbf6g.png 20:23, 9 October 2009 (EDT)

Da shroom

I can't wait ethier P.S. I am going to be in user brawl so im doubley excited! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Alright i will! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

I agree I DON'T WANT SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED TO HIM! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

-I'll be versing you Galactic Petey in User Brawl XD (evil laugh)

The Mysery Shadow of Doom


Hi. I left a comment at my proposal. It seems like I made a mistake and made the description a bit misleading. I changed it now. Maybe you want to re-read the proposal and adjust your vote. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 10:21, 10 October 2009 (EDT)

For Funky



Here you go! Thanks for yours. Bowser's luma

User Brawl

I'm in this month's user brawl. P.S Turns out I'm goin camping next week not this week.

User Brawl is Awesome and I'm awesome and you are not fro no good reason because I am *pant* *pant* so awesome at everything I do and you are not awesome at everything I do and that means your an idiot for actually reading this entire link!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get the weirdo a lot and NOOOOOOOo it will be freezing waaaaaaa.

(freezes into iceblock)

(still freezing in iceblock)

Many Sigs!!!

Why do you change your sig so much! It's not bad, it's very good-looking, I just want to know! How was your day? See you soon, bye! Baby Mario Bloops

Hey, don't yell at me!!! I just asked why you changed it more often than most users! I said it was very good-looking, and was very creative, okay? Please don't yell at me! Baby

Mario Bloops

Okay, that's it! You yelled at me for the title! Here I will change it! I put that for a certain reason, it was supposed to be viewed in a good way! A changer changes many things from time to time, making you have a unusal (in a good-way) character! Does that sum it up? Baby

Mario Bloops

Oh my gosh (ha-ha-ha), wow! That message you guess sent me is really you (in a good way (with a serious face)). Did you see all the latest 'Shroom stuff? Baby

Mario Bloops

He sent most of the stuff, just that the red-links are weird. Does you computer show the main page of the 'Shroom like the side-bars first, then the main box with the issues? Baby

Mario Bloops


Sure! You said im the 3rd Australia person youve met here, who are the others?
Crackin355 (talk)
heres my Userbox




You deserve this too.


Mario Victory Pose Artwork - Super Mario 64.png