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[edit] Hey Hey, It's me, Timmy Tim. I wouldn't mind helping you if you need anything. First of all, your sig, when you sign as FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png 09:23, 28 August 2009 (EDT) or FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png, it comes out all over the place. If you go to your preferences and save your signature as FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png then your signature will come out. If you don't have a sig yet, sign as FunkyK38 (talk) so a link appears.

Take care, TIMMY TIM

Additionally, can I take your friend userbox, here's the code for mine, |-

. TIMMY TIM Hey, If you're talking about the these people, etc, etc, should comment on my page thingo, copy this code and paste it at wherever you want on your userpage, <font:Big> These people, →

Who's online: Niiue, Mario jc, KoopaLover1999, Shokora, Ro money, Blhte, Ninjahotdogboy, Gold Luigi, Mister Wu

Should all comment on this page on my talk page! and change around the words at the begining and end if you want. TIMMY TIM

Here's the background code: It's for a red background and medium blue border, like your userbox. TIMMY TIM

Hey, if you're looking for fast music, why not try The Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. It's fast and has no swearing. Also, what's your name on Bulbapedia, mine's Timmy Tim (Suprise Suprise!)TIMMY TIM

[edit] Re: Welcome to the community Thanks and yah sure I'll keep that in mind. Mario989 14:51, 2 August 2009 (EDT)

[edit] Sure Okay,I'll be your freind.My Userbox is on Baby mario bloops's talkpage.


[edit] Yes?... Hey FunkyK38. Sorry for the late relay, had another user to worry over for awhile. Anyway, yes, we can be friends as long as you answer on question, where do you live in the US (city and state please). Baby Mario Bloops

[edit] Which one? There are two userboxes,which one do I take?


[edit] Thank you! I'm happy you live in Grand Rapids. We live just on the other side of Michigan, near the detroit River, the city is Wyandotte. For a sec, I thought you were somebody in my marching band. Her name is also Sara, so it scared me for a sec. Well, see you around! Baby Mario Bloops

Well, my 8th grade band was around 33 people. And, including all of High School for the marching band, about 108. But listen to this, the seventh graders that are going to be 8th graders have over 80 people in it!!! But that's not all, the year before that has more people than the upcoming 8th graders!!!!! Baby Mario Bloops

Well, we are playing our fight song "Here's to Wyandotte", and for our show music, we having a new piece called Wyandotte HS 2009. It has to do with Wyandotte's indian inheritage. Three pages (251 measures) with a tempo of 160. So, it sounds really cool right now. Well, I was not be active much every Tuesday's and Thursday's since the whole day is band practice, and band camp starts on August 23. So, see you tomorrow I guess. - Baby Mario Bloops [edit] Thanks :) Thanks for the compliment :) and I talked to the admins who said I can keep it because its my userspace :) --(talk) The 'Shroom 22:04, 4 August 2009 (EDT)

[edit] Mah sprites I use those sprites ripped in Spriters Resource. I can make animated sprites of them for various purposes, but my service is currently closed indefinitely... ¢oincoll€ctor

Yep ¢oincoll€ctor

[edit] Sig I think your sig looks great, pity mine has some flaws. TIMMY TIM [Or just IM for short ;)]

Guess what, when I leveled up your Mario Kart license just now, I got a special code that leveled mine up by three points for me!TIMMY TIM

It's cos the who's online thingo shows who's online for the whole site, I figured that out a while ago. TIMMY TIM

[edit] Trust me... don't have to tell me about the weather. It's not like you live on the other side of the world. Yes, the storm reached us in the morning, and it stopped not that long after. So, how was your band camp? How long did you have it for? Do you enjoy it? Baby Mario Bloops 21:04, 10 August 2009 (EDT)

[edit] Subpage First, you make a link to the page you want to make, example; User:FunkyK38/Idea. It has to have the User:FunkyK38/whatever thingo in it so it counts as one of your subpages, then no one can edit it. Then, you click on the link and create the page. TIMMY TIM

[edit] Torture!!! Yesterday for our band practice, we had to be in our full uniform (every band person at the same time), for 2 hours straight while it was 80 degrees in the band room. Worse, no air conditioning! I nearly died, but I survived. Also, check my user page in the next month, and you will find in my youtube section a new video of our band performance. It will start probaly on my birthday or a few days after. I will tell you more when it gets closer. Baby Mario Bloops

We have to do that every tuesday and thursday for over 6 hours! Don't think you have it worse. Anyways, I want you to try this one part, see how it sounds. I want to show you the show music, but I can't find the soundtrack. When I find it, I will immeditately (sorry if misspelled) send you the website page. - Baby Mario Bloops We aren't at band camp yet! These are just practices. Band camp for us is all a week long between August 23 and August 28 (I think). Also, click [1] the link to see what the show music for our band was last year (I'm a freshmen so I did not play this piece). Also, you have to watch all three parts (I,II,IV) to see how we march. - Baby Mario Bloops Come on! The're only 1-2 minutes each! Anyways, you uniforms do sound cool. - Baby Mario Bloops Guess so! - Baby Mario Bloops Sorry I'm talking to you at night, but I want to ask, who is immy im and Baby Bloops, because they sound like great user's. (lol) Anyways, night! [edit] Hi Hey FunkyK check out my idea for a game (found on my talk page!) GalacticPetey

[edit] Pokemon? Sometimes. I just used these sprites as decorations for my page. I saw them when playing the third and fourth generation games. ¢oincoll€ctor

You can find these sprites from Bulbapedia, the pokemonverse-dedicated wiki. Just copy the URL direction of the picture and paste in your user page to display. ¢oincoll€ctor

[edit] Re Hey Funky when you said that DK Jr. couldent be in it because he was the same ape as DK I knew that but, Mario is the same guy as Baby Mario also remmember Mario Tennis both of the apes were together. GalacticPetey

[edit] OK Ok I will be your friend! and P.S. I left you a messeage on your talk of MK Tag Team Page! GalacticPetey

[edit] Fake Games Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch, I've been busy with school and stuff. I'm glad you like my fake games, if I think up some more, I'll let you know. TIMMY TIM

[edit] Name Approval Hello FK38,I have a great liking for the name Prof. L and the village, so I do not care if you change it to that. P.S. can you please be my buddy?

[edit] HG&SS Good new about Heart Gold/Soul Silver, at the moment, I have to do with playing Crystal on my 64 because I can't be bothered buying batteries for my GBA and I can play my GBA games on my DS. TIMMY TIM

[edit] To answer that... Well, it was very intense for me at 3pm (EDT), since we tried everything to get my internet working again. After a lot of tries, I got it connected. Anyways, I only got to race one of the races with everyone, and I did pretty poor (fell off right near the beginning. I got 5th at the end, so I did good. - Baby Mario Bloops

I used a bike, you know, the bit bike (nano bike in some area's). I am a great driffer, but I have not played MKW in a while so I did pretty terrible. And, for the character, you can probaly guess. Us? The deadline date is very funny and ironic, because that's the day I leave for Band Camp! Speaking of which, I found out our show music is in fours movements; the first being the intro, second being a woodwind solo, third being the bridge (the worse part because of many crazy fast cromatic scales), and fourth being the ending. It should be fun, we actually finished it Thursday. I have the first to movements memorized (and not on porpose either). And the proposal, it might have a lot of agreeing and disagreeing the way I see it, or it will be a great sucess! What's your SSB and MKW code? Maybe we could play soon? Wow, I forgot! My band will be in the downriver fanfare but the one I was thinking is the Detriot Thanksgiving parade. Our show music and our movements will be on youtube soon! I will send you the link when it comes out. Looks really nice! I still want the calendar thing, but ok. By the way, the Aqua music that I told you about, it had a third part called Freeze. See you later. Just as band camp is so near, my D on my flute goes too flat. Now I have to go to A&R, and see if I have a leak. I have to either get it fixed by Saturday, or just deal with it. [edit] Ahh a response Thanks FK38 It's good to know people can actually hear me. My time on the wiki can vary, so I'm not sure how long it will take for me to get to know some users. So until August 27th (school year), Electrobomber

Thanks for the userbox! Visit my page if you haven't already. I mean, It's only been accessed 70-some times and most of those are me. Electrobomber Yeah I play Pokemon I've been playing for 5 years. Here's my favorite pokemon.

Gallade lv.78


Night Slash Close Combat Psychic Leaf Blade Isn't he awesome? I raised him from Level 5. Electrobomber

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I agree with you.That Mario Clock and Calculator has been up there for two months now! I'm surprised the "acclaimed" directors of the wiki would let that happen. Oh, and I may want a little help setting up my friend userbox (This user is friends with...) Electrobomber Yeah my userbox is okay but I might give it a major change to match my signature. Electrobomber

Here's the new one: |-

| This user knew HTN64DD before he changed his name Electrobomber Sorry for the mix up, I sometimes do stuff like that on accident. But it does make sense to put a to do list on the main page or at least a more visible link. Completely off subject, I could get into hot water with the wiki if I don't change my username. Oh yeah, yesterday my computer screwed up big time: it locked me out of anything I could edit and later, it couldn't even load the wiki! Electrobomber

Well I'm going to quote the blocking policy: Inflammatory, deliberately confusing, and other inappropriate usernames are not allowed, and in certain circumstances, sysops may block accounts permanently with such usernames.

I'm afraid that I'll get blocked because of my username Hate the N64DD. So I've proposed a rename: Hate the N64DD to Electrobomber. Once a 'crat gets around to the the rename I'll be known as Electrobomber. Electrobomber I think I'll keep the userbox but change the text to: this user knew HTN64DD before he changed his name. But I will also make a new one for Electrobomber, too. Electrobomber

Yeah I live in the US, Maine to be exact, what about you? Oh, I can take a hint, yes you can have the userbox just click edit and copy the code. Electrobomber

Michigan,huh? That's where my mom grew up. I've only been there once, but I liked it. But yeah, the Kirby video is pretty funny. If you search around a bit you can find the original video, which is almost as funny. Electrobomber

Oh good I'm finally good friends with you. Well, I guess this means I have I give you my good friends userbox:


| This user is good friends with HTN64DD. Strangely, I find that picture of ganon kirby very funny. Electrobomber

So the proposal finally went through, that's good. I hope they expand the main page even more to include more navigation. I mean, when I first found the wiki the search bar was my best friend. Electrobomber

Unfortunately, I barely have any gaming consoles. The only consoles I have are: an N64, a gameboy color, a GBA, and a DS. So no, I do not have MKW, sorry. Electrobomber

Heck, of course I can't wait for them to come out, but what's the pokewalker thing supposed to be?

NEXT SPRING?!?! I can't wait that loooooooooooooong! Electrobomber

Hmmmmm? A new mystery dungeon? I haven't heard of it yet. Electrobomber

Oct. 12? I might buy it later, I'm saving up money for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and the Legend of Zelda the Phantom Hourglass. Electrobomber

Yeah it's not quite right I'll tweak it later.

Geh, we are being critical today aren't we? Thanks for finding the source of the problem, but what did you do to my talk page? Electrobomber

High School? Wow that's exciting.

What do you want me to do? I mean, do you want me to give you the code for the background of my userpage? Can't you just edit your own comment and remove the color formula?

Okay, now I can delete the extra formula because it's on my userpage? Oh, and did you mean cut and paste or copy and paste?

Ahh, looks much better. Anyway, I'm a little frustrated that a 'crat hasn't approved my name change and that Tucayo hasn't gotten back to me on the photoshop stuff. But anyway, I'm thinking about joining Bulbapedia. Electrobomber

Hate the N64DD is no more! He is to be replaced by the one and only Electrobomber!!! here is his userbox:


| This user is good friends with Electrobomber!! He,he,he bye! Electrobomber

Dang. I would join bulbapedia if I had an E-Mail account, which I don't. Sorry for the negativity but I'm not in a great mood. Electrobomber

Hmmmm, so bulbapedia isn't really in need of editing? Bummer. But have you seen the kirby wiki? Its got about a million stubs. Or the Zelda wiki, it's pretty good except it has virtually no pictures. Electrobomber

Birdo? Are you saying you're being stalked by a unisex pink dinosaur who shoots eggs out of her mouth? That's creepy.

Pfffth. Beaten by Birdo? Oh well, I'm bad at MK games too. According to my brother video game driving is much harder than real driving. Electrobomber

I was thinking of getting one of those ridiculously tiny smartcars but I am also the rightful heir to my dad's '56 Chevy pickup

Gah, you are being weird today. But it would be so easy to parallel park in that thing and you could fit in all the small parking spaces... uh-oh sounds like my mom got hurt bad

Geeze, my talk page is backed up! You were right when you said that I would make friends soon enough. But yeah, my mom is okay, she just got a deep cut and had to get stitches :( School is looming, and my usage of the wiki will plummet. Until school! Electrobomber

[edit] Proposal Yeah, I am sorry for being so quick to oppose it. I think that you should delete your proposal and wait a while longer (that way, we can just remove a few of the templates in general) and propose it again later. That is just my advice, though, and you can keep it up if you want. But after some necessary changes to the Main Page, I'll probably be more open to the idea. Super Paper Mario Bros. 18:48, 19 August 2009 (EDT)

You mean adding the link in the box that reads, 'Maintain This Page'? If so, that is a good compromise, although we should perhaps get a seperate box for that (almost identical to that box), the reason being is that they are not completely related subjects: One is about maintainance, and one is for what is going on. But yeah, I'll show you an example of what I mean in just a second. Please show me an example of what you mean, also. :) Super Paper Mario Bros. 22:13, 19 August 2009 (EDT) Ok. Let me take a look at it. Where do you want the box specifically? On the left, or on the right? And should it be on the bottom? Explain to me, and I can try helping you. Super Paper Mario Bros. 11:19, 20 August 2009 (EDT) Ok, I'll try to get that done. Since I can't edit that page, I'll give you a link to it when I'm finished. Also, I am going to propose to get rid of the tourneys and the polls (I think I have a good argument to get rid of them) to make more space. I worked on an example last night, this is what it looks like here. But I will make an example for your proposal as well. Super Paper Mario Bros. 11:25, 20 August 2009 (EDT) Here is your example, click here. Is this how you wanted it? Super Paper Mario Bros. 11:33, 20 August 2009 (EDT) Well, I didn't change it, only Sysops can edit that page (it's protected). Steve (the owner of the MarioWiki) changed it. I think he used ideas from both of our proposals: That is, the adding of the new template from you, and the removing of the other templates from my proposal. I personally like the way it looks. And I will add your userbox to my collection in just a second, there is another proposal I need to vote on. Super Paper Mario Bros. 16:42, 20 August 2009 (EDT) It's okay, it was my misunderstanding. :) Super Paper Mario Bros. 21:06, 20 August 2009 (EDT) Cool, thanks. You seem very nice, too. :) That'smok. Super Paper Mario Bros. 21:26, 20 August 2009 (EDT) Sorry, it was "That's ok." but I made a typo. Super Paper Mario Bros. 21:39, 20 August 2009 (EDT) [edit] New Heading Wait, what do you mean about the DK article? Super Paper Mario Bros. 21:45, 20 August 2009 (EDT)

Put at the beginning of the section. Super Paper Mario Bros. 22:01, 20 August 2009 (EDT) No problem. Super Paper Mario Bros. 22:06, 20 August 2009 (EDT) [edit] Re:Bulbapedia Reply No probs, happy to help (whatever I did...) Bella-Yoshi Contribs!email 02:12, 23 August 2009 (EDT)

[edit] Hi, friend Sorry I haven't talked to you in a while, FK38 but my parents only let me on weekends & I've been busy upgrading my userpage; speaking of which, how is my page? plz answer as soon as you can.

sincerely Super Luigi GalaxyGo Deoxys Go!

[edit] Hey there. Hi. Unfortunately, I am not on Bulbagarden, although I do check there from time to time. However, I might consider joining. The Drifblim! (Talk) 01:48, 24 August 2009 (EDT)

[edit] Hey! ........I KNOW HE'S AT BAND CAMP........But Yes I Would Like To Be Friends.Your Friend Mario7727 (Talk)

hey!! i still dont understand anything!! can u tell me how to add an icon picture?

Thank you, Red Yoshi

[edit] School I'm 6/8ths of the way thru my year at school (about 14 weeks left). My school goes from Reception (an equivelent of Kindergarten) to Year 12, so I've been there since I was five. Next year, I'm in Year 11 and go to a new building. My school is seperated into five campuses, four R-10 ones and a 11-12 one. My R-10 one consistes of many small building with about three classroom each, all spread apart so I have to walk a fair distance to get anywhere. The 11-12 one is just a two story building so it'll be easier to get around. I think it's one of the biggest schools in Australia. Also, thanks for comending Red Yoshi's sig. When I saw his message this morning, I presumed he meant a sig one, so I made him a sig. TIMMY TIM

[edit] Re:Wish Me Luck! Will do :) Anyway, are you in school now? If so, how do you like it so far? Super Paper Mario Bros. 21:13, 27 August 2009 (EDT)

Also, to externally put photos up here, post the link. Super Paper Mario Bros. 22:42, 27 August 2009 (EDT) [edit] Got problems? Some wikis don't have the property to show an image via URL. I noticed Kirby wiki doesn't support now, so it only appears a link instead of the image. ¢oincoll€ctor

[edit] Talk Archives First, create this page, User:FunkyK36/Archive 1. Then, copy the entire contents of this page onto it. Delete everything from this page except stuff like the table of contents and the rules. The, make a box with links to the archive and the current page, and place them on both (You can use mine and change the colours if you want) Then, you should be fine. If you get stuck, just copy what I've done. TIMMY TIM