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Flame Runner Funky Kong
Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png
Funky Kong
Full name Funky Kong
Species Kong
First appearance Why should i tell?

Hi, users! I'm Funky Kong!

Message from the real deal me: I'm a roleplayer. If you hate roleplaying, i'm sorry and this will be the last roleplay of the userpage.

Hi! I joined the Mario Wiki for fun and editing!

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My Favorite Racetracks

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Track Track Name Comments
MKWii Peach Gardens.png Peach Gardens I love the Chain Chomps running around the grass "maze", but i think they should be faster to get the extra "Baby Park chaotic level" so it has dignity enough to be in the Lighting/Special Cup. Either way, the creativity of the developers blown my mind! I'd never think something that original for a Peach-themed course (no offense to Peach Beach, because even if the originality was low, the track was really fun!).
MK8 GCN Baby Park Starting Line.jpg Baby Park Although simple, this stage is the definition of chaos. Imagine if this was in Mkwii...
Mushroom Gorge MKWii.png Mushroom Gorge (Mkwii Version) This is the BEST stage EVER! The mushrooms are fun and bouncy, the song is a lot "vibey"! This course is perfect, until MK7 decided to take the red mushroom for both the normal shortcut and the ultra and the invention of the gliders... Mkwii is a lot faster and a lot more simple. Now, we have to choose the tires and the glider? Gosh...
PeachBeachIcon-MKDD.png Peach Beach Even really simple and unoriginal, this stage is awesome! The Cataquacks are a nice hazard and i have a secret to share: Peach Beach have Daisy Cruiser in the background, or is it Gelato Beach?
DaisyCruiserMK7.png Daisy Cruiser I don't know why, but i simply love this track. Sure, i didn't experience until *yuck* Mario Kart Tour, but it was cool, i just wish i could move more in this game...
Toad's Factory MKWii.png Toad's Factory Box clipping, smashed by crushers, the conveyor belts, jumping over the lake, the mud... Ah, good memories!
Moo Moo Meadows MKWii.png Moo Moo Meadows I once hated this track and Moo Moos, but now, this is PERFECT, and somehow the gliders improved the last section of the track! Wow!
MKW Maple Treeway Overlook.png Maple Treeway Wigglers, cool out-of-bounds stuff and rope net tricks: all i have to say.
Coconut Mall MKWii.png Coconut Mall Why would you ever want race this course normally, when you can just go out-of-bounds to a parking lot OR clear the whole track under the mall? I just can't understand casuals...
MKW Wario's Gold Mine Course Overview.png Wario's Gold Mine The only track that was good in the Mkwii and wasn't ruined by the gliders in MK7/MK8... At least, Wario's Gold Mine will always be a fun track!

The Mk Characters I Main

Photo Name Comments
Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png Funky Kong He and his special Flame Runner, he can achieve great speeds whilst having a good weight to bump into people to slow 'em down! HE'S THE BEST!
SuperMarioParty Daisy.png Daisy She is the all-mighty Sarasaland princess, the best Mach Biker, Daisy! She really spice up everything in Mkwii when she is around!
SuperMarioParty Peach 2.png Peach Not as fast as Daisy, she really packs a whole punch when you don't have Funky or Daisy yet.
Babydaisysimple.png Baby Daisy Daisy's baby form, while not being as fast as the princesses, Baby Daisy still is really fast for a lightweight and have even BETTER stats on her Quacker or her Magikruiser!
Babypeachsimple.png Baby Peach As well as their adult counterparts, Baby Peach replaces Baby Daisy's role when you still don't have her.
Luigi New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.png Luigi Luigi, the best bro, a great Machbiker... He should be rewarded with a bagel and lotsa spaghetti.
Baby Luigi MSS artwork.png Baby Luigi Why does good characters always have good baby counterparts? Anyway, he fast.
NewSuperMarioBrosUDeluxe Toadette.png Toadette The goddess of offroad when she is on the Magikruiser, the creator of the Super Crown just to look like a princess because even though she's a great driver, she wants to ride a Mach Bike. Of course, it "toadally" went wrong when Bowser "discovered" the crown.
SuperMarioParty KoopaTroopa.png Koopa I use it less in Mkwii, but in Double Dash!, he and Parakoopa are my Funky Kong and my Daisy of that game.
Paratroopart.png Parakoopa He was a great partner in MKDD!. I got pretty "shell-shocked" when i saw he wasn't on Mkwii...
MPSR Dry Bones.png Drybones Rest In Peace, Koopa, more like Go Kart In Peace, Koopa! Drybones is a lightweight who was of utility in Mkwii!
MPSR Petey Piranha.png Petey Piranha Petey Piranha is a heavyweight, special, big walking Piranha Plant. I got sad he wasn't in Mkwii, but at least i liked it in MKDD!.