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SMO Cap Throw.png

Cappy Throw
Gender: Male
Favorite Super Mario Game: Super Mario Odyssey Favorite Game Overall: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Favorite Mario Character: Cappy
Country: United States of America

Hello! I am back again!

My trademark team you can use(koopalings only for comparison reasons):

Captain Goomba.png MLSSBMShyGuy.png MLSSBMMagikoopaRed.png MLSSBMBoomerangBro.png MLSSBMBroozer.png MLSSBMBroozer.png MLSSBMFireBro.png MLSSBMHammerBro.png

Captain Goomba.png MLSSBMLarry.png MLSSBMIggy.png MLSSBMWendy.png MLSSBMMorton.png MLSSBMRoy.png MLSSBMLemmy.png MLSSBMLudwig.png They are called "The Goombalings" because they are a copy-off of the koopalings with normal characters, leveled up enough they have been known to take down their koopaling buddy in Goomba's Worth, enjoy!

Live Monterey Bay Aquarium Aviary Webcam (archives after-hours):