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Cappy Throw
Gender: Male
Favorite Super Mario Game: Super Mario Odyssey Favorite Game Overall: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Favorite Mario Character: Cappy
Country: United States of America

Yes I am finally Auto-confirmed! I am a young, teenage boy with an amazing interest and knowledge of Mario, I have received several comments from people saying I am better than an encyclopedia when it comes to Mario, which is not as true as some may think, for there is plenty on this wiki that I have yet to learn, and look forward to it, I will also be be sharing some of my knowledge with all of you, so stay tuned!

My trademark team you can use(koopalings only for comparison reasons):

Captain Goomba.png MLSSBMShyGuy.png MLSSBMMagikoopaRed.png MLSSBMBoomerangBro.png MLSSBMBroozer.png MLSSBMBroozer.png MLSSBMFireBro.png MLSSBMHammerBro.png

Captain Goomba.png MLSSBMLarry.png MLSSBMIggy.png MLSSBMWendy.png MLSSBMMorton.png MLSSBMRoy.png MLSSBMLemmy.png MLSSBMLudwig.png They are called "The Goombalings" because they are a copy-off of the koopalings with normal characters, leveled up enough they have been known to take down their koopaling buddy in Goomba's Worth, enjoy!