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Election Process[edit]

This page is where members of the community may make nominations and vote for candidates to oversee the Poll Committee for the next year. The rules for the election process may be viewed on the election rules article.

Voting starts on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 at 00:01 GMT.

Candidates and Voting[edit]


Hello everyone! I'm LudwigVon (talk), the 'Shroom's current Statistics Manager, and I am here to launch my campaign for the Chairperson position of the tenth Poll Committee.

My credentials:

  • The 'Shroom's Statistics Manager (2018-present)
  • Member of the seventh and eighth Poll Committees (2016-2018)

Both of these credentials definitely helps me to have enough experience in making sure that I can run the Poll Committee for the next cycle in both an efficient and cooperative way. Being a previous member of the Poll Committee, and a current member of the core 'Shroom staff, I am someone with enough experience to work as a team, and that's ultimately, the reasons why I would like to try my luck in becoming the next Poll Chairperson.

I will now continue, by summarizing main points of my campaign:

  • Poll Committee Size: The size of the committee will remain the same as last year with eight members. I sincerely believe that keeping a small team contributes to better cooperation and activity and by ensuring that we are eager to accomplish this many things this year. Therefore, I expect a very active team this year.
  • Weekly polls: I want to continue what has started since the sixth committee and have new polls every week, and then there will be no change on that way.
  • Continued cooperations: Be sure to expect that we continue the cooperation with the Awards Committee and the 'Shroom, which means that the Poll Committee Discussion and Awards Analysis will still be there this cycle.
  • Meetings: There will be the presence of at least two meetings this year. The first meeting will be this fall (September or October) to set up our yearly goal on what we want to bring this year. The second meeting will be for the preparation of a Feedback Survey that will be implement towards the end of the term (March or April). Those meetings will help the committee to not only allow for better collaboration among all members, but also to listen to what all the eight members want to accomplish and bring as ideas.
  • Feedback Survey: This year, we will dedicate ourselves in creating a Feedback Survey, which will release in spring 2020. This will be similar to the previous Community Survey, in being various questions dealing with different aspects of the community from the wiki, to the forums, discords, the 'Shroom, and non-members/visitors to see and analyze whether there has been improvement or what could be improved. The reason it will take place in spring 2020 is to make sure of a better workflow between the Awards Analysis and the Feedback Survey, but also to allow the future Eleventh Poll Committee to use the answers, and look if there is a way to create entirely new collaborations with other sectors of the community.

This year is the tenth term of the Poll Committee, and many collaborations was created over the years, which allowed the Poll Committee to be more than just members who created polls on the main page. I would love to have the chance to continue all of this, this year, by also looking at the future to see what can be improve beyond this year.

Thank you all for taking the time to read, and considering my campaign, and I wish you all a nice day, and good luck to all who's considering the position.



  1. Tucayo (talk)
  2. Superchao (talk)
  3. Doomhiker (talk)
  4. TheFlameChomp (talk)


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