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Director’s Notes

Super Mario Bros.

Welcome to another issue of The 'Shroom! I have to say that I am honored to have helped around a bit with more of the main 'Shroom work this month; sending out warnings for every sub-team and archiving last month's issue, as well as updating the single page. You see, Stooben's computer was kind of screwing around (his A/C cord was kind of broken) and his computer shorted. Afterwards, when he got the new computer, his internet sort of died as well. By the time he had this all fixed, he felt that it was too late to really help direct this issue. So Tucky had taken on the work of the Director and asked me to do some of the Sub-director's work.

And no, I don't mean to brag. It's just that I feel honored to have been selected by Tucayo to help out with the issue, and it's an experience that I will certainly remember. :)

Anyway, moving on to MG1's notes; I'm sure he has some announcements to make.


Welcome to another issue of the Pipe Plaza!!! I'd like to begin by thanking SMB for carrying a lot of work this issue as I have been away on numerous school trips for pretty much the whole month, SMB stepped in and sent out...all the warnings and then he formatted the issue!


Other than that...there's a new position coming out soon to do with the new "Poll Selection Committee" and the position will report on the progress of Polls as soon as the leader has been decided! OK, I think that's all now read the rest of the issue.

Monthly Report

So yes... When you look at the table below, it may look simple. It actually was easy to make this report this month. But I can say that you probably don't know what's in store for future issues. Starting next issue, I will start reporting the current statistics as of the release of the issue and start comparing those statistics with the previous month's statistics.

  • For example, for July 2010's issue of The 'Shroom; I will post statistics for July, repost the statistics for June 2010, and compare them to each other.

And starting the issue after the next, I will start doing what is listed above as well as comparing the current statistics as of the release of a 'Shroom issue to this month's to show changes since I started reporting wiki stats.

  • For example, for August 2010's issue of The 'Shroom; I will post statistics for August, repost the statistics for July 2010, and compare them to each other.
  • I will also post the statistics for August 2010 in a new table, repost statistics for June 2010, and compare those together.

I look forward to writing this section in future issues, as I think it will be fun to write; and fun for everyone to read. :) Oh... And before I forget: statistics that involve me multiplying and dividing will be as precise as possible. So expect a lot of decimals in upcoming issues. ;)

Credit goes to Stooben Rooben for the coding (I based the coding for this off of his report table that he used when he wrote the section).

June Statistics
Statistic As of 13 June 2010 (14:08)*
Content Pages 10,686
All Pages 69,010
Files 23,849
Edits 798,948
Edits per Page 11.5772786552673525576003477756847
Registered Users 14,736
Active Users 296
Bots 0
Patrollers 4
Sysops 19
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1
*All times EST.

Featured (Marioguy1)

And...Featured! Let's see...newly featured

  • Donkey Kong Land was featured 6-0 on May 16th (Nom).
  • Rice Beach was featured just ten days later on May 26th also with a score of 6-0 (Nom).
  • list of Bonuses from Super Smash Bros. Melee was featured June 5th (Guess how many days later *cough*five*cough*) with a 5-0 score (that's a change)! (Nom)

Now for the epic failures failed nominations!

OK, now for the FIs, I have a feeling this will be the last or second-last week FIs are included in this position (I plan to remove them myself in fact) due to a recent proposal. So, enjoy them while you can!

And that seems to be all! As we say goodbye to our Featured Image process we must also say goodbye to this issue's Featured =(

See you next week!

Projects Seeking Contributors (KS3)

Hello, everyone. This is KS3, and we will be discussing…

PipeProjects! , well they are all seeking contributation.

There are a lot of PipeProjects going around on this Wiki, so I will just be doing a few. PipeProject:Star & Shine Missions, PipeProject:SMW Levels, PipeProject:Mario Kart, PipeProject:Paper Mario Enemies, and PipeProject:RPG Items & Badges are some of them. For a full list of PipeProjects, go here. See ya’ll next time.

Links (KS3)

Hey, people! This is KS3 and I will Kill Luigi be doing some stuff. Anyone needs some help on something? Then Come to the “Help Center and More”. (Well the people who designed this newspaper called it “Links”)

In what others call “Links”, there are some helpful tips on browsering the wiki and editing pages/userspace. Are you wondering why everyone has those fancy signatures and you don’t know how to create one? Well then head on to Help:Signature and MarioWiki:Signatures. These pages will help you create one and tada: there’s your sig. Use 4 tildes (~) to sign with your sig.

NIWA, short for Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, is fairly new (go down the page for NIWA news, by Tucayo), and if you need to know about NIWA, go here.

And, please make sure you don’t spam/vandalize/troll/flame/etc. If you do, then you get blocked for infinite. More information can gained at MarioWiki:Vandalism and MarioWiki:Blocking policy.

Now, that sums it up. See ya’ll next time, and have a good time with those new info.

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38)

When saving changes made to a page, make sure you hit the "minor edit" button if it's a small change, and that you don't hit the "save changes" button more than once to avoid backing up the recent changes board.

NIWA News (Tucayo)

Hello readers, I am Tucayo, and welcome to another issue of NIWA News.

As promised, this last month, 3 new wikis joined the alliance, they are WiKirby, Metroid Wiki and Wars Wiki. Following their entrance to the alliance, the forum now has a child board for each of this series.

Talking about the forum, a new board is being proposed, this is the Off-topic discussion board. I think it will be created soon, but first we need most of the staff to agree.

Recently, Axiomist discovered a well-developed Nintendo Wiki, Gamehiker wiki. The NIWA staff is in talks to see if they can join the alliance.

A new surprise feature for the Shop is being developed. Sorry, that’s all I can say.

This is a ‘Shroom related notice, but it has also got to do with the NIWA. We are now affiliated with StoneWatchers and BulbaNews! Find their links in the footer.

The staff of the wikis is working together in a big project, that’s all I can say at the moment.

These were the news that we had at the moment of the due date. If some more were to appear, I will inform you of them. Bye!