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Beyond 120 Stars

by Megadardery (talk)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Beyond 120 Stars! Megadardery is here with mind-blowing challenges and more for his favorite game.

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Ever thought that Super Mario 64 was too easy, or something? Ever thought that you don't want to play the same missions over, and over? Ever thought that you were too good for this game, but still don't know what else can you do? In this – overly useless – article, you will find – overly useless – challenges that you may enjoy, if you are a hard-core lover of SM64. You may also find some shortcuts that can be useful in speed-runs, or whatever. If you think you are an advanced player, try one of the challenges that is labeled as "Very Hard"!

...Now that this lousy introduction is thrown with Bowser far far away, let's get to the castle along with what you expect to see. :) And without further ado, let's-a-go.

Around and 'round and 'round.

Easy : Okay okay, easy task will be given away this time. In Shifting Sand Land, create a combo: simply get an insane a crazy box and use it to kill the fly guy, and while you are spinning around kill a pokey. Easier than it sounds.

Come on, come here.

Medium : Take the cool baby penguin by the cool penguin mother from the bottom of the cool course Cool, Cool Mountain on top of the slide exit, and take it to the cool baby penguin at the top of the cool course. Cool, eh?

That's a tricky challenge.

Hard : Let's get lost in clouds in Rainbow Ride, yay! Alright, your challenge here is to get the Tricky Triangles star without pressing the switch, the switch temporarily flips the triangles up-side down so they act as platforms, but that's too easy. So you will have to figure out a way to get this without pressing the switch. You must come up with a strat', and do it.

Coins, coins, coins....

Various! : What? where is the very hard challenge? Well, here is a challenge that can be considered easy, medium, hard, intense or even impossible depending on what you want to do. Basically, in Whomp's Fortress, grab the Metal Cap and collect as many coins as possible before it runs out. Do everything you want, just get the most coins. Here is the difficulties: Easy-> Get 12. Medium-> Get 18. Hard-> Get 35! Intense!-> Get 40 coin! I have broken the intense difficulty with perfect routing, and a trick which added 3 coins. If you cannot figure this trick out, try to get only 37 coins. Plan your routes wisely.

Alright, now go turn on your N64 (or Virtual Console, you get my point..), and go try those challenges. Try hard, don't give up easily..

Spoilers!: Tips
Easy Beyond120StarsFeb5.png What shall I say here? It's really that simple. When you are in the air due to the third bounce of the box, adjust yourself to fall on the fly guy, you may zoom out the camera to see him while in the air, then just touch the pokey while still spinning in the air.
Medium Beyond120StarsFeb6.png When you reach the penguin, grab it and take the ride to near the snowman. Continue forwards, and run fast but carefully. If you slow down, you slip. You might need to jump to gain speed, but if you jump while facing a slope, you drop the penguin. When you reach the part in the picture, jump like shown and you will start to slide on bottom. Now jump again and you will jump over the two slopes. It's a little hard, but with practice you can make it. The parts without the snow (the dark colored parts) are safe to walk on and jump on. They are not slippery, so make the most of them.
Hard Beyond120StarsFeb7.png It's hard to figure out, but mostly easy to perform. Just stand like in the picture, start a triple jump while running forwards, so your double jump ends on the triangle, wall-kick off the green bar, and reach the platform above. You might need to dive.
Various Beyond120StarsFeb8.png The trick is to kill the piranha plant with a cork box and hope that the coins don't spread very far. Quickly go to the metal cap box, get the cap and climb the slope using a triple jump. Get the blue coin, the red coin and the 3 coins from the piranha plant, behind it and the cork box respectively. Side-flip and wall-kick off the wall to reach the floating island, grab the red coin and the coins ring, then get the next red coin and the coins arrow and fall down. You will find a Whomp. Make him fall down, then quickly and repeatedly jump on top of him to get 5 coins, then ground pound to get another 6 coins. It may be possible to grab more coins, but that would be very intense, and I don't want to do it.
Featured Shortcut
The first shortcut.

In this section, I will introduce you to a shortcut, difficulty can range. However it can help you if you are a speed-runner. Also, note that I'm not using backward long-jumping, or any major sequence-breaking glitches.

Get yourself ready 'cause we're climbing a mountain: a tall tall mountain (geez, Nintendo wasn't very creative with the names back then; Cool, Cool Mountain, Dire, Dire Docks and even in other games: Dry Dry Desert, eh whatever).

The second shortcut.

You know, most of the stars are already far far from the starting point, what shall we do? Of course skip the whole climbing using a rather difficult shortcut compared to previous ones. Anyway, it is a glitch. We will clip through the mountain and suddenly transport to the top. Basically, from the starting point, walk a little forward and then long-jump to the mountain. You will start walking on a slope, which is pretty weak by the way. So just jump-dive (just press A + B simultaneously) while holding slightly up-right. It may take few tries, but once you got it you will be inside of the mountain, yay! We are still not even half-way through. You will now be swimming in a seemingly invisible pool (I know I don't make sense, just bear with me). Just swim forward and hold slightly to the right, you will be suddenly transported up to where the monkey and the Fly Guy are (This could also take few tries, you may fall out from the "pool" into the void). Now, jump out of the water and you are good to go! You have skipped past all the climbing!

And there is even more! You know, past the wooden log comes the cannon balls. Just before that is a ledge that you can stand on. In front of you is the road to continue the climbing and a slope. Yeah, you guessed it, we will climb that thing. It's actually rather easy, just jump and align your second jump to be on the slope. Just hold A and spam B until you make it. And voila, you are almost at the top! There is actually another shortcut to help you climb to the tip top. In front of you is a wall corner, you can side-somersault and wall-kick of that wall and barely grab onto the ledge of the bridge above and to your right. Now, aren't you happy?

That's all for this issue's Beyond 120 Stars folks, see you next time!

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