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Director's Notes (FunkyK38 (talk))

Greetings, all! Welcome to the February issue of Palette Swap! My apologies for my absence last month, school caught me in a rough spot! Great thanks to Yoshi876 for holding down the fort for me.

As always, if you are interested in writing for us, just PM me an application on the forums and I will be in touch! We can work out a submission schedule if you don’t think you want to write a section every month.

With that, let’s move on to the art!

What’s on The Box? (Yoshi876 (talk))


Hello 'Shroom readers! Welcome to What's on the Box, the best place to view a random boxart of a game every month. This month I have chosen the boxart for Alleyway, a Breakout clone featuring everyone's favourite plumber: Waluigi Mario. The boxart features Mario in a little capsule shaped machine about to rebound a ball back at the tiles in an attempt to break out, and that's about it really. Although, some of you more astute readers and lookers may have noticed that Mario's hat is blue, other than that there’s nothing else interesting to note about the boxart. However, it does seem a bit strange that it’s not more Mario-focussed, especially as the game features a breakable Mario as one of the levels, you would think that the boxart would try and emphasize the Mario elements within the game, especially as other than that it is a Breakout clone.

Ongoing Fan Projects (Yoshi876 (talk))

User Thread Description
Count Olaf Wikiball (Read OP plz) A thread where users creates Wikiball comics. This thread is based on the Polandball comics.
Missingno. Glitchy’s Drawing Thread A thread where Missingno. shows off some drawings he has done. The only image currently in the thread is one of Shulk.
Amphituber I drew some things, here, put your eyes on them A thread where Amphituber shows off some drawings, including a collaboration, that he has done.
Sylveon FireEevee’s Drawing Thread. Version 2.0 A thread where Sylveon shows off some fanart that he has drawn.
Yuusuke Makishima Lily’s Cosplay A thread where Yuusuke Makishima cosplays as various characters.
Stargazing Stargazing’s Art A thread where Stargazing shows off some pictures she has drawn. Recent updates include an experiment with watercolour.
Nysic Nysic makes Minecraft Mario Kart tracks A thread where Nysic shows off some Mario Kart tracks that he has designed.
xqƃpuɐxǝu NEXandGBX Adventures A comic series drawn by xqƃpuɐxǝu. Recent updates have included the continuation of the Lemon storyline.
Beetleking My Mario art.. (New Koopa!) A thread where Beetleking shows off their art. Recent updates have included a mad scientist Koopa.
Genji “Excuse me, I may have just arted” A thread where Genji draws things. Recent updates have included an animated gif of DragonFreak.
Wittgenstein Fawfulthegreat Attempts to make Decent Sprites A thread where Wittgenstein shows off some sprites that he has made.
WagNak “Oh Luigi” Comic Series A comic series drawn by Wagnak. Recent updates have included some blasts from the past.
Leafeon Smg2daisy Decides To Make Requests With Themes A thread where Leafeon draws user requests, provided they follow the current theme. The current theme is users.
Wittgenstein Fawfulthegreat64’s Creations (Updated!) A thread where Wittgenstein shows off some art he’s created. Recent updates have included a Paper Mario banner

Featured Sprite (FunkyK38 (talk))

For this month, I have for you all an adorable little sprite that for some, may cause pain at the memory of trying to collect them all: From Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, we have an adorable little Blitty Blitty! So cute, it makes me like cats a little bit more, I think. I can certainly remember the days when I played though BiS looking for these things, along with those golden acorns! There certainly was a lot to collect in that game.

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