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Opening Statement

by Super Mario Bros. (talk) and Gabumon (talk)

Welcome, readers! I am happy to introduce you to the February 2015 edition of The 'Shroom, the first issue produced under this current term for the newsletter. We have a good collection of articles this month, which I am sure that you will enjoy viewing. The efforts of our writers are always appreciated, and I feel that this is a relatively strong start to the next year for our newsletter.

Firstly, I would like to note that Gabumon (talk) has created a new and improved navigation template that is located below every article in the issue. The previous template allowed only for navigation between either the section preceding or the section following the one that the reader is viewing. The current one, which we will use from this month onward, allows for the reader to move to any section in a given issue. The staff might make some minor adjustments to this template in the time to come, but overall the concept will be the same. We hope that this will make it easier to view the content that we provide each time.

Another important item to note is that we no longer have a Single Page layout. As I stated in the Director Election and in my address last month, we decided to get rid of this feature because it did not live up to its original purpose– it was designed to be a more efficient way to read content, but ended up being nothing more than the main issue page with out-of-context bits of articles attached to the end of it. The time that it takes each month to create the Single Page, combined with the lack of any real benefit, led to its being scrapped. We will instead focus on creating more creative and informative headlines and introductions for the main page in order to attract attention to each section.

Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy this edition! Be sure to check out the Closing Statement as well, where I will share some important news and links pertaining to the next few months.

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Sub-director's Notes


Gabumon (talk)

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