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Mario Awards IX Art Contest

by Hypnotoad (talk)

Heya guys, Anton here, writer of the WORLD FAMOUS Dear Anton section in The ‘Shroom’s very own Fake News, as well as the current Mariowiki Anniversary Awards Committee Co-Director and host of various tournaments held in conjunction with it. This year is the first year we’re running an art contest, mostly because I thought we should do something neat since this is the wiki’s 10th anniversary (holy crap we’re old!!!!!), featuring three skill categories (beginner, amateur, experienced) to give everyone a level playing field and more opportunities for winners.

Some rules and basic info include:

  • One (1) entry per individual.
  • Deadline for sending in art is July 11th.
  • Winners will be selected with a public vote hosted on the forum.
  • Voting will take place July 18th - August 5th.
  • The topic is very general; Mario- and community-themed works.
  • All kinds of art will be accepted (Drawings both computer and traditional, short comics, gifs, photos, short videos, songs, anything that's art).

Tokens will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each skill category, as well as for general participation, which can then later be exchanged for numerous prizes, including Steam games, Nintendo points cards, iTunes cards, 3ds/Wii U download codes, and whatever else people donate.

By the time this is posted sign-ups will actually be closed, but don’t worry! I will still be accepting submissions from everyone else as they make them; the only benefit to signing up will be some extra time if needed.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, quips, compliments, whatever else, then please contact me (Hypnotoad (talk) (Forum profile)), or post in the art contest’s forum topic.

Remember, if you are submitting something, please include which skill category you believe it belongs into, and please make sure it is private! If you don’t know which category you fit into, I’ll place you into one that seems to fit best. Either send it to me in a PM on the forum, send me a query on chat, link to it over Skype/Steam/whatever, or any other method you can get it to me so long as no one else sees it!

Stay tuned for next month’s issue of The ‘Shroom where all submitted pieces will be displayed for people to vote on!!

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