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Closing Statement

by Gabumon (talk)

Actually, there's no need to apologize, Dippy. I've played the first installment of The Witcher and found it dreadfully boring. So I'm probably not going to be too hung-up about not getting to play the third one. Don't worry.

Anyway, next month's issue will be our 100th. I hope you will come back and celebrate this milestone with us. Have a nice summer, watch out for wasps in your sandwich, and stay hydrated!

Gabumon from the Digimon franchise Gabumon (talk)


Thank you for reading this month's issue of The 'Shroom!

Firstly, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Edofenrir. I was not able to post this issue up in a timely fashion, so he stepped in to help me out while I was away. As always, I appreciate his work and how helpful he always is!

Secondly, we are going to be releasing a special edition next month. The staff has been working hard behind the scenes to plan this landmark edition. We have plenty of things planned to get everybody involved– a great cast of special writers that are planning to submit content, many special events and tournaments that will offer prizes for those who win, and major formatting and organizational changes that will make viewing our content much more efficient. Many of the suggestions that were made in the Feedback Survey will be implemented in this edition in order to make it your special issue! Easily, I expect this to be one of our biggest and most pivotal issues in the history of our publication, so I implore you to come and see what we have in store!

That being said, I hope you will join us on July 18th, 2015 for the long-awaited Issue 100! More news regarding this will be posted through the forum, our Facebook, our Twitter, and our e-mail updates, so keep an eye out throughout the month for what is in store!

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

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