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Section of the Month

March’s Critic Corner Section of the Month

Palkia47 (talk)

In case readers did not know, these are here due to the lack of a Critic Corner section this month. Sorry about that!

The winner of last month’s SotM was New Super Mario with his “Smash Time” section, which came in with 7 votes. YoshiMonsta’s “Entertainment Section” came in close with 4 votes. Congrats! (;

Main Section of the Month

Place Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
3rd Interview 5 13.89% Superchao (talk)
3rd Upcoming Games 5 13.89% Paper Yoshi (talk)
2nd Brawl Tactics 8 22.22% Timmy (talk)
1st Fading into Obscurity 16 44.44% KP (talk)

Superchao here with the Main Team SOTM results for March, in which there were 36 votes! Tied for 3rd were my own Interview, where I interviewed bureaucrat Glowsquid, and Paper Yoshi (talk)'s Upcoming Games, discussing the February 13th Nintendo Direct and other announced games. In 2nd was Timmy (talk)'s Brawl Tactics, where he gave advice about playing on the Yoshi's Island stage. And getting first was KP (talk)'s debut Fading Into Obscurity, where he brought up the long-forgotten Fryguy from Super Mario Bros. 2.

That's all for now - congratulations to KP, and see you next month for this issue's results!

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