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Fading Into Obscurity

by KP (talk)

Hello! I'm KP, and welcome to Fading into Obscurity!

Today, we will look at one of the long forgotten characters of the Mario series: Fryguy! Fryguy first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2, also known as Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic in Japan. Here, he was a boss, appearing at the end of World four. In its sequel, BS Super Mario USA, Fryguy returns once again as the boss of the snow world and his fighting style remains unchanged, except for a few minor differences here and there.

He also made an appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, this time working for King Koopa. However, he did not appear as much as some other characters from Super Mario Bros. 2 in the series, leaving many of his fans disappointed. In the Nintendo Comics System, a species also named Fryguy appeared, however it was discovered that these Fryguys are actually Toads which became engulfed in lava. The species made a cameo appearance in Duh Stoopid Bomb, where Bowser is sent to Fryguy Kindergarten, and many young Fryguys apparently torture him by burning him over and over. Fryguys also appeared in the yearbook of a high school, which was aptly named Fryguy High. This yearbook features some events in the year, mostly comprising of Fryguys doing various shenanigans.

Fryguy himself, along with his clones, also appeared in Double Trouble, a Nintendo Adventure Book, where Mario manages to avoid them while exploring the Mushroom Kingdom. In volume eight of Super Mario-Kun, Fryguy and his minions attempt to cook Mario and friends in a soup, but a whale, along with Birdo and Toad, saves them and flattens Fryguy. After this, Fryguy never again appeared in any Mario game. I consider this sad, because he deserves some recognition and never got enough fame. Personally, I think Fryguy could make a great boss in a 3D Mario game, and the species could also return as enemies. Well, that's Fading into Obscurity for this issue folks. See you all next time!

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