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by Superchao (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers! This month I'm interviewing one of the very few bureaucrats in wiki history, and a forum mod.

That's right, it's Glowsquid! Read on to find out what he said.


Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! This month I'm interviewing forum mod and bureaucrat, Glowsquid!
Glowsquid: Greetings commoners. My name is Glowsquid and I aim to make the Super Mario Wiki the best Rise of the Robots-information source possible.
Superchao: I'm certain the Super Rise of the Robots Wiki will flourish under your guiding hand.
Superchao: But rather than look to the future, let's start with the past! How did you find the wiki, oh so long ago?
Glowsquid: I was reading the Swanky Kong wikipedia page (lol) and there was a link to the wiki in the external links section
Glowsquid: and I lurked.
Glowsquid: I think that was, like, in 2006? I dunno.
Superchao: Swanky Kong had his own wikipedia page.
Superchao: Those were interesting times, then.
Glowsquid: Unfortunately it got deleted, butyet Dumper the GoBots still has his own wikipedia page.
Glowsquid: Goddamn cyborg privilege keeping our primates down.
Superchao: Wow, I can't believe they haven't #rioted
Superchao: Also shrug, I dunno times either. So you lurked in the mists! What made you emerge and begin your conquest?
Glowsquid: I actually registered on the forum first. A guy made an insulting post in Frnech (my native language) and it was my divine duty to translate it to the other posters.
Glowsquid: Dunno what prompted me to register on the wiki. I think my first edit was something inane on the Zinger talkpage.
Superchao: I assume somehow that translating one insulting post did not get you promoted to mod immediately.
Superchao: Just a hunch.
Glowsquid: Perhaps not, but I am sure it was given careful consideration by the powers that be.
Glowsquid: har har har
Superchao: Well, I'm pretty sure that something had to happen to get you somewhere on the wiki and the forum
Superchao: What made you want to edit things?
Glowsquid: I was in the midst of replaying DKC2 and Yoshi's Island during that time and my vidyas taste hadn't yet fully formed, so I was pretty big on Mario I guess?
Glowsquid: Plus, I lurked pretty extensively and seeing people like Son of Sun and Wayoshi debate, write walls of text and abuse (and kill, and descrate) the bold function was oddly enticing to my not too healthy 12-years old brain. I used to read the Wikipedia ADF listing for fun.
Superchao: Ahha, I remember those days. Back when giant essays were the norm
Glowsquid: The best thing about the proposal archive is clicking on the 2007 proposals and stare in awe at the wholly unnecessary walls of text and ludicrous abuse of bold.
Superchao: So 'bout when did the management say "hey this Glowsquid guy looks pretty cool lets promote him"
Glowsquid: I was on IRC and I joked to RAP he should promote me to patroller
Glowsquid: and then he did exactly just that.
Superchao: Well.
Superchao: That's one way to have things happen! :V
Superchao: you should promote me to patroller btw
Glowsquid: Whatev you say, pleb.
Superchao: darn i was sure it'd work
Superchao: What was it like as a patroller, anyway?
Glowsquid: The best way I can put it is that you could b& the guy who drew dicks graffitis on the children bathroom but not erase the dicks graffiti themselves.
Glowsquid: It was terrible. Then they decided to phase out the ranking and all three of us got promoted to sysop. That was great!
Superchao: And then they brought it back! :V
Glowsquid: the Mariowiki's entire history is one of doing one step foward, then reconsidering it one year later and step backward (or sideways).
Superchao: is that why we still have debates over canonicity and structuring
Glowsquid: Not quite. That's because nerrrrrrrrrds.
Superchao: So what was it like as a sysop?
Glowsquid: It was great! I could delete the dick graffitis, write stupid and gramatically-abhorrent things on the staff board and get involved in an hilarious attempt to wrestle wiki ownership from Steve.
Glowsquid: Well, hilarious from A Certain Point Of View.
Superchao: Oh, I've heard about that! It's definitely much easier to laugh about if you weren't there, I'd say :V
Superchao: Except you were, so I think I defeated my own point.
Glowsquid: It was pretty insane for a 14-yrs old kiddie, but it makes for great water cooler material!
Superchao: In retrospect the wiki was kind of weird in the days where most everyone was pretty young
Glowsquid: implying that's still not the case.
Superchao: to be fair the average age of the staff at least seems to have gone up some
Superchao: Unless you mean it's still weird in which case... well, can't argue that too much.
Superchao: So! You became patroller through a joke and sysop when they got rid of patroller.
Superchao: What sort of wacky shenanigan made you a bureaucrat?
Glowsquid: SMB nominated me. I THINK it was genuine.
Superchao: Well that's no fun.
Superchao: Obviously it was originally a joke that got out of hand. Let me believe!
Glowsquid: I suggested to rename the entire staff hierarchy tree to much better names and they all loved it. Unfortunately, the day where the bureaucrat rank will be named "DNK Diktator" has yet to come.
Glowsquid: Not for a lack of trying.
Superchao: Just get your hands on the Crystal Coconut, that'll convince them.
Superchao: Make sure to perform a musical number, though!
Glowsquid: We'll go for snow cones soooon enough.
Superchao: Besides your attempts to rebrand the wiki in your own image, anything else that was different about being a crat?
Glowsquid: It came with a quieter, less drama-prone period of the wiki's existence so that's cool.
Glowsquid: Had more people asking me for editing advices, too. Usually I just dump them to Walkazo.
Superchao: At least we don't have to worry about you or Walkazo going undercover as a troll in irc.
Superchao: ...Right?
Glowsquid: Depends on how many spacebucks I get.
Superchao: I'll slip you some dough under the table afterwards.
Glowsquid: Anything to pay for my LaserActive collection.
Superchao: Well, considering that it was a less drama-prone existance, I get the feeling you've probably said as much as you can on the wiki.
Superchao: So! What was your forum experience like?
Glowsquid: I mostly remember enough drama to make a low-quality korean melodrama out of
Glowsquid: and huge, eye-searing signatures. 2007-2009 were dark times for message board aesthetics, man.
Superchao: Ooh, you should go into details about the drama. Everyone loves hearing about old drama!
Superchao: Especially when it involves long-gone users who won't complain!
Superchao: *coughMax2cough*
Glowsquid: I think I purged any specifics from my mind since quite some time, but yeah lol.
Glowsquid: It's been smooth sailing since late 2012. MOSTLY.
Superchao: It sure has. Mostly.
Superchao: So how'd you get promoted to the forum mod, anyway?
Glowsquid: Honestly? I don't remember.
Glowsquid: Like, I'm not even saying this to avoid spilling embarassing details or some. I genuinely don't remember.
Superchao: Oh, well, that's a bummer.
Superchao: I guess I'll just assume it was for your excellent work translating foreign-language insults!
Glowsquid: Let's go with that.
Superchao: Anyhow, what's it been like as a mod?
Glowsquid: That eye-searing "There are _ reports active" banner is an assault on my browsing experience. I've considered retiring for that raisin alone.
Superchao: On the plus side it's probably the only reason we ever actually get rid of reports.
Superchao: So I suppose it does its job!
Glowsquid: Not all that efficiently, but whatev.
Superchao: Other than our tendency to react to reports a little slowly
Superchao: Anything else you feel lik es saying about your moderating experience?
Glowsquid: Making mindless junk member-only was the best damn decision I ever made.
Glowsquid: Well, I think it was my decision.
Superchao: It definitely was.
Superchao: Doing the same for Topic Storage was also good, though :V
Superchao: Delving back into the depths of the past, you were once the 'Shroom director. What was that like, asked the man who has the job now?
Glowsquid: It was a mess. I had no vision for the 'shroom, no idea of how to improve the paper and did little quality control. It got to the point where I couldn't even be arsed to write the Director's notes, even when I got Garlic Man/Marcelagus to do all the boring archival shit I hated, because I was *that* sick of it.
Glowsquid: it was terrible and I apologize. yep.
Superchao: Well at least it's over with now. So there's that! :V
Superchao: So, any people in the past who you want to give shoutouts too?
Superchao: Basically the first friend question except I worded it more awkwardly for... some reason.
Glowsquid: Social-wise: Walkazo, Dippy and Stooben Rooben all were/are great friends throughtout the years and I'm stunned they tolerated my idiosyncrasies for so long. Miss ya last two :')
Superchao: Hey, they're still around! Maybe not on the wiki/forum, but still.
Superchao: But yeah, Stooben and Dipster are pretty chill. Never really talked to Walkazo myself much... Maybe I'll interview her this year.
Superchao: Outta curiosity how'd you bond with them?
Glowsquid: Good luck getting ahold of her, lol.
Superchao: I wrangled words out of people like Turboo and Brock, I'm sure I can get Walkazo to talk
Superchao: In her case the issue might be too many words...
Glowsquid: For Stooben and Dippy, it was IRC. There was a time where I'd wake up and chat with Dippy like 30 mins-1 hour every morning.
Superchao: The power of Aussie time!
Glowsquid: For Walkazo: we had good chemistry on the staff board.I eventually asked her if we could share MSN addresses.
Glowsquid: To get back at your first question: Editing-wise; I never interracted with Grandy02 much, but his work on the WarioWareInc and developers page was (and still) is an inspiration for my wiki editing in the last year or so.
Glowsquid: Plus it indirectly lead to me discovering Ko Takeuchi's art : D
Superchao: Tragically I have very few memories of Grandy.
Superchao: Who's that? :U
Glowsquid: German editor and former staff member who (among many other things) foscused on expanding WarioLand/ware-related pages. The research he did for the Goro Abe, Ko Takeuchi and (especially) Yoichi Kotabe pages is quite stunning.
Superchao: Ah, I see.
Superchao: So what is your current project, then?
Glowsquid: I love doing research and creating pages on the development teams and people behind the series. The Transofmrers Wiki often get praised for its humor (and it IS damned funny), but I think my favourite thing about it is how Optimus Prime's voice actor, the former manager of the toyline, the woman who composed the first version of the 80's cartoon theme song and literally nothing else, the animation studio that did the shitty CGI bits in Generation 2.... etc, etc. all have well-written and informative pages. I think the wiki doesn't do a great job at "honouring" (for a lack of a better term) the real world creative talents behind the franchise, and that's a shame. Like, I was doing some research on the Wario series staff and I was annoyed to see every game credited to EAD instead of Nintendo R&D 1, it's actual developer. Some of the pages even cited "sources" that proves EAD wasn't the developer right in the title of the article.
Glowsquid: Like, there's a citation next to the Nintendo EAD link in the infobox and the very first answer in the interview it links to is "Hello, I'm Goro Abe, an employee of the Nintendo Sofware Planing & Development department...". Can you even read.
Glowsquid: Nerd rage over.
Superchao: Well, if there's one thing that's clear now, you definitely feel passionate about this.
Superchao: Which I'd say is at least something of a benefit; it's probably easier to get energy to work on something if you care about it a lot!
Superchao: Anyhow, my question is, I'm curious as to why you feel so strongly about devteam stuff?
Glowsquid: I'm generally interested in behind-the-scene content of entertainement products. Who made it, coporate interference or other things that happening during development that made the game/show/film what it is... etc. That, and videogame media (and especially fandom) tend to ignore vidyas are a team effort and instead just name one "star developer" as responsible for everything (Miyamoto, Carmack, Kojima, you name 'em) good about the series. The Yoichi Kotabe page is especially interesting in that it shows how someone who isn't a developer can have a big influence on the brand's history and appeal. What can I say, this stuff just interests me.
Superchao: Considering how many words you've put on it, I think that's pretty clear anyway :V
Glowsquid: I think this is the very first time I busted mibbit's character limit without copypasta. Jesus Christ.
Superchao: So, out of curiosity, are there any series in particular that the wiki seems to be neglecting? Besides the Wario one and it apparently being all EAD when it's not
Glowsquid: I wouldn't say there's any *series* that are particularly neglected, more like individual games and aspects of content (Developer info, development history, "beta" {good god what a shitty term} pages that don't suck dicks, technical aspects of gameplay)...etc.
Superchao: Ah, the great debate over what to call "beta elements".
Glowsquid: You could say Mario vs Donkey Kong is noticeably bare compared to other things on the wiki, but well, it's Mario vs Donkey Kong. I have no idea why that 3DS game exists.
Superchao: Money, dear boy.
Glowsquid: It was probably budgeted to be profitable with three copies sold, but I dunno. Urban Champion 2 seems to be a wiser investment.
Superchao: Outta curiosity, what's your opinion on "beta elements" anyway?
Glowsquid: It's a stupid. stupid name for several reasons but it's kinda grandfathered in at this point, so whatever.
Glowsquid: Maybe I'll have an eureka moment and replace it with something halfway pallatable.
Superchao: I am sure when you do the heavens will open up and a dove will perch on your computer.
Superchao: Or I could say it will me on your computer, except that's stupid.
Glowsquid: ok
Superchao: Anyhow, moving more into the field of your interests...
Superchao: You seem to be a big... well not so much fan but you have a large interest in obscure games, from what I can tell. Whyzat?
Glowsquid: As a wee little shit, I lurked on a forum discussing shmups and it was an huge influence in forming my vidyas tastes and interests. Not just shmups, but other genres like belt scrollers and run & gun platformers
Glowsquid: If there's a style of game I like, I like to try everything within said genre, no matter how innacessible or unremarkable. Plus. a lot of "obscure" works are that for a reason and I enjoy terrible things.
Superchao: >enjoy terrible things
Superchao: No wonder you're a forum mod! *zing*
Superchao: (apologies to the forums)
Superchao: Also that's an interesting take on it, regarding trying to like everything in the genre. Can't say I've heard it before, honestly
Glowsquid: It makes for great trivia too. Like, "Did you know a shitty obscure TPS on the Ps1 was promoted with the tagline "Bring Bosnia to your Playstation" (one year after the end of the Bosnian civil war)? Yeah!!!!"
Superchao: It's always good to have trivia like that, otherwise you start stretching for the most minor trivia
Superchao: And we all know where that goes
Superchao: Also, what are belt shooters, anyway?
Glowsquid: "Belt scroller" is a term for 2D beat'em ups like Final Fight, Double Dragon, Golden Axe.... etc but not Altered Beast or other purely 2D sidescroller.
Glowsquid: I could expand on why it's a preferable term, but I doubt anybody cares.
Glowsquid: (not than that has stopped me before)
Superchao: Go for it. I've never heard the term before and would like to know.
Superchao: And if nothing else, it'll pad out the interview length! :V
Glowsquid: OK, so: The belt scroll definition provides a clear-cut definition (semi-isometic movement, mechanic focused on hand-to-hand combat) that englobes similar games. "Beat'em up" is more vague. Like Final Fight and Altered Beast may be both games where you go left to right and punch things, but that's where the similarities end.
Glowsquid: And are 3D action games like God of War (lol), Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden... etc "beat'em ups"? The belt-scroller definition is not perfect since it excludes 3D games like Fighting Force, Zombie Revenge... that are clearly modeled on 2D belt scrollers but I'll take what I can get.
Glowsquid: So, anyway.
Superchao: Well, I can definitely see why it'd be considered a clearer term.
Superchao: I'll have to keep that in mind in the future.
Superchao: On the subject, I probably shoulda asked this earlier, but are there any Mario games you highly recommend?
Glowsquid: Yoshi's Island is perfect in every way possible and my 2nd favourite game of all time. There is not one thing I dislike about that game.
Superchao: In that case, why is it only second favorite?
Glowsquid: because it's not Metal Slug.
Superchao: Ah, I see.
Superchao: Anything in particular about YI that stands out, though?
Glowsquid: Any attempt on my part to explain why it's excellent will resullts in a sea of inanne buzzwords, but I'll try: The fantastic visual design, great boss battles (especially notable considering how pitiful the Mario series otherwise is in that department), great level design that carefully doses "gimmicks" and regular platforming
Glowsquid: a collection aspect that's actually well-integrated in the level design and a generous amount of polish, etc ,etc.
Glowsquid: After that, Super Mario World is great. I like TTYD a lot (I think you've seen that game mentioned multiple times, yes?). If I'm allowed to go in related franchises, Donkey Kong Country 2, Wario Land III and WarioWare: Smooth Moves are all great.
Glowsquid: Yeah, I think I mentioned all there is to mention.
Superchao: Well judging from what you did say, it's no wonder it's your favorite game.
Superchao: I should try and finish 100%ing it someday...
Glowsquid: poochy's rather stupid
Superchao: Shh, you'll anger the devotees!
Glowsquid: They are a decadent and insidious group.
Superchao: And who doesn't love TTYD?
Superchao: Well, a couple people actually.
Superchao: But yeah it does seem to come up a lot. Yoshi's Island has before but I think you're the first one to name it as favorite game overall.
Superchao: Bit surprised by Wario Land III honestly, just because it's not a game that gets talked about a lot.
Glowsquid: nobody cares about wario.
Superchao: poor wario.
Superchao: Anyhow, are there any games you really don't like?
Glowsquid: Yoshi's Island DS and Super Paper Mario are both pretty damned mediocre, and I don't care for the 3D Mario platformers (though note I haven't played the 3D ____ series).
Superchao: In another first, I don't think I've ever heard someone dismiss the 3D platformers as a whole.
Glowsquid: They're mission-based games with boring missions, and I rarely find the platforming interesting.
Glowsquid: I can appreciate Galaxy's excellent presentation or how influent 64 was for 3D character-based games. Doesn't mean I have to find them enjoyable.
Superchao: that's indeed true. Again, still kinda unexpected, but to each their own
Glowsquid: Opinions are like arseholes, etc etc.
Superchao: On the note of opinions though it seems very few people liked YIDS
Superchao: First one did set a very high bar...
Glowsquid: I don't think it's necessary that and more than YIDS was outsourced to the people who made Vampire Rain.
Superchao: Which is...?
Glowsquid: terrible.
Superchao: Well that answers that.
Superchao: Hmm, on that note... what was your first Mario game, anyway?
Glowsquid: It was either Mario Paint or Super mario World in kindergarden. Either way, a Mario game was the first thing I played.
Superchao: Started young, didn't you!
Glowsquid: 5 yrs old, methink.
Glowsquid: or less I don't remember really.
Superchao: And thus your tastes were cemented forever more or something
Superchao: Anyhow, seems like we've talked a lot about your Mario experience. So why is Metal Slug your favorite game/series?
Glowsquid: More or less everything I've said about YI applies to the original Metal Slug. It's a brilliant, tightly balanced game and I'm not afraid to call it art.
Glowsquid: The sequels lost some of what made the original great, what with annoying transformations that slow the pace and weapons/vehicles that are there to be "funny" more than to be actually usable. They're still great games. I even like black sheeps 4 and 5, though 6 and 7 are terrrrible.
Superchao: I've actually played the collection, myself. They all felt pretty solid to me but I don't think I played 6 yet.
Glowsquid: 6 did take some bold steps in innovating the series, but they totally fucked up the balancing, the backgrounds are shit and the alien enemies that you fight starting with stage 3 are tedious to fight. A not-insignificant number of person have hailed it as a return to form, though, so paly it with an open mind I guess?
Superchao: I'll keep that in mind when I try it, then!
Superchao: Anyhow, any other non-Mario games you're a fan of?
Glowsquid: My absolute favourite genre of vidyas is what I oh-so elegantly call "vehicle-based action games", which I use to refer to widely disprate games like Ace Combat, Armored Core, Wing Commander, MechWarrior, Twisted Metal, Freespace, Battletanx, Rogue Squadron... etc.
Glowsquid: In addition to most of the above, I like include Quake, Wipeout, Pikmin, Contra, Turok, Final Fight, Streets of Rage and way too many one-offs to list.
Superchao: Pretty much any game where you pilot a vehicle and do actions?
Glowsquid: I make a distinction betwen freeform vehicle games and rail shooters where you happen to be in a vehicle (ie: most of Star Fox)
Glowsquid: -and other things that don,t remotly attempt to simulate being in a vehicle (ie: Zone of Enders). I've not really hashed out a solid definition, though.
Superchao: *What kind do you like most, then?
Glowsquid: I like a few rail shooters, I like a lot of freeform vehicle combat games.
Superchao: Any particular reasoning, then?
Glowsquid: most freeform games allow a reasonable ammount of freedom in planning your attack strategy and shit while still having resonably tight scripting and combat mechanics. Open-world games tend to feature some of the mechanics I like, but then they ysually have mediocre combat and easily-broken mission design that doesn't account for the nature of the open world
Glowsquid: and I know this is a trite vomit of (probably) easily-refuted generalisations, but whatev. I'm tired.
Superchao: Well, at least you're clear, can say that!
Superchao: Any games, or more likely genres, that stand out as bad to you?
Glowsquid: generally I don't enjoy jrpgs, rhythm and puzzle games.
Superchao: what do you have against them?
Glowsquid: JRPGS: I generally do not enjoy turn based combat or random battles. I do not like the type of storytelling contained in the oft-cited popular series in the genre and I considered storytelling to be the most disposable aspect of any games (not saying good, unintrusive storyrelling can't enhance an already good game, mind you)
Glowsquid: Furthermore, the idea that a player can simply waste time and steamroll over obstacles (ie: "grind") completely goes against what I seek in a good vidya.
Glowsquid: I'm well aware there's a fair number of jrpgs that feature few or none of the negative qualities I mentioned, but whatev. Generalizations are a necessary evil.
Glowsquid: for rhythm and puzzle, I'm afraid I can't be more susbtantial that "I don't like them" though being dyspraxic might be a factor for rhythm games
Superchao: Well, grinding does tend to be the biggest turnoff for rpgs, from what I know. So you're not alone!
Superchao: Now that we've gone forwards, backwards, and sideways over your tastes in gaming, do you have any interests that aren't games? Books, for example
Glowsquid: I like reading about miltary hardware and history, biking (very casually) and Reagan's unholy children;
Glowsquid: The 80's toy-driven cartoons. har har har
Superchao: friendly reminder that GI Joe apparently caused a war
Superchao: or at least influenced it
Glowsquid: The lead story editor of the Sunbow Gi Joe cartoon wrote a blog post about its (potential) influence on the acceptance of the War on Terror. it's some pretty heavy stuff
Superchao: Also, that does explain why you're on the transformers wiki! Or at least visit it
Glowsquid: The transformers wiki is the best wiki of all from an information AND entertainment standpoint.
Superchao: It does do a pretty good job, I'd say.
Glowsquid: "pretty good" is a damned understatement.
Superchao: True, but I can't hype the competition up too much.
Superchao: Military hardware surprises me, though. Wouldn't have pegged you for a fan.
Glowsquid: I had an obsessions with tanks 'n' planes from a very young age. It never really left me.
Superchao: Heheh, I know how that feels.
Superchao: Although that does make me ask; what's it been like, growing up and living in Quebec? Land of the french canadians
Glowsquid: I wouldn't say it's particularly different from living in any reasonably industrialised part of the world.
Glowsquid: Taking translation studies in university made me just realize how throughly my speech has been infected by damned dirty anglicisms though.
Superchao: How shameful.
Superchao: I forget though, is it true that all signage has to be bilingual?
Glowsquid: not everything. french is mandatory, though.
Superchao: Well on the plus side it probably helps you remember French.
Superchao: Not that you'd need it as much, I'm not sure if you can forget your native language the way you can ones learned later in life...
Superchao: But hey, that's something to look up for another time.
Glowsquid: forgetting one's native language is possible. There's ton of recorded cases with immigrants.
Superchao: Oh, how about that. That answers that!
Superchao: As for this, I'd like to ask you if you think this is the last question. So what do you say?
Glowsquid: Go fuck yourself.
Superchao: wow rude
Superchao: see if i interview you again
Superchao: but thanks for being here anyway :V
Glowsquid: Bye-bye, see you later.


Well, Glowsquid's one of the older users 'round these parts, and he definitely has some high positions. Can't say he didn't earn them! Mostly.

Come back next month for another good interview and bad conclusion!

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