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The 'Shroom Spotlight

by YoshiKong (talk)
Shroom Spotlight Lakitu.png

Hey guys, and welcome to the November edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! This monthly section of the newspaper is dedicated towards improving a selected group of articles on the wiki. Each of the four selected articles have a specific issue, such as requiring a rewrite or more images. Progress which is made throughout the month is reviewed in the next edition, and a new round of articles are selected. So as for last month, we had quite a lot of input from readers towards fulfilling our goals. The article Krow was initially lacking in images, but now boasts a decent amount of visual examples of the subject. Giga Bowser originally had an overly long Trivia section, but many of those points have now been incorporated into the main paragraphs of the article, and an acceptable three points of Trivia remains. Takashi Tezuka, which was a Stub article, is, well... still a stub. Ah well! Moving on, the poorly-written Pillow Fight article has now been completely rewritten for clarity. Thank you to all who contributed towards helping out with the Spotlight project! We have a new line-up as the Spotlight focus for this month, check them out below!

  • Bad Rap (needs more images) – Yo guess what bro, Bad Rap is an episode of the Super Show. It's also in need of more pics, which can be easily obtained through YouTube clips. So come on all, help the Spotlight meet its call... yo.
  • Mario Party (long Trivia section) – A party just isn't the same if you didn't have the peace of mind a clean Trivia section could bring. So begin writing the invitiations, blowing up some balloons and help incorporate the Mario Party Trivia points into the main paragraphs of the article.
  • Spooky Attic (stub article) – I'm... uhh, not scared! *gulp* Okay, I'll admit, attics are scary. But guys, we can't chicken out on this one. The Spooky Attic, a level from Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, requires an expand.
  • Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick! (rewrite) – Man, I'd like to be rich. According to the residents of Yoshi's Island, all you need is a magnet. Hmm, I've got myself a chick magnet... does that count? Anyway, this article requires some serious rewrite. The level layout is comprised of one unorganized paragraph, and it's chockers full of poorly worded sentences, yo.

Well, that's our line-up for this month! Check back here next month, where we'll be reviewing the progress which was made on this set of articles. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on the Spotlight project, please post a comment in the forum thread. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of November's issue!

Issue LXXX
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