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Director’s Notes

By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk) Hello shroom readers and welcome to another issue of the fun stuff. I your glorious and all-knowing leader have a few announcements for you all. First the great leader of the Pipe Plaza region of the shroom has agreed to pledge his allegiance to my section and write the crosswords section so congratulate him. Also the Section of the month results are in with General Bob-omb finishing first with his Hiding Koopa section, Megadardery finishing second with his Mind Bogglers section, and Tucky finishing third with his Mystery Images section. Other than that there isn’t really anything new in the world of fun stuff so have fun and enjoy this issue.


By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

  1. The Donkey Kong Country T.V series was moved from Fox Kids to Fox Family because of the Bill Clinton impeachment trial?
  2. That originally there was going to be a Kong wearing a hat in Donkey Kong Land?
  3. That Mr. X from Donkey Kong Country 2 beta is actually a prototype of Kackle?
  4. That there was originally going to be giraffe animal buddy in Donkey Kong Country?
  5. That in some copies of Mario Party 2 the Snufit Police was called the Snifit Police?
  6. That Strom Thurmond was the only Senator who ever served until he was 100.


By: Paper Yoshi (talk) Hello, everyone, and welcome to Crossword!! This is Paper Yoshi, the Pipe Plaza Director, now writing for the Fun Stuff team.

This month, Crossword is all about Mario's little bro, Luigi. Nintendo has declared 2013 as the Year of Luigi, and so we are going to celebrate that with a Luigi-themed crossword. Here it is!


No. Across No. Down
1 Luigi's unlockable kart in Mario Kart DS 2 The first game starring Luigi as the main character
4 Luigi's villainous alter-ego from Super Paper Mario 3 Luigi's Mario Party color
5 Luigi's favorite Mario Party item 7 Luigi's voice actor
6 Luigi's main ability 14 Luigi's number in the Mario Strikers series
8 Luigi's rumored girlfriend
9 Luigi's game board from Mario Party
10 Damsel-in-distress rescued by Luigi during the

events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

11 First appearance of Luigi
12 Luigi's Special Shot from Mario Hoops 3-on-3
13 Luigi's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The answers


By: Megadardery (talk) Because I'm MAD this month! And I played SSB to destroy someone's face! We are having this month quiz about SSB series, Hope you get fight! (I mean fun!!). I'm only talking about the first three games, ok? ok? ok?

  1. Who is the only character to have only four costume choices in SSBB?
  2. How many characters to have 7 palette swap in SSB?
  3. What is the name of the foe that drops a bomb to destroy Bridge of Eldin?
  4. How many newcomers are in SSBM?
  5. How many playable characters in SSBM that do not appear in SSBB?
  6. Which is the only game where the announcer does not yell the game's title at the title screen?
  7. Who is the only character to have 4 taunts in one game?

Mind Bogglers

By: Megadardery (talk) Pokemon trainer is training his pokemons for the match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. But all pokemons heard that and ran off for him! So they can be in the match. But he is having enough troubles, let's help that guy out so he could be with us in Super Smash Bros. 4!!!

Help us and find 10 pokemons and name them too, so Pokemon trainer could block them!!! (not including default pokemons from the game!) Shroom 72 001.png

Don't Cheat

Mystery Images

By: Tucayo (talk)

HI, comrades! I don't know where that came from, just pretend it never happened. I'm your cooktastic Co-director, Tucayo, and welcome to a special edition of Mystery Images! What's so special, you may ask. Well, this month we won't have character in the images, instead we have some recipe items from the Paper Mario series. I show you the image, you give me the name; simple enough. Bonus points if you know the games from which the depicted items are.

Mi-22 zps6a0025f9.png

Delicious answers

Find the Difference

By: Pyro (talk) Original Image:

A screenshot of Mario Golf: World Tour

Edited Image:



Guess That Character

By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

  1. Appears in two games
  2. Is a Mario ally
  3. Playable in one of the games that it appears in
  4. Has magic powers
  5. Can fly
  6. Shares her name with a character from the Fairly Oddparents

Guess Who

By: Freakworld (talk)

Rules: You'll get 5 hints on a Character, which should be used to guess the answer. This character can be from any part of the Mario, Wario and Donkey Kong Universe. If you scroll down you'll see a little spoiler box, hiding the answer.

  1. This character likes bananas.
  2. This character is non-human.
  3. This character is the commander of a whole army (much like Bowser).
  4. This character also is a common main antagonist.
  5. This character originates in a game which was not made by Nintendo (-only).

Guess that Game

By: Freakworld (talk)

Rules: Same as in "Guess Who".

  1. This game was released on the Nintendo 64.
  2. This game features a more... different art-style than the other Mario-verse games.
  3. This game is the spiritual sequel to a SNES game, which was made by Squaresoft (called Square-Enix nowadays).
  4. In an early state of development this game was also co-developed by Squaresoft.
  5. This game also spawned a series of other games.

Word Search

By: Gamefreak75 (talk)

Hello, readers! Welcome back for another rousing installment to the Word Search. Here's the answer to last month's Word Search:


As we all know, it's the year of Luigi and with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon coming out, the green plumber gets his taste of the limelight once again. To celebrate this, find the 17 words hidden in this month's word search. The theme: green.


Hiding Koopa

By: General bob-omb (talk)
Luigi just can't get away from those ghosts, can he? But it looks like he's come prepared this time with the Poltergust 3000, wait... I mean 3001, err... 4000. Whatever it is, it can sure suck up those boos. I just hope that koopa doesn't get in the way.

HideKoopa37 zps0b908ba4.png


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