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Entertainment Section

by SKmarioman (talk)

Hey guys, It's me, SKmarioman! The first thing I want to say is that I am having a few internet problems that prevent me from accessing Newgrounds (in other words, I can't connect to the Newgrounds server) so I am unable to display any images this month. Anyway, I'm gonna talk about one of the most popular Mario flash movies on Newgrounds, Super Mario Bros. Z by Alvin-Earthworm!

It is personally one of my favourite Newgrounds animation series, combining the Mario and Sonic worlds in a way similar to the Dragon Ball Z world. There have been 8 episodes so far, and a joke episode called Nintendo Wiiiiiiiii!.

The series starts off with a Goomba walking along when he sees a Chaos Emerald. Wondering what it is, he picks it up, planning to give it to Goombella so she'll go out with him. Suddenly Mecha Sonic warps to the Mushroom Kingdom from Mobius using his powers right where the Goomba found the Chaos Emerald. Demanding the Chaos Emerald, he destroys the Goomba and goes off searching for the other six.

Meanwhile, the Mario Bros. are having a Mario Kart race against Wario and Waluigi, and Princess Peach is spectating. When it is neck-and-neck up to the finish line, LOADS of Bob-ombs land on the track, exploding on all of them. Bowser comes and challenges Mario to a fight in front of all of his fans. Luigi wimps out of course, so Mario has to fight on his own. Like always, Mario always seems to be winning, but Bowser gets revenge and eats a Metal Mushroom, making him invincible. Bowser is about to crush Mario, but right at that moment a huge metal droid falls out of the sky, landing on Bowser, thus saving Mario. Now that Mario is free, he gets a Cape Feather, becomes Cape Mario, and gives Bowser a huge beating.

Kamek, worried about Bowser losing, AGAIN, threatens to turn Peach into a Goomba in attempt to stop Mario. Bowser thanks Kamek and gets ready to burn Mario with a huge Fireball. Suddenly blue and black balls come out of the droid and smashes Kamek, creating one of the funniest quotes in the series. "I'M FLYING! WHEEEEEEEEE!". So, now that Kamek is out of the way, Mario destroys Bowser and defeats him again. Luigi comes back to the scene, only to be scared once again. The reason? Well, there were two hedgehogs on the track in front of them. Sonic and Shadow.

At first they tell the Mario Bros. that they are searching for the Chaos Emeralds, but in episode 4 Sonic tells his whole backstory. In Mobius, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit were living a carefree life, and Dr. Eggman would occasionally try to invade, only to lose every time. Tired of losing to Sonic all the time, Dr. Eggman decides to make a robotic version of Sonic. He made many models, but none could withstand Sonic. His final model, called Metal Sonic, still couldn't beat Sonic. But there was something this particular one had that made it stand out from the others: a strong will. It kept coming back to defeat Sonic, but of course still could not beat him. Dr. Eggman, who was at first unaware of Metal Sonic's plans, was ready to break down Metal Sonic for disobeying. But Metal Sonic ignored him and combined himself with all of the other robotic Sonic models and all of the power from the Death Egg. He became extremely powerful and became Turbo Mecha Sonic. The Death Egg fell from the sky, killing everyone inside it (except for Turbo Mecha Sonic) and shaking the entire planet. Super Mecha Sonic goes out and kills all of Sonic's friends in search of all of the Chaos Emeralds, until only Sonic is left. The entire planet is in ruins, and Super Mecha Sonic is up against Sonic for the last Chaos Emeraldin their biggest fight yet. Sonic appears to be losing, and Super Mecha Sonic obtained the last Chaos Emerald. He is just using its power to become invincible when, Shadow comes out of nowhere and uses Chaos Control to warp them to the Mushroom Kingdom. Super Mecha Sonic teleports there immediately using his preinstalled powers, so Sonic and Shadow have to find another way there. So they head to the ruined Death Egg, where they find a droid containing some of the Chaos Emerald's power. So Sonic and Shadow get in, and Shadow uses Chaos Control to teleport to the Mushroom Kingdom.

All the heroes travel to many places, including Yoshi's Island, the Minus World and the Pipe Maze, and battle some familar foes, such as the Koopa Bros., Axem Rangers and an entire army of Koopatrols.

One of my favourite moments is in episode 7. Remember last month how I talked about Bowser's Kingdom? Well, Jeff and Hal cameo in this episode, arguing about a bad map and then getting lost in the Pipe Maze. This is further referenced by using all the same voice actors from Bowser's Kingdom.

The series hasn't finished yet, but when the next episode comes out, it's sure to be epic.

So, that's it for the Entertainment Section this month. See you guys next time.