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This article is about the seventh world from Super Mario Bros. 3. For the minigame from Mario Party, see Pipe Maze (minigame).
Pipe Land
Pipe maze.PNG
Greater Location Mushroom World
Ruler Unnamed King
Inhabitants Piranha Plants, Koopas
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Latest Appearance Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition (2010)

Pipe Land[1][2][3] (alternatively the Pipe Maze[4]) is the seventh world of Super Mario Bros. 3. Pipe Land consists of nine levels, two Fortresses, three Toad Houses, two Spade Panels, a king's palace, and two special Piranha Plant levels. The world consists of many islands linked by a confusing network of pipes, and the islands resemble Warp Pipes. The levels in this world often have complex pipe networks within. The kingdom is known to have landscapes, such as plains, deserts, and more, with several pipes. The king wears a viking's helmet and overall resembles a nordic viking.

The labyrinth world of Pipe Land is conquered by Ludwig von Koopa, who turns the king into a Piranha Plant (a Yoshi in the remakes).

According to Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, it was located to the east of Grass Land, and to the west of Ice Land.

Level Info[edit]

World 7-1[edit]

Hammer Mario in World 7-1.

This is a wraparound level, meaning if Mario goes out of one side of the screen, he'll reappear on the other. Plenty of pipes are found here along with Piranha Plants and Koopas.

World 7-2[edit]


The second pipe in the level leads to an underground pool filled with coins, many of which can only be collected by Frog Mario. There is also a Switch Block in the far left end of the pool. After returning back through the pipe, Mario continues walking to the right and jumps over the pit with a crack in it. After a wooden block and a Nipper Plant, Mario must duck in the highest pipe, then make his way to the right-most pipe, going up it. Afterward, he appears in a valley of pipes, above which are many invisible Jump Blocks which Mario must hit. Afterward, Mario ducks in the pipe to the right, grabs a power-up, comes out, ducks in the pipe to the left, and finally exits the one on the right. Then he crosses the valley on the newly made bridge of Jump Blocks; on the sixth Block from the left, Mario can jump extra-high to grab a 1-Up Mushroom. Afterwards, the lowest pipe from the left of the right wall is the pipe leading to the exit pipe.

World 7-3[edit]


This level features a Starman chain. Later in the level, there is a pipe with unlimited Goombas, which invincible Mario can kill for many 1-Ups. Each of the ? Blocks on the sides of the pipe has a Starman, which can be used to defeat some Goombas. A Lakitu will then appear and chase Mario while throwing eggs.

World 7-4[edit]


This water stage introduces Spiny Cheep Cheeps. Also, this level boasts a huge maze of Jelectros. The Big Bertha and Blooper Nannies also infest the water. Before entering the pipe at the start of the level, Mario can fly over the wall to an area containing two 1-ups in bricks.

World 7-5[edit]


This level is a series of rooms. The first and second have nothing worthwhile, but in the third room, the player should hit all the Invisible Blocks inthe gaps in the floor. Then, at the last gap, jump through. The second pipe from the right has a exit not blocked by a block, and if Mario goes all the way to the left and goes in that pipe, he'll be lead to a power-up. After the pipe, Mario must go left, then fall through the second gap and go through another pipe. As a powered-up Mario, he must smash through the blocks to a pipe, then hop in. In this room, Mario must expose invisible blocks to make a solid path on the top, from platform to platform. Right by the pipe at the end, to the left, is a block with a 1-Up. Mario can then exit through the pipe, go across the other bridge he made, then take one last pipe into the out side.

World 7-PiranhaPlant-Map-SMA4.gifPiranha Plant 1[edit]


This stage is optional, but helpful. Mario must adventure over Munchers and all kinds of foliage. If he has a spare Starman, it'll aid him greatly. The smallest pipe at the end leads to a room with a P-Wing.

World 7-Fortress1-SMB3.pngFortress 1[edit]


This castle has a secret. If Mario enters powered-up, he can smash away the fourth row of blocks by the metal block, eventually uncovering a Switch Block that, when stomped, will turn the floor into a coin smorgasbord. There is also a secret room that contains a Tanooki Suit here. The only way to reach Boom Boom's room is by flying near the left side of the large checkerboard-floor chamber, and entering the pipe hanging from the ceiling. This level is the only level without enemies (excluding Boom Boom).

Only 200 seconds are given to complete this fortress.

World 7-6[edit]


This is another wraparound stage. Mario needs to use the Arrow Lifts to ride on to get through the level while avoiding Spikes and Piranha Plants. If he uses the P-Wing in the beginning, Mario can simply fly over the wall and get to the end of the level.

World 7-7[edit]


This stage has a line-up of Munchers. Mario needs to use every Starman found in the stage and run across the Munchers to get through the level. He can let the Stars roam for a bit before grabbing them, effectively heightening his invincibility time. Also, it is possible to use a P-Wing to fly over the Munchers.

World 7-8[edit]


This stage has more Piranha Plants and Venus Fire Traps. A Starman and/or a P-Wing work great here. There is a Starman in the first ? Block, allowing Mario to weed-whack the plants. Plus, the second walking Ptooie guards a pipe to a secret room, which has a Hammer Suit! Use it to smash Mario's way to the exit, and dodge fire attacks from Venus Fire Traps. Mario also finds a Coin Heaven by jumping and hitting a red Jump Block.

Mario will encounter a Fiery Walking Piranha at the end of World 7-8. There is only one of these fire-breathing Nipper Plants in the entire game, making it the rarest enemy encountered in Super Mario Bros. 3.

World 7-9[edit]


This level is a maze of tubing. There are quite a few secrets, and quite a few baddies. Mario can collect coins by smashing the blocks below them. There are several rich coin deposits in this stage, but the player should watch the timer.

World 7-Fortress1-SMB3.pngFortress 2[edit]


Hammer Mario can breeze through this befuddling Fortress, but other Marios might have a harder time. Almost all the Fortress enemies are here. There are lava and pipes too. Boom Boom waits at the end as always.

World 7-PiranhaPlant-Map-SMA4.gifPiranha Plant 2[edit]


Mario can jump right over the first stretch of Munchers. Cross a field of Munchers using sparsely-placed ♩ Blocks and claim the Super Mushroom prize at the end.

World 7-Airship.gifAirship[edit]


This Airship has Rocket Engines waiting to singe Mario's rear as he balances on Bolt Lifts. Rocky Wrenches are here too, and Ludwig von Koopa awaits Mario at the end. Mario can tackle him like all his other siblings, but like Roy, he'll paralyze the hero by jumping around.

Additionally, at the end of the airship Mario will get a letter from Bowser, saying that he kidnapped the princess.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

Pipe Land in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Pipe Land, which was again sometimes referred to as the Pipe Maze, appeared in a few episodes. Underneath Pipe Land is vast underground maze filled with pipes and rivers. It is populated by various enemies such as Thwomps, Boo Diddlys, Venus Fire Traps and even Boom Boom.

Oh, Brother!: Using the Power Shower, Kooky and Bowser were scheming to wash all the coins floating around in the underground Pipe World (presumably another name for Pipe Land or a related area) into a dungeon where they could collect them. When the Power Shower sprung a leak, Kooky captured Mario by pulling him through the Pipe World using his Plumber Pole. Kooky then hypnotized Mario using his Lame Brainer so that he would mindlessly repair the invention. Luigi attempted to swim through the Pipe World to rescue Mario, but after a being chased by a Boss Bass, he returned to Toad's House to don a Frog Suit. As Frog Luigi, Luigi eluded all the enemies in the Pipe World and found his way to the Koopas' dungeon. After Luigi rescued Mario and defeated the Koopas, the Power Shower was dismantled, and all the stolen coins were returned to the Pipe World.

King Koopa and Mighty Plumber in Pipe Land's underground maze.

Misadventure of Mighty Plumber: In this episode Bowser wanted to rob Pipe Land's Coin Treasury. After Cheatsy brough Mighty Plumber to life from the TV, Bowser tricked him by saying that Mario and Luigi were trying to rob the treasury. Mighty Plumber followed Bowser through Pipe Land's underground maze, keeping Mario and Luigi out of Bowser's hair. After Bowser plundered the vault, he locked Mighty Plumber inside along with Mario and Luigi. With some help assistance from Mario and Luigi, Mighty Plumber escaped, took the coins back, and was returned to the TV. Mario and Luigi later returned the coins to the treasury.

Misadventures in Babysitting: The Pipe Maze was also featured in this episode. Junior, a spoiled child from Brooklyn whom Mario and Luigi accidentally wound up babysitting, found a warp leading to the Mushroom Kingdom. There he quickly befriended Bully, Cheatsy, and Kooky. The Koopalings used Junior as bait to lure Mario and Luigi into a volcano. However, they Koopalings betrayed Junior and tossed him into the Pipe Maze, where he was scared off by various enemies. Eavesdropping on the Koopalings, Mario and Luigi learned about where Junior went, and travelled into the Pipe Maze to find him. At the same time, Kooky began filling the Pipe Maze with lava. However, Mario and Luigi were able to find Raccoon Power, and were able to use it to free Junior from the Pipe Maze.

Nintendo Comics System[edit]

Pipe Land is the setting of the Nintendo Comics System story The Revenge of Pipe Ooze!, which reveals the world hosts The Annual Dirk Drain-Head Role-Playing Game.

Nintendo Adventure Books[edit]

One of the Game Overs in Leaping Lizards has Luigi end up lost and disoriented in Pipe Land if he falls into a body of water and is sucked into a pipe due to having an Anchor in his pocket.

In Pipe Down!, Ludwig von Koopa sets up a base in the Pipe World (possibly Pipe Land or a similar location) and intends on debuting his basketball-themed opera, Dribbling Beauty, there; using a pair of magic shoes sent to her as a birthday present, Ludwig abducts Princess Toadstool to star in the opera as the "Prime Slamdunkerina". Along with a stage, Ludwig also has a Piranha Plant string quartet, a giant magical pipe organ, and a jukebox in his secret chamber. The Mario Bros. can reach Pipe World by either going down a tunnel beneath the Mushroom Palace, or by using one they discover in the Koopahari Desert.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワールド7 土管[5]
Wārudo7 Dokan no Kuni
World 7: Pipe Country
(Pipe Maze[6] in-game)
Spanish Mundo de las Tuberias Pipe World
German Röhrenisland Pipe Island
Italian Labirinto dei Condotti Pipe Labyrinth


  • A remix of Pipe Land's map theme plays in the stock menu in Fortune Street.


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