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Mario Quiz

by Phoenix (talk)
  1. In Super Mario Galaxy, the three Green Power Stars are found in what three galaxies?
  2. In Super Mario 64, which two courses have a mission with the same name?
  3. True or False? When Fracktail is encountered for the first time in Super Paper Mario, his eye temporarily changes into the spinning circular icon from the Wii Shop Channel at one point.
  4. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, collecting 240 Power Stars does what?
  5. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, what happens immediately after the player successfully completes a mission in any galaxy while playing as Luigi?
  6. True or False? In Super Mario Sunshine, it's possible for the player to defeat Gooper Blooper all three times without pulling any of his tentacles off.
  7. True or False? F.L.U.D.D. stands for "Flash Liquidizer Ultra Drenching Device".
  8. In Mario Party 8, what does Donkey Kong do if the player lands on a DK Space in DK's Treetop Temple?
  9. In Super Mario Sunshine, after Yoshi has turned an enemy into a platform by spraying it with pink juice, in what direction does the platform begin to move?
  10. True or False? In Super Mario 64, the Vanish Cap allows Mario to walk through any wall in the game.

Bonus: True or False? During the events of Banjo-Tooie, Kazooie suggests the idea of calling Mario to unclog a talking toilet.

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