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The 'Shroom Holiday Scavenger

Written by: Lakituthequick (talk)
Art by: GBA (talk)


Thank you to everyone who played The 'Shroom Holiday Scavenger last month! As you remember, 22 writers and staff of The 'Shroom submitted a Mario Kart item, which we hid all around the paper for you to find and collect. Today, we look back at that, and see who were the lucky bunch that completed the game.

A lot of people have started a game, and a lot of people have completed it! Some people started a new game on a different device as well to replay. So, without further ado, let's announce who were the first people to find the 'em all!

I have it in good faith that our staff didn't peek while we were hiding the items, but for the sake of fairness, here is the top 5 of non-staff members that completed it as well, skipping the anonymous visitor above:

  1. LuigiMaster123 (talk),
  2. Casual Koopa (talk),
  3. an anonymous user from Thailand,
  4. RealStuffMister (talk), and
  5. an anonymous user from the United States!

In total, 17 users have completed the scavenger hunt, and an additional six anonymous visitors have done the same.

Thank you all for playing to the end! If you still want to play, you can still do that! Head back to last month's section to get started.


We know that a lot of people would like to see the complete list of items without having to search for them, or just casually after they have done so, so for them, here is an overview. A huge shoutout goes to our graphics design manager GBA (talk), who has drawn and written out each item beautifully!

Cayde's Racing Gloves Cayde's Racing Gloves
From: MightyMario
A pair of light blue gloves fit for high speeds and shell throwing. Increases the chance of getting a Spiny Shell or other shell items.
Galaxia Galaxia
From: Meta Knight
The legendary sword Galaxia, retooled to cut spreadsheets to size. You can hurricane slash with it 3 times to cleave items in two, or spin out opponents.
Cereal Bob-omb Cereal Bob-omb
From: Waluigi Time
A glass bob-omb containing a horrid mixture produced by the Waluigi Time Cereal Factory. Explodes into a disgusting mess, coating the screens of all caught in its blast with cereal, mayonnaise, ketchup, and onions.
Hampunster Bob-omb Hampunster Bob-omb
From: Flygon64
Hampunster with an explosive implanted in it. Detonates into Hampunstery chaos after 3 seconds, whether you throw it or not.
Chieftain Staff Chieftain Staff
From: ZelenPixel
It gives off an air of authority... Use this commanding staff to throw firey bombs that explode on impact and cause racers to spin out.
Ye Ole' Six Shooter Ye Ole' Six Shooter
From: Long John Spaghetti
Look, a revolver. That's it. That's the item. You can fire bullets ahead or behind you, which can ricochet chaotically. As the name implies, it fires 6 shots!
Anton's Glasses Anton's Glasses
From: Anton
Outside the race they have a fascinating shimmer and swirly effect that can sway opinions, but while racing, can increase your Handling and Traction while significantly decreasing that of those around with orange swirls.
Stellar Orb Stellar Orb
From: GBAToad
This orb's interior sparkles with the light of an impossible amount of glittering stars. When used, it surrounds your kart with small shooting stars that fire additional shots when using items like shells.
Three Guns Three Guns
From: TPG
One of TPG's famous three guns, cloned 3 times. The next 3 projectiles thrown are set on fire, leaving a short trail behind them that causes racers to spin out if hit.
Eight Silver Coins Eight Silver Coins
From: fantanoice
Makes 8 Silver Coins appear around the track for you to collect, grabbing them all grants you another Balloon in battle mode. A faint voice in the distance calls out: "Go for it."
Plague Doctor Mask Plague Doctor Mask
From: Fun With Despair
A strange beaked mask filled with herbs and spices. Despite the name, it provides absolutely no meaningful protection against illness, but does protect against being spun out by non-explosive items for a while.
Mario Kart TV Guide Mario Kart TV Guide
From: Quizmelon
Contains all TV schedules for the new Mario Kart racing season, so you never miss a race (unless it's on at the same time as another race or a funeral you have to attend or something). Increases all stats for a short period of time.
K-pop Album K-pop Album
From: Zange
Ooh, fancy new album! What the... hey, there's stickers and cards and other stuff in here too! You can pelt other racers in the face with everything that came in the album by throwing it behind you.
Money Blaster Money Blaster
From: Kinger
Lets you fire coins as weak Green Shell projectiles for a few seconds. What better way to spend your money than a really fancy way to spend your money?
Tailwind Feathers Tailwind Feathers
From: Hooded Pitohui
A plume of feathers that pins onto the back of your Kart, serving as a one-time shield until it blocks a single Green Shell, Red Shell, or other projectile. As long as it's active, you get a slight increase in top speed when gliding!
Hot Dog Hot Dog
From: Turboo
It's a hot dog, with mustard and everything on it. Throw it on the track to make whoever picks it up slow down and loaf around eating it for a second.
Rainbow Cloud Rainbow Cloud
From: Lakituthequick
When obtained from an item box, the Rainbow Cloud will fly overhead, granting no bonuses... yet. After ten seconds, you'll be hit by a rainbow, granting you Star power. Be careful though, the cloud transfers to other players who bump into you before the rainbow strikes!
Grapple Gun Grapple Gun
From: BBQ Turtle
Grapple Gun, or Gap Plunger! With its suctiony power, allows you to grab on to, close the gap between, and overtake the racer in front of you.
Cup of Relaxing Green Tea Cup of Relaxing Green Tea
From: MrConcreteDonkey
Won't help you win the race, but will make you feel slightly more relaxed about coming last.
Octoberry Octoberry
From: Shoey
Fresh off his travels in the Salad Kingdom, this little member of the 1% is always willing to offer a handout. Activating Octoberry gives you max coins.
Sleep Powder Script Sleep Powder Script
From: Roserade
A play script so boring that when used, it makes anyone nearby fall asleep behind the wheel, causing them to drive forward without any control for several seconds.
Mach Speed Booster Mach Speed Booster
From: Superchao
You got boost power! This engine massively increases your speed but makes it harder to control your vehicle. Don't crash!
Shroomy Holiday Cake Shroomy Holiday Cake
From: The 'Shroom
A special holiday cake that marks an extraordinary achievement. It's deceptively heavy, and perfect for throwing at other racers. Thank you for a wonderful year!   —⁠The 'Shroom

What's that? The Shroomy Holiday Cake makes it 23 items? Correct! There were 22 hidden items, and when you found them all, you got the cake from us as a treat!

Once again, thank you so much for joining us for this holiday issue, and have a good 2023! q3J17c1.png

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