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Director Notes

Written by: Hooded Pitohui (talk)

Shroom 2021 Pitohui.png

Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! We may be past our big July special issue, but we continue to have plenty to offer to you here at Strategy Wing. What's here this month? We have the sections you've come to expect (though Mach Speed Mayhem is absent), but we also have a grand finale here this month. After three years, Shoey's (Chester Alan Arthur (talk)) section So You Want to Conquer Japan? reaches its end! Make sure you give it a read to see how the end of this conquest unfolds.

But as we say goodbye to one section, we say hello to a returning section. Koops, Your Emblem is on Fire, returns this month, bringing us back to the adventures of Eliwood, Lyn, Hector, and others!

As always, if you have any topic you'd like to write in detail about, take a look at our Sign-up page! We'd be happy to have you join us as a member of the Strategy Wing Team! Whether you want to follow the recent section Parallax's example and provide a guide on a topic you know well or you would like to make your own version of Mach Speed Mayhem or SIMulation to teach us everything about some obscure interest you have, we can find a place for you.

That's everything I have to say this month, so go on and read (and watch) the sections our writers have prepared for you this month!

Section of the Month

Chaotic racing and feudal Japan, whatever could unite the two? Well, our Section of the Month results, as it turns out! Congratulations go out to Shoey (talk) and Yoshi876 (talk) for their joint first place, earned by edging Japan towards total unity and looking at Mute City's staff kart, respectively. Thanks to all of our writers and the readers who support them with votes!

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Racing Like the Staff 5 33.33% Yoshi876
1st So You Want to Conquer Japan? 5 33.33% Chester Alan Arthur
2nd Mach Speed Mayhem 3 20.00% Superchao

Tips and Challenges

Koops returns! Can he defend a throne from mercenaries?
[read more]

Does the Tri-Speeder cruise through Bone-Dry Dunes?
[read more]

This guide to Sim personalities is full of personality!
[read more]
History and Facts

Racing Like the Staff

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Hello readers and welcome to Racing like the Staff, a section where I do 150cc on different Mario Kart games, but the twist is, I take on the Grand Prix by using the combination that a staff and expert staff member used in that Cup. If you're still a little confused, by this I mean if the track is in the Mushroom Cup, then that's the Cup that I race in. Unfortunately, I don't have copies of the Mario Kart games before Mario Kart 7, so it's only that, 8 and Deluxe that will be getting this treatment.

As summer is fully upon us, despite several days of heavy rain, one can associate bone-dry weather with the season, as temperatures soar and we all rush to drink ice-cold glasses of water or relax under the shade of nearby trees. And so you may have guessed that this month we're going to be racing through the sands of Bone-Dry Dunes, even though it is one of the worst Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe tracks, but hey, it needs to be covered at some point.

The combination for the staff for Bone-Dry Dunes is Morton with the Tri-Speeder, Monster tyres and the Super Glider, and the stats are as follows:

  • Speed – Five bars
  • Acceleration – Just under two bars
  • Weight – Five and a half bars
  • Handling – Just over one bar
  • Grip – Three and a half bars

Cloudtop Cruise

Airship segment of Mario Kart 8's Cloudtop Cruise.
Where victory was clinched.

Considering the low handling here, I thought I'd have a lot to write about with how often I managed to drive this into walls or off track, but I actually got through everything find. I even barged Lakitu as I gained on everyone at the start. Cat Peach proved a little bit of difficulty with a Triple Banana that she activated right next to me, taking me out, but some Green Shells took her and Roy out, and a well placed Red Shell removed Inkling Girl for me just as we were about to hit the glide pad, and it was smooth sailing through the clouds following that.

Bone Dry Dunes

The start was fine, other than Roy getting past, but a Mushroom soon put me back into the lead, but it all fell apart on the second lap. A Blooper ink knocked me a bit off, and then a Red Shell when I was gliding put me right behind Roy, my Red Shell ended up missing the Koopaling and then Bob-ombs and Boomerangs rang all around me dropping me down to fifth. A last minute Mushroom was my only saving grace to cut the final corner, but Cat Peach had been blessed with the same thing and so she crossed the line ahead of me.

Bowser's Castle

Bowser driving through Bowser's Castle in Mario Kart 8
Stick to the right path, I didn't and reaped the consequences.

Once again, Roy was quick off the mark and right past me, but pure speed from this Kart got me back into the lead. However, after the gliding section, an out-of-nowhere Green Shell took me out, and then Cat Peach hit me with a Bob-omb (which she apparently is invulnerable to). Inkling Girl and Daisy then got a slipstream on me, but once again pure speed soon found me past the competition before the Bowser statue. Things once again went pair shaped on the final lap as I managed driving into the lava, and a Lightning Bolt meant I missed the speed boost just before the gliding pad. I'd resigned myself to second, but Roy hit a Banana close to the end, and I managed to jet past and steal the victory.

Rainbow Road

I wasn't expecting miracles, always wasn't expecting the game to literally cheat, but hey ho. Things sort of started well, although Roy completed his trifecta of getting past, and when I sailed past him, a Red Shell knocked me off the glide pad, brought me back to the start and I was down in fifth (note: when this exact thing happened to Roy on final lap, he was able to teleport to the end of the glide section), but the speed of this Kart soon found me back into first. A lot of positions shifted around throughout these laps, with a Star helping me get back up the order when I fell down again, by the third lap I was jostling for the lead with Cat Peach. Now last time, I snottily wrote that she was immune to the powers of the Bob-omb, but it turns out she actually is, as my Green Shell scored a direct hit on it behind her, and suffered no consequences (whenever I'm hit with a Shell while carrying a Bob-omb, I'm always blown up as well), but the explosion caught me and allowed Inkling Girl thorough leaving me in third.

High speed and low handling isn't really how I enjoy Mario Kart, but I was pleasantly surprised at how able I was with controlling this thing. But Cat Peach's Bob-omb invulnerability has left me with a sour taste in the mouth when it came to this run-through…

The combination for the staff for Bone-Dry Dunes is Dry Bones with the Pipe Frame, Wooden tyres and the Plane Glider, and the stats are as follows:

  • Speed – Just over two bars
  • Acceleration – Just over five bars
  • Weight – Just over two bars
  • Handling – Just over five bars
  • Grip – Three bars

Cloudtop Cruise

Right out of the gate, I shot away and was up to second by the first set of Item Boxes, and navigated my way past Dry Bowser by the second set, without the use of any Items. From there on in, it was a walk in the clouds, even falling off the final glide pad twice – once from skating over the lightning and the over from a Spiny Shell, didn't bring second place anywhere close to me.

Bone-Dry Dunes

Dry Bones
Dry Bones met Dry Bones.

In a rarity for this section, I actually managed to hold my lead as I got out of the starting blocks, and then kept it all the way through, even when I briefly went off-road. Racers were a bit closer this time around, and I was nearly hit by a stray fireball from them.

Bowser's Castle

To prove how last time was a one-off, Dry Bowser got me on the start, but I was past him before the anti-gravity section, and then sailed off into the lava-filled sunset with another dominating performance.

Rainbow Road

Metal Mario on Mario Kart 8's Rainbow Road.
No falling off this time.

While last time was an unmitigated disaster, this time the only hinderance was Shy Guy momentarily taking the lead on the first lap before a Red Shell found its tailpipe. Then I sailed through the cosmos to another win.

Combinations like this might not create the most engaging section to read, given the easy nature of winning, but it does mean that I can highly recommend you to use these combos, as they are incredible in every sense. I knew trusty Dry Bones wouldn't let me down!


Written by: Baby Luigi (talk)

Someone is at my doorstep knocking on my door again? Why would you want to visit my lot? There's a giant man-eating Cowplant at the front door and there are gravestones of random Sims all over the front lot. Oh well, make yourself home then...HEY what are you doing on my computer!?

Meet Wario's Friend. You'd wish you didn't. He'd mock you, yell at you, beat you up, and declare you an enemy no matter who you are. Luckily, many other Sims share the same feelings about him as you!

Oh, hello guys. Welcome back to SIMulation. What a nasty summer this year, we already had waves of heat where I live . In The Sims 4, if you have Seasons installed, you too can enjoy a nice, hot summer, provided you don't set yourself on fire trying to light a grill while you're making hot dogs. Just remember to not set yourself on fire lighting fireworks in an enclosed, doorless house on the 4th of July and you should be safe. Last month, I've discussed in great detail what Create-a-Sim can do in The Sims 4 and how it's a vast improvement over the previous titles, being as customizable as it never has been before, and how further patches and updates have increased gender options for the LGBT+ players. I did not cover every single thing that Create-a-Sim has to offer, however, because outside of your physical appearance, now you need to set a very defined personality for your Sim to differentiate himself from the world you'll be living in!

One of my Sims, Benjamin Escheverri (based after my OC, Bluminescence) is Childish, so he'll find himself playing with toys and having fun with it! Raymond Travkin here (based after my OC, Ray Trace) is having a fun time watching him!

However, in The Sims 4, personality has taken a bit of a downgrade compared to The Sims 3, all in terms of how many traits there are available, to how they impact your Sim in-game, and how many slots you have. The Sims 3 had slots for 5 personality traits, and you had 99 traits to choose from if you have everything installed. In The Sims 4, however there are only 54 personality traits if you have all expansions installed and only 3 slots total. In addition, I feel like personality doesn't make as big of an impact on how they'll react to things: I don't really see my Bookworm Sims going after books for a priority of meeting their fun needs while Mean Sims are only occasionally mean in autonomous conversations and can be just as friendly as any others. Updates DID make changes to how some of these traits work, especially Patch 109 in March 2021 that introduces improvements to several traits, such as being "Cheered to Death" by Cheerful Sims while Hot-headed Sims have a higher chance of being Angry when they get pranked by others. Here's hoping we get some more updates to the system so that Sims feel a bit more unique than a bit of the same.

List of personality traits

This is Create-a-Sim of my generated Sim from a story. He has his personality traits set out for him. You can tell he's not...exactly a savory character here.

This is a complete list of all personality traits as of this writing in July 2021. Updates and patches do bring more personality traits, but this was written before the expansion pack, Cottage Living, was released, so it will not include Animal Enthusiast and any traits that may be introduced further down the line. Cottage Living will be released on July 22, 2021. The fun thing about personality traits is that you can either go for a nice little good angel or you can go with someone totally deviant and mean, but has a lot of perks associated with being mean too! You can also challenge yourself too by attempting to be friends with people while being innately mean or trying to start up romantic relationships even when you're Unflirty, that's how flexible the game can get!

Also, keep in mind that this list covers only the personality traits you get from selecting them in the Create-a-Sim menu. I did not include Reward or Childhood traits, those you get by gameplay, nor did I include bonus traits you get from selecting a particular aspiration, which I will cover in the next issue. In addition, toddlers and pets have their own personality traits, which I will not cover here but in a later issue. Children and teens do have access to all traits, but children can have only one personality trait while teens can have two. Some personality traits will also conflict with each other (you cannot select a Gloomy and a Cheerful trait at the same time), what traits that conflict with each other will be listed here.

Emotional traits
Name Description
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait1.png
These guys get random Energized moodlets, which helps them with physical activities and causes them to tire less. They get tense moodlets if they haven't exercised in a while. They can exercise while not having to be Energized. They can also Fire Up other Sims, causing them to get energized. They also live slightly longer as elders. It conflicts with the Lazy trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait2.png
These guys tend to be happier than other Sims. When they get upset, they can tell themselves to look on the bright side. Other Sims who aren't Happy or Cheerful themselves can get a "cheered to death" Tense moodlet by them too, which is pretty funny. It conflicts with the Gloomy and Hot-headed traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait3.png
These guys can get random Inspired buffs, helping them create works such as art, music, molding things with clay, writing, and basically anything that lets them be creative, and they think painting objects is fun. They can share ideas with other Sims, which also helps them get Inspired. They get Tense if they haven't created anything in a while.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait4.png
These guys can get random Focused buffs, which helps them play video games, play chess, and increase certain skills such as rocket science, logic, handiness, and more. They can solve challenges on their own, and they get Tense if they haven't been challenged in a while. They can also reveal their brilliant inventions to other Sims.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait5.png
Conflicting with Cheerful and Hot-Headed, these guys are the Eeyores of the Sims. They get Sad pretty often, making hanging out with other Sims difficult for them, and they can't be cheered up. However, a perk they do have is that their creativity skills get increased when they are sad, and they get Inspired around ghosts. They also tend to not like Cheerful Sims. It conflicts with both Cheerful and Hot-headed traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait6.png
These guys are the comedic, playful Sims who like mischief and telling jokes, getting random Playful buffs. They can goof around and NPC Sims can visit apartments without being invited in. They also love pranking toilets. It conflicts with the Snob trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait7.png
These guys tend to be Angry, and the slightest annoyances set them off. They abhor being pranked, they hate paying bills, they hate losing career performance, they hate when other Sims enthuse about things, they hate failed romance attempts, and they can't be calmed down. They can also destroy dollhouses without needing to be angry. They can additionally rile up other Sims to make them angry too. Oh, and most importantly, wind chimes annoy them. One perk they do have is that they're better at exercising when they are angry. It conflicts with the Cheerful and Gloomy traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait8.png
Your love aficionado Sims, they tend to get Flirty and they get Tense if they haven't flirted in a while. They can offer roses and kiss hands even if they aren't Flirty and Sims who are in a relationship with Romantic Sims have better chances at romantic success. It conflicts with being Unflirty.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait9.png
These guys tend to get random Confident moodlets, making them more confident than other Sims, thus making them better at socializing. They can propose crazy scheme, even without feeling Confident.
Shroom SIMulation2-EmotionTrait10.png
These are essentially aromantic or asexual Sims, and this trait conflicts with Romantic. They do not like romantic interactions of any sort and they get Tense if they do accept a Romantic interaction. If they witness other Sims performing Romantic interactions, they also get Tense, wishing they'd just perform the romance in private. If they do reject advances, they get embarrassed and if they do get their advances rejected, they get Uncomfortable. In addition, their flirts are different than other Sims, being less effective, and they're renamed to fit their personality such as "Crudely Compliment Appearance", "Pathetic Pick-up Line", "Ask Completely Inappropriate Question Over and Over Again", and more, which is pretty funny.
Hobby traits
Name Description
Shroom SIMulation2-HobbyTrait1.png
Art lover
These guys love art and get Inspired from it. They can talk about art to other Sims and they love to paint.
Shroom SIMulation2-HobbyTrait2.png
They love to read books, and they can analyze book, plus talk about books and authors to other Sims. They prefer to autonomously read than other fun activities.
Shroom SIMulation2-HobbyTrait3.png
These guys love everything food-related, whether it's cooking, eating, or watching cooking channels. They also really hate terribly made food. It conflicts with the Freegan and Glutton traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-HobbyTrait4.png
What we all are at heart: we love video games! Geeks also like finding collectibles and they can be geeky with other Geek Sims. They'll get Tense if they haven't played video games in a while.
Shroom SIMulation2-HobbyTrait5.png
These guys like to make things, whether it's through the Woodworking Table, Fabricator, Candlemaking Station, or Juice Fizzer, and they don't mind if they fail to make or repair things. They'll get Sad if they don't make things in a while. It conflicts with being Lazy and Clumsy.
Shroom SIMulation2-HobbyTrait6.png
Music lover
Similar to art lover, except it's for music! They can Listen Deeply to music for an Inspired buff and they absolutely adore playing instruments. They want music on, because they'll get Tense if they don't listen to music, and they love listening to wind chimes. It doesn't conflict with Hot-headed though, so they could technically get both happy and angry buffs from the wind chimes.
Shroom SIMulation2-HobbyTrait7.png
Everything's gotta be perfect for these guys. They'll take longer to make things, but they make higher quality things than normal. If their product fails to meet their expectations, they get an Embarrassed buff. They sometimes make multiple objects in a row autonomously, and they tend to get Focused while making masterworks.
Lifestyle traits
Name Description
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait1.png
Adventurous Sims love the thrill of new experiences and get excited at fire, not hesitating to put it out. They don't like eating Quick Meals nor do they like doing the same skill over and over again, wanting to do multiple things. They love going out on an adventure such as skiing on the slopes of Mt. Komorebi. It conflicts with being Lazy.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait2.png
Career-oriented Sims who want that delicious promotion and hate being jobless. They tend to work hard in their jobs, but if they get demoted or fired, they get pretty upset. It conflicts with being Lazy and Freegan.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait3.png
Cat lover
Exactly what it says on the tin, these guys love cats. If a cat gets adopted or sold out of the house, they get Sad.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait4.png
Child of the islands
The trait is specifically meant for Sims who want to live in the island of Sulani, from the Island Living expansion pack. They can summon powerful Elementals to gain blessings or consequences if they don't like you very much.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait5.png
Child of the ocean
Sims that love the ocean, specifically meant for players who are playing in Sulani from the Island Living expansion pack. They do not like eating fish, getting Sad from eating them, plus they feel marooned on land if they do not partake in ocean activities such as boating, diving, snorkeling, and scuba diving. They also cannot drown if their energy needs are low.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait6.png
Essentially grown-up children, they love playing with toys and watching the Kids' Network on television, thinking that it's better than the "serious" stuff. They also love playing with children. It conflicts with Evil, Snob, and Hates Children.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait7.png
Clumsy guys that are prone to slipping and falling while exercising and accidentally breaking things, often laughing at themselves when they screw up. When they repair electronics, they have a higher chance of getting fried by them. It conflicts with the Maker trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait8.png
Dance machine
Party animals who enjoy nights spent at Bars, Lounges, and Nightclubs, and they love to dance. They get Bored if they haven't danced in a while, they build their dance skill faster than other Sims, and they can take "disco naps". It conflicts with the Loner trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait9.png
Dog lover
Similar to cat lover, except it's concerning dogs. They prefer companionship of dogs than to other Sims and they get Sad if they see a dog getting adopted or sold out of the house.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait10.png
These are your weirdo rando Sims who get random moodlets, and their buff descriptions are often nonsensical, hilarious gibberish (such as Elicanto Whirly), often talking about the voices in their head. They do weird things when they are idle, and they can talk to themselves and tell stories to themselves, as well as sharing conspiracy theories with others. They can be randomly mean, they like taking showers out in the rain, and they dress up inappropriately when they are out in parks and they sleep on benches. If struck by lightning, they can get super Energized.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait11.png
Scavengers and very frugal dudes that don't mind dumpster diving for "deals", and in fact, have a higher chance of finding rare things when they do so, and they can check freshness of foods even if they are spoiled, making them edible again. They also enjoy bartering to make things cheaper and they like eating cheap meals. They really don't like buying new items, however as they don't like being wasteful. It conflicts with Ambitious, Foodie, Materialistic, Snob, and Squeamish traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait12.png
These guys will eat anything, even if it's spoiled or in poor quality, and will happily rummage through trash for leftovers to eat. However, hunger is more than a small issue for these guys, getting more intense negative moodlets if they are hungry. They can also eat even if they are full, resulting in them gaining weight. It conflicts with the Foodie and Squeamish traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait13.png
Green fiend
Designed to go with Eco Lifestyle, these are your "green" freaks, and they get Inspired if they are doing "green" activities.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait14.png
Your thieves, they love "borrowing" items, if you get my drift. They get Energized if they swipe something, though if they get caught, they get Embarrassed and they can't swipe again until it goes away. They also can't swipe again if they had swiped something recently. They can suffer from being Tense if they haven't swiped for a while, and they can autonomously swipe things, even at work. It conflicts with the Good trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait15.png
Laid back guys who hate physical activity; even picking up a remote is too much exertion for them. They do not like performing household chores and will always leave clothes on a the ground. They love watching television and they can sleep in most places, including chairs, though if you wake them up from their sleep, they will get pretty furious. It conflicts with Active, Ambitious, Adventurous, Maker, and Neat.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait16.png
Loves outdoors
Sims that like being outside, and they do not like being cooped up indoors. They can enthuse about being outside to other Sims. It conflicts with the Squeamish trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait17.png
Your consumerist Sims, they love owning stuff and bragging about their stuff, and they don't like going too long with the same old environment. It conflicts with the Freegan trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait18.png
These guys are the neat freaks, and they love cleaning and can go in an Energized cleaning frenzy. They hate disgusting surroundings and they are more sensitive to squalor than others. They can clean already clean surfaces, and they can even mop up puddles outside while other Sims ignore them. It conflicts with Lazy and Slob.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait19.png
Recycle disciple
These guys love recycling through the Fabricator and Recycling Machine, and rummaging for extra parts through trash. They will get Tense if they haven't done it in a while and may autonomously recycle stuff, even if you don't command them to do it.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait20.png
They don't mind being a little bit filthy, and living in squalor bothers them less than other Sims. They are sloppy and will make more messes than others, and they never clean up plates on their own nor will they flush toilets, and they don't mind public restrooms. However, they will get Embarrassed if they invite friends over and they have a filthy house. It conflicts with the Neat, Proper, and Squeamish traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait21.png
These guys are elitist, and they love critiquing stuff. They love hanging around other Snobs, and they love making fun of cheap household items. They don't like low quality items including food and art, and they get bored of anything not called the news channel on TV. It conflicts with Childish, Freegan, and Goofball.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait22.png
They are faint-of-heart, and they don't like squalor at all, being disgusted by it. They do not like picking up insects, fishing, vomiting, violence, and death, and they do not like dealing with or cleaning filthy things. If they view a wind chime, they can get Uncomfortable by it. It conflicts with Glutton, Loves Outdoors, Slob, and Freegan traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-LifestyleTrait23.png
Sims who do not like eating meat and will try to avoid food that contains meat. If they do eat meat dishes, they will get Sad and become nauseated, prompting them to throw up. However, they do get happy when eating vegetable dishes.
Social traits
Name Description
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait1.png
Your Bros will love hanging out with other Bro Sims, and they can Bro Bump and Bro Hug other Bros. They like watching sports on television. Despite the masculine-sounding name, both male and female Sims can have this trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait2.png
These guys are comically evil and they relish in the misery of other Sims. They can talk about taking over the world and they can laugh evilly from time to time. They laugh evilly at the deaths of their enemies and laugh when pets misbehave. They hate interacting with Good Sims, and in fact get Angry at their presence. It conflicts with the Good and Childish traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait3.png
They love being around family, especially taking care of children and toddlers. They don't like being left without their family members and they are more effective at calming down abrasive toddlers. It conflicts with Hates Children and Noncommittal.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait4.png
Basically what the text says: Good Sims are, well, good and are very friendly. They like it when their fellow Sims are in a good mood, though they get upset if they are in a bad mood. They can Help Out other Sims suffering from a bad mood, though it won't work on Evil Sims. They get Sad in presence of Evil Sims. It conflicts with Mean, Evil, and Kleptomaniac.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait5.png
Hates children
They often refer to children as little wretches and hate anything to do with children. They do not want to interact or even be seen around kids, getting both Tense and Angry from them, and they like to crush the dreams of toddlers, as well as destroying the dollhouse. They do not like being pregnant and will get happy if Try for Baby fails. If you do perform Try for Baby on a Sim who hates children, it will always fail unless the Sim is Dazed, and it unfortunately raises a lot of...bad implications surrounding this. It conflicts with Family-Oriented and Childish traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait6.png
A trait that was made for the Get Together expansion pack, these Sims who have it love being in clubs, hanging out with their friends. They get sad when they are not around friends.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait7.png
These Sims want a special other, and if they do get their special other, they will absolutely hate if their partner cheats or abandons them in any way; they want to spend time with their partner and get Confident when they do. They can even get Uncomfortable if their partner chats with someone who is not their relative.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait8.png
Introverted Sims who are the happiest alone, they don't get Sad if they are have low social needs and get Tense when hanging out with people they don't know. They can occasionally get Embarrassed with talking with other people. It conflicts with the Dance Machine and Outgoing traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait9.png
Basically your jerks. They love being mean, get disgusted at pets when they nuzzle, and can smash up dollhouses whenever they please. They also laugh at another Sim's misfortune, similar to an Evil Sim. It conflicts with the Good and Proper traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait10.png
These guys don't like being in the same job or relationship, and they get Tense if they stay in that said job or relationship for too long. They love divorcing their partners and resigning from jobs. They don't like marriage and they dislike the idea of taking care of children, similar to Sims who hates children. It conflicts with the Family-Oriented trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait11.png
Outgoing Sims are essentially the opposite of loners: they crave social attention and make friends easily with other Sims. They are more prone to getting lonely and get intense negative moodlets if no one pays attention to them. It conflicts with both Loner and Paranoid traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait12.png
These guys are often very anxious of other Sims, as they get Tense if they hear conversations that aren't directed at them, and they can change passwords and like being inside basements. They can share conspiracy theories with other Sims and they can accuse other Sims of spying as a mean interaction. It conflicts with the Outgoing trait.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait13.png
These guys practice proper etiquette and are very polite. They like dressing in formal outfits. They do not like other Sims being mean or rude, and they have a unique fight interaction, called "Give a What For", alongside unique moodlets if they win or lose the fight. It conflicts with the Mean and Slob traits.
Shroom SIMulation2-SocialTrait14.png
Very egotistical Sims, they love having attention drawn towards them and can fish compliments from other Sims. They love gifts and interacting with other guys, getting Tense if they do not interact with other Sims for a while. They do not like it when their birthdays are neglected, so be sure to give them something during that occasion!

Oh by the way, there are plenty of mods out there at add more personalities to the game. Like, too many to count! While they won't exhibit the same amount of polish as base games one have (always been cribbed off existing assets as is the nature of mods and maybe giving some moodlet here and there), they are something you can take into account if you find a trait that isn't there.

That about covers it for this month. Next month, I'll talk about one more Create-a-Sim feature, which is your Sim's aspirations, aka what they aspire to achieve in their lifetime. There is a bunch to sort through so keep an eye for that!

So You Want to Conquer Japan?

Written by: Chester Alan Arthur (talk)

Welcome back, 'Shroom readers, to the final edition of So you Want to Conquer Japan?. Last month, we managed to slay Oda Nobunaga and tore apart the Tokugawa empire. This month, with only five fiefs left outside of our control, we will finally finish the job and conquer all of Japan.

It's like they want to be conquered?
A new piece to our glorious kingdom

So we're going to start by targeting the independent fief Omi (11), ruled by that scoundrel Ashikaga. Scouts have reported that his army consists of only 95,000 men. In Echizen (5), we have a reserve force of 97,000 men, and we're going to divert 50,000 of those men into Mino (9). We're also gong to be sending 100,000 men from Owari (17) into Echizen, bringing the total amount of soldiers to 363,000. Because I want to invade immediately from fief Hida, we're going to send five-hundred gold coins and one thousand barrels of rice into Mino to supply the invasion. To make sure everything goes well, we'll be sending 330,000 men into Omi and invading from the right side.

The battle turned quickly into a rout because of our superior numbers, even with their superior training. We had a little bit of luck, because their infantry decided to attack our cavalry head-on, allowing us to move our cavalry and rifle units through the field with little resistance. After a quick and easy siege, Ashikaga's men are slain, his castle is taken, and Omi is ours.

Another army to crush
The perfect pincer fief

With only three fiefs left outside of our control, I've started moving all the troops we have in our fiefs westward so that they can contribute to the front. Now, you do want to leave a small amount of soldiers in each fief, just in case there is a military rebellion. I am also moving Kenshin to the front so that he can participate in the last few battles. By the end of our troop movements, our two fiefs on the front, Omi and Iseshima, have 581,000 men and 753,000 men, respectively. We're going to start by moving into Yamato (fief 10), ruled by Lord Chokei, with an army of 156,000 men.

We're going to invading from Iseshima with the full force of 700,000 men, leaving 53,000 as a reserve force just in case Chokei tries to invade us from Iga (12). We're going to be doing a two pronged attack for this battle, sending our cavalry from the south and our rifle unit from the north to surround the enemy general. Not only does our pincer attack work perfectly, but we're able to completely avoid the enemy's cavalry as we surround and take the castle, conquering Yamato and cutting Chokei's territories off from each other. We could have immediately taken over fief 15 and thus destroyed Chokei once and for all, but it is winter and the men were just at war, so, as their generous lord, I've decided to give those men the winter off.

Unfortunately our gesture of goodwill towards our men proved to be a foolish decision, because Chokei's men from Iga decided to invade Iseshima. Our reserve force would fight hard, but, unfortunately, Chokei's men were just too numerous and, in the end, they would take Iseshima. But while that's happening, we're going to be launching our own invasion into the independent fief of Yamashrio (apparently, I forgot to photograph the scout report), ruled by Lord Tsutsui with an army of 126,000 men left to defend their territory.

Last of the single held fiefs

We'll be invading from Omi with a force of 530,000 men, leaving 54,000 men as a reserve force. Yamashrio is a bottleneck fief, and we managed to plug our rifle unit directly into the Daimyo. It looks like we'll have a crushing victory, but, unfortunately, Tsutsui manages to slip off the castle and into the field, preventing us from totally destroying him without completely crushing his army, and forcing us to instead slay all his troops before slaying him, thus giving ourself control of the last independent fief.

With that, only Chokei and his territory remains outside of our control, but not for very long. Because even though Chokei managed to conquer Iseshima and in theory controls three fiefs, because we took Yamoto from him, we've managed to isolate him in Settsu (15), making it impossible for him to flee from our armies. We also had a stroke of luck because a plague outbreak hit Settsu on the turn we're going to invade it, decimating his defenses. Now you might say it's dangerous for us to invade a fief that was so recently struck with the plague, and you're right, which is why Kenshin isn;t going to be doing the fighting himself and will instead be sending in the army from Yamato to take the lands.

Probably a strategic error to get the plague right before war
Once we take this land, it'll all be ours.

Going up against an army of 131,000 men, we're going to be invading with 550,000 men The battle was over before it began; his forces were no match for our forces and Chokei ended up cut down by our infantry, ending the battle (we managed to take 3,000 of his men prisoner sparing their lives but leaving them without honor).

With Chokei dead, all of his territories surrender to us and come under our control.

Finally it is ours!

The warring states period is over, and the long years of bloodshed are finally over. No longer will this country be plagued by violence and power struggles. No longer will there be villages put to the torch just to conquer a small hill. Japan is unified and under my sole control, and, with that, a new period of peace and prosperity. This, I swear to my people., for I am Lord Shoe, sole Emperor of Japan. It's been a long road, twenty-four in-game years and over three years in real life, but Japan is finally ours. With that, So You Want to Conquer Japan? is finished. I'd like to thank all the readers for following me on this journey, and, while this section is finished, I hope to be back in Strategy Wing soon enough with another section about an obscure SNES game none of you have ever heard of!

Status of Japan

-All of Japan belongs to us!

The great Kenshin of Echigo unified Japan at last.

Koops, Your Emblem is on Fire

Written by: Koops (talk)

Part 14: We're saved!

I live! Father Koops has come back and is as ready as ever to feed you content, my children. None of you missed me, probably, but I impose myself upon you once more after what feels like a year... because it kinda has been a year. I come with two videos, too!

Do be warned, however, that uh, yeah, for some reason I can't, seemingly, record both the in-game music and my voice simultaneously anymore, which means I'm sacrificing the music for my voice to be audible. Anyway, with that out of the way, feast!

Part 14-A

Little warning here, next video has a bit of lag and some of it persisted for a while, and I was stupid enough to not pause the recording there while recording. I am not very advanced in terms of software, which means I am not able to edit these out, so uh... yeah sorry about that. It's all on me. Still, hope you somewhat enjoy.

Also these are new themes that you don't get to hear in the actual recording so... I guess play these in parallel with the main video,if you want.

New Narration Theme

New Map Theme

Part 14-B

Aaaaand that is all for this month. Next time we will keep witnessing Wil's ascension, oh and probably take back castle Celin, or something like that. Anyway, see you!

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