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'Shroomfest Highlights

Written by: Ninja Squid (talk)

Art by: The Pyro Guy (talk)

Shroomfest 165 Banner.png

Staff Notes

Shroom2020 NinjaSquid.png

Oh, thank heavens! I'm back to my old self again. Thank you so much. Here is a letter from the Princess 'Shroomfest Highlights.

Hey there, 'Shroom readers!

It's good to be back to my old self and not under possession by a big fungus. That's why mushrooms are bad, and that you must support stars instead. Yeah, I am referring to the current Splatfest of course. Anyway, with the Sunlight vs Moonlight 'Shroomfest done, I must say that this 'Shroomfest was very fun, and I hope you liked it as much. Of course, as you know, only one time of day will rise up and become the objectively better one here. So, be sure to take a look.

In the meantime, I wish you a happy 2021 and I hope you will stay tuned for our next 'Shroomfests coming up this year!

Ninja Squid, Judge

Team Sunlight

counter-point: while its true that the night phase is what determines the beginning and the goal of the day phase (i.e. who was murdered and the accompanying evidence that follows), i'd argue that the day phase is far more important and is where the majority of the game is actually played. here's a few reasons i think that, arranged in a numbered list: 1. the night phase interactions are limited to a single submission, sending in a list of actions you'd like to do. while i admit this takes a good amount of planning, especially if you're murdering, there is also ultimately a far smaller amount of agency and interactivity than there is in the day phase, as you're ultimately at the mercy of the host to decided what does or does not happen from your night actions. in contrast, when you play the day phases, you are able to interact and discuss things with other players and the hosts in real time, giving a much more immersive and realistic feeling of actually investigating a real case, rather than sending in a list and hoping for the best

2. you claim that the night phase is where most of the action occurs. i heartily disagree; there may be a bigger number of shenangians on average in the night phase (which, honestly, is something thats also up for debate), but the fact is that day phases are where the actual action occurs, literally. the time is over for premade lists which must be compared with one another. now it's time to investigate things, stab bodies, argue about unimportant details, smell and/or lick bodies, pin down murderers in their lies, and vote at literally the last minute. if you want to see a good measurement of when all the action happens, just read ghost chat. i guarantee you'll find most of the running commentary occurs during the day phases.

3. i'd also like to contest your point that day phases without night phases are purposeless; or rather, if you're going to use that logic, then the inverse is also true. if it weren't for the investigation phase that follows a murder, what is the point of holding the night phases at all? without day phases, killing game would be just a highly moderated and restricted version of games in the roleplay board, with no goals to work towards or reasons to submit anything at all.

4. even when it comes to murdering, the day phase is just as important as the night, perhaps even more so. while you need a good plan to land a kill, any successful murderer knows that you also need to be able to perform well during the day phase, misdirecting and manipulating the investigation to work in your favour without becoming suspicious and getting called out, which is the real test of skill for the person doing the kill.

5. while many of the goofy shenanigans do take place during the night phase, its not until the day phase that most of these events are brought to light through testimonies, so if the day phase didnt exist, most people wouldn't even know what happened. in addition, the testimonies themselves that come into the day phase more often than not take the already fun events of the night phase and make them into something that's somehow even more enjoyable, resulting in masterpieces like this.

Reverse Input (talk)

Imagine the following scenario: Waluigi passes by you on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, it's nighttime, and the streets are poorly lit, so you don't get to see his beautiful face in all of its glorious detail. That's terrible. Team Sunlight forever!

Waluigi Time (talk)

Team Moonlight

Sunlight and moonlight both have their advantages and disadvantages, but my preference would be moonlight. Do you wonder why? I'll give some examples and explain why I think moonlight is superior.

1. In Super Mario Maker 2, there's the Angry Sun, and the happy Moon. Whereas the Sun is lethal, and swoops down in an attempt to destroy Mario, the Moon is a great assistance, and wipes all of the enemies off the screen. In addition, night themes each have their own unique gimmicks (floating enemies, poison, etc.) that are unique to this game, whereas day themes can be seen in many other games, and aren't much of a novelty.

2. Imagine a Killing Game. While the day phase is for debates and investigations, the night phase is where most of the action unravels. The night phase is suspenseful, as your fate hinges on the actions of you and other players. Furthermore, the actions of a day phase are directly dependent on the actions of a night phase - without night phases, day phases wouldn't have a purpose. In contrast, a night phase isn't as dependent on the previous day phase - the players' actions usually aren't restricted by the previous day phase.

3. The main reason why I think moonlight is superior: The experience of night is more extraordinary to the human than the experience of day. Most of humans' lives take place during the day, therefore, they are used to it and it isn't anything special. The atmosphere of night is vastly different. At the end of the day, it's up to personal preference, but for me, the atmosphere of night is more interesting and special. The silent, lonely scenery, the imagery of the moon, surrounded by thousands, no, millions of stars, and the suspenseful, yet calming aura. And as an introvert, I have an appreciation for the dark, desolate scenery that simply can't be recreated during the day.

Goombuigi (talk)

See, I like sunset and sunlight feels good and all, but I have to go with moonlight on this one. There's something about the night sky that's just so... calming. Looking up at the starry sky, it never fails to fill me with wonder and, really, a sense of longing. It causes me to reflect on my life, thinking about where I am and what may lie in the future. It's so easy for the every day flow of life to feel like it rushes past, not leaving time to think about the direction it's going because it's too busy constantly moving forward. But when the stars are out and the moon shines with its soft, blue light, things feel different. All the complex responsibilities and busy hubbub of the world fade into the background and it's just you and your thoughts under the clear night sky. There, you can recenter your thoughts and desires and take a moment to reflect on your life. Very few things make me feel as calm and reflective as the night sky, and I often wish I could find a good place away from all the streetlights and the noise of machines and really fully bask in it.

The light of the moon has inspired some great classical music pieces that do good jobs of conveying this wonder and beauty. Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy is an incredible impressionistic work that really nails it. So smooth and calming, and yet at the same time almost sad. Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven takes a darker and more melancholy approach that is still very effective (mainly talking about the first movement here, the other two are a bit different). It's amazing to me how these musical pieces can so accurately convey something like the moon when one is a celestial body and others are merely series of notes arranged in particular ways. Really gets you thinking about how we humans make connections between such disparate things in the world, and it makes you wonder where we get these connections from....

Luigi 64DD (talk)

For all y'all hating on the winter solstice, let me remind you that this particular one is/was special as it coincided with a celestial event that only happens every 20 years: The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. You are/were able to witness this event by looking at the night sky. Were it for the sun however, you would not see anything at all, for in contrast to other celestial bodies, the sun is an attention hog that demands there be no other celestial lights in its presence, lest it holds its breath until it is red and swollen. If it had its way, its overpowering stage presence would be all we ever get to see, and we would be oblivious to the serene beauty of the cosmos around it.

What a fucking prima donna. Share that sky with your fellow lights, you fatass.

Gabumon (talk)

'Shroomfest results in, Ninja Squid out of ink

44.19% VOTES 51.81%
47.62% ENDORSEMENTS 52.38%
46.43% EFFORTS 53.57%
0 3

Shroomfest 166 Winner Banner.png

The Ultimate 'Shroomfinity

'Shroom Research Lab: Your very talented 'Shroom Research Lab continues to work vigorously to give you a more detailed analysis of the events following the attack on the newspaper's headquarters.

Hooded Pitohui and Roserade, under the control of Ninja Squid (who was possessed by Elder Princess Shroob), continued to fight intensely for whether day and night should be saved in a whole new world, under the control of the Shroobs. Meanwhile, Superchao, the Shadow Director, was developing his plan to save the newspaper and the future of the world. He had managed to figure out the code hidden in an old grimoire that can only be read by Shadow Directors.

My dear beloved,

I can finally write to you again. I hope that this message will be sent to you as soon as possible. Parakarry is slow at times. Anyway, since my last letter, Superchao had found a dusty old book in that rotten basement. He said I had to quit complaining, because he was too busy cleaning up the mess of the current staff to take the time to clean the place. Apparently, we were in some sort of secret club or whatever. I didn't even understand what he was talking about. It must've been my hearing devices that are still causing problems. You'll really need to check it out when I get home.

I must also inform you that Superchao had left the place to go to the 'Shroom office and bring some sort of special stones. I was not aware that our local newspaper was hiding these strange powers. I have to say, the pink stone was beautiful! I am sure it would look good on you, my dear beloved! Unfortunately, Superchao told me that I shouldn't touch it, that it was very important for his project.

I had decided to take the time to enjoy the scenery through a tiny window in the basement, when I noticed that there was a huge spider web. It was disgusting, but all of a sudden, a dazzling light appeared in the basement. I turned around and it was coming from Superchao! He was terrifying to look at. His eyes were glowing red, and he was talking with a master or something. It was strange, because it was as if he was speaking to someone that no one else could see. My dear beloved, that's when I could finally get out of the basement. By order of Superchao, we were going to the 'Shroom office. For a second, I thought he wanted to laugh at us, but seeing his face and his shape, I didn't argue, and neither did the others.

When we got to the office, I was pleased to notice that the security was incredibly low, even lower than usual. At first I assumed the Shroobs had other more important things to do, but no, on the contrary, they were actually fighting, and that was funny. Our Director and Sub-Director, even though they were under the control of the Shroobs, they were still engaged in a one-to-one battle. I guess nothing could stop them. That's when Superchao, who was upset at the scene, launched an attack straight from his strange gauntlet. I took out my tape recorder from my pocket and decided to record the conversation. At least I would have proof of what I'm saying.

Superchao: OH MASTER WHO CHANGES THE BIG! I am ready! Let's unleash the power of the 'Shroomfinity... NOW!
Elder Princess Shroob: UH? BAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!

My beloved, Superchao's attack fell right into Elder Princess Shroob. It was some sort of electrifying light. Damn, I wanted to stay away, but the situation was too exciting.

Don't mess with Ultimate 'Shroomfinity Perch!

Superchao: It is over, fat queen. Your time has come!
Superchao: Alright! You want to taste my power!! The Ultimate 'Shroomfinity Gauntlet will get your ass! OH MASTER WHO CHANGES THE BIG, is the sacred power ready?
Master: OH MIGHTY CHAO THE SUPER! The power is now available. At your signal, I can release it.
Superchao: Alright, let's get going!
Elder Princess Shroob: WHAT IS THIS? GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!
Superchao: HEHEHE! It's over, big fungus!
Elder Princess Shroob: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Big Fungus is not pleased!

Superchao jumped right in midair, and hit his fist on the ground. It started to shake and a great ray of light and a huge wind suddenly appeared. I found it hard to resist getting pulled by the wind, but luckily a tree was right next to me. Finally, the budget for the garden was useful. It was there that a red light began to surround the leader of the Shroobs. She was shouting nonsense.

Superchao: That's what happens when someone tries to mess up with The 'Shroom!
Master: OH MIGHTY CHAO THE SUPER! You have passed the trial! Will you rise among the rank of the Spirit Blocky Boos!
Superchao: Higher rank, means more power. Good!

My beloved, this scene was just amazing. I'm still stunned! Elder Princess Shroob simply vanished into the beam of light. I tried to ask Superchao what he had done, but it was confidential. I guess he didn't even understand what he did. And that's when one by one, our writers, and staff members who were under the influence of the Shroobs came back to themselves. That's when I noticed Hooded Pitohui and Roserade in the garden.

Hooded Pitohui: You will prefer the sun! The sunlight iiiiiis amaziiing! I... Ugh... Wait... What just happened?
Roserade: *sigh* We don't have time to argue with your stupid sunlight. The moon is so beautiful, I will not... Ack! What the... What are you looking at!
Hooded Pitohui: What are we doing iiiiin the garden?
Superchao: YOU! BOTH OF YOU!
Roserade: Perch! Where did you came from, and... wait, what is up with your look?
Superchao: You really need to stop messing around, and where is NS?!
Roserade: Look, we don't even understand why we are in the garden, and... wait... NS? Oh! Hadn't he launched an attack on us? Yeah, I want to talk to him too.

After looking around, we found Ninja Squid's body. We were in shock since he was unconscious, and I have to admit, he looked very weak. We put him on the bench in the garden and a short time later he regained consciousness, but he showed signs of exhaustion.

Ninja Squid: Ugh... My... head...
Superchao: That's what happens when you behave like a fool!
Hooded Pitohui: Perch, please...
Superchao: No! All of this would not have happened if this little bad boy would not act recklessly every damn time!
Ninja Squid: So...rry...
Superchao: You better be! To apologize, you'll do the janitorial duties this month. Your turn to be the janitor of the month!
Ninja Squid: Right...
Roserade: Well, I guess with the four of us here, we could do a little stargazing right now. Look at the sky tonight. It's so beautiful. I love the moonlight.
Hooded Pitohui: I have to say...
Superchao: Oh no.
Roserade: The moon is amazing, right NS!
Ninja Squid: Well... Yeah... The moon... is beautiful... tonight...
Roserade: Well, Pitohui says the moon sucks.
Hooded Pitohui: Wait, I never...
Ninja Squid: What...
Roserade: He is wrong, right NS?
Ninja Squid: Well... yeah...
Roserade: I knew it!
Hooded Pitohui: Sorry, but I must object this particular case on the basis that...
Ninja Squid: Look, I am... sorry Pitohui, but... my head is really heavy... right now... I can't hear your endless dialogues... sorry... but find someone... else...
Hooded Pitohui: Wait...
Ninja Squid: Anyway... I am out... of here. Rose... I will write this... in our record book. Moonlight... is better.
Roserade: Nice! Thank you so much, and take care.
Hooded Pitohui: Ugh!
Superchao: No! Wait! You have a cleaning job to do! NS!
Superchao: NS! Listen to me!

Ninja Squid disappeared in the mist, and well, Roserade was right, the sky was incredibly beautiful. I took the opportunity to do some stargazing before writing this letter. The cleaning chore is going pretty well and I think we'll get back to work soon. I can't wait to see you again!

A Roserade under the Moonlight! Quick, catch it!

'Shroom Research Lab: Looking at our files, it seems there was a travel ticket to Ninja Squid's name. We conclude that he took a well deserved rest after the terrible events that could have been catastrophic. According to the balance sheets we have, not long after the event, Roserade had spent a large sum to build an observatory in the office, in order to do stargazing sessions. We are still in the process of verifying how he got that money. We will get back to you with a detailed report of our research.


Goombuigi: Ugh, goodness. What happened... Wait a second... Why am I in the Sub-Director's office???

Leader's Notes

Shroom 2021 Roserade.png

Another day, another victory. Well, I suppose I should say it was another night, shouldn't I? That's right, folks: now I've got this moon-shaped lamp on my evil throne, right next to my Petunia Pig plushie! Three victories under my belt. If I win any more, I'm going to start being called an evil dictator or something! … What's that? That's already happening? No matter.

Thank you so much to all of the users who made Moonlight's victory come to fruition! Your dedication to this side has graced us with a reality most fantastical. Yes, I'm sure that wherever the Shroobs are out there, they are seeking a world illuminated by the moon. Hopefully they never show up here again, though! I'm not sure if purple is really my color.

Of course, I must thank everyone who participated in this 'Shroomfest, whether you were Team Sunlight or Team Moonlight. The engagement and debate you bring to the table is phenomenal, and it's a joy to see everyone's dialogue and memes. No matter whether you won or lost, I hope that you had a good time. If you have any suggestions or feedback for 'Shroomfest, feel free to contact myself, Hooded Pitohui (talk), or Ninja Squid (talk), in any community outlet, including Discord or the Mario Boards. We'd love to hear how we can make this experience even better! And of course, make sure to stay tuned for our next 'Shroomfest, which is sure to be just as much of a blast.

While we wait, shall we lay in the lovely lunar rays of Lady Moon? My, how she dazzles at this time of night...

Roserade, Leader of Team Moonlight

The 'Shroom: Issue 166
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