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Poll Committee Discussion

Written by: Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) and Andymii (talk)

HI, everyone! I'm your outgoing Poll Committee Chairperson, Tucayo, joined here by your outgoing Poll Committee Vice-Chairperson, Andymii, together for the final Poll Committee Discussion of the Seventh Poll Committee. Try to say "Poll Committee" more than that in a sentence. It's been a great year, and I've had a terrific time serving as your Poll Chairperson; first and foremost I would like to thank the amazing people that were part of the Committee this cycle:

I also want to thank our dear Packy for serving as a consultant throughout the term, Steve for helping with permissions and setting up our Discord channel, everyone who read our 'Shroom sections and who voted for them, and very specially I would like to thank our beloved visitors, who took some time every week to vote in our polls. And now, without further ado, I would like to summarize the achievements we had as a Committee this year.

Year in Review

We entered the cycle with many plans, and I am proud to say we executed each one of them and we got tangible results from all.This Committee brought to you a grand total of 55 polls, in line with our commitment to bring you one new poll each week (and a couple more).

Guest submissions

One of the main projects that we had going into the year was to make it simpler for users and visitors to submit their poll ideas; previously, ideas had to be sent to the Chairperson via forum PM, which meant only people with an account in the forums would be able to suggest polls. As of August 2016, we added a link below our template in the Main Page that takes to a form where users can easily submit their ideas. Over the course of the cycle we received more than 200 guest submissions, of which some made it to the Main Page. I am optimistic this feature will continue to be built upon in order to improve it and receive even more quality ideas.

Wiki Polls

Our polls average around 2,100 votes per week, which makes for a great way to get information that can be used to improve the wiki and its areas; with this in mind, we started monthly Community/Wiki Polls, aimed at getting a mass insight into subjects ranging from how many of our visitors read The 'Shroom, to their activity in other NIWA wikis. One of these polls was the poll with the second most votes this cycle. Lord Bowser has great plans on this front, so stay tuned for that!

On August 2016, it came to our attention that our Polls page was one of few main project hubs not to have a banner, after weeks of brainstorming and discussion, The Pyro Guy created this great banner for us. And a few months later he went on and updated the banner to the one you could see from March 2017:

Banner for MarioWiki:Polls for the 2016-17 year

This gives the Poll Committee a much more prominent visual identity, which is vital to every project. I want to thank TPG for his amazing banners.

Poll Committee Discussion

For our dedicated 'Shroom section, we continued the procedure established by the Sixth Poll Committee, in which members rotated each month to write the section. I am proud to say the members of this Committee got a collective five SOTM awards, as well as one nomination for Staff SOTM. I dare say PC Discussion has cemented itself as a standard of Pipe Plaza and I look forward to seeing how it continues to develop!

And that's all on my end, I want to wish Lord Bowser the best for his term, I know it will be a great year for the Poll Committee! Take it from here, Andy!

Recent Polls

I can hardly believe another year with the Committee has passed. Two whole years ago, I was running against Packy for Chairman – which feels like yesterday – and now my second term with this project has come to a close. On the day of this issue's release, Lord Bowser (talk) and Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) will take the reins of the Eighth Poll Committee. Leading the Committee for two years – from Vice-Chairman to Chairman back to Vice–Chairman again – has been my greatest pride here on MarioWiki, and I am confident that the new Committee will have as much success as Packy, Tucky, and I had.

I would like to lead off with the year's final Poll Analysis. Thank you all for supporting us!

How long have you been visiting the MarioWiki for? (Wiki poll; Lord Bowser (talk), June 25, 2017)

How long have you been visiting the MarioWiki for?

Over 10 years. 9.01% (209 votes)
8-10 years. 11.68% (271 votes)
5-7 years. 27.63% (641 votes)
2-4 years. 29.96% (695 votes)
About a year. 10.09% (234 votes)
Less than a year. 4.31% (100 votes)
Less than a month. 2.2% (51 votes)
This is my first time visiting the MarioWiki. 5.12% (119 votes)
Total Votes: 2,320

Which new Nintendo game announced at E3 are you most excited for? (Lord Bowser (talk), June 18, 2017)

Which new Nintendo game announced at E3 are you most excited for?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC packs 4.92% (130 votes)
Pokémon Switch RPG 13.59% (359 votes)
Unnamed Kirby game 16.74% (442 votes)
Unnamed Yoshi game 8.48% (224 votes)
Metroid Prime 4 12% (317 votes)
Metroid: Samus Returns 4.2% (111 votes)
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions 33.36% (881 votes)
Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido 0.91% (24 votes)
I'm not interested in any of these games. 5.79% (153 votes)
Total Votes: 2,641

What is your opinion on the newly revealed Rabbids crossover game? (Roy Koopa (talk), June 13, 2017)

What is your opinion on the newly revealed Rabbids crossover game?

It looks great, and I'll definitely buy it. 30.42% (634 votes)
There are some problems, but I'll buy it anyway. 12.62% (263 votes)
It looks good, but I'm not going to buy it. 27.4% (571 votes)
It doesn't look good, and I'm not going to buy it. 8.16% (170 votes)
I think it looks terrible. 7.15% (149 votes)
I don't have an opinion. 14.25% (297 votes)
Total Votes: 2,084

Ports and remakes on the Switch (Roy Koopa (talk), June 11, 2017)

Would you like to see ports or remakes of classic Mario games like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine on the Switch?

Yes, I would enjoy having lots of ports of classic games on the Switch. 51.4% (586 votes)
Yes, I would enjoy some. 24.21% (276 votes)
Not really, but a few would be nice. 14.04% (160 votes)
Definitely not, Nintendo should stick to just new content for the Switch. 5.79% (66 votes)
I don't have an opinion. 4.56% (52 votes)
Total Votes: 1,140


How long have you been visiting the MarioWiki for? – MarioWiki visitors clearly tend to stick around. The vast majority of visitors have been using the site for more than two years, while only 5% of voters reported visiting the MarioWiki for the first time. 480 voters have been visiting this site for more than 8 years! I can only think of a few MarioWiki veterans that have stuck around for so long, so I am shocked to find that so many unregistered users have been using MarioWiki for such an extended amount of time. Time to finally make an account, guys?

Which new Nintendo game announced at E3 are you most excited for? – This poll was expected to have bias due to the question being asked to MarioWiki users, who evidently are more likely to favor Mario games over other games. Naturally, users gave the only Mario game in the poll, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, the most votes. Sushi Striker was a borderline joke option, and it received just about as many votes as we expected, at less than 1%.

What is your opinion on the newly revealed Rabbids crossover game? – Merging the universe of the perpetually sugar-high Rabbids with the relatively controlled Mario was an unusual decision. When tallied, 1,531 voters expressed interest in buying the game, while 890 voters expressed disinterest in the game, with 297 undecided voters. While visitors are usually excited for a new Mario game, the somewhat high number of disinterested voters suggests that this game's premise seemed a bit too odd for most people.

Ports and remakes on the Switch – Voters enthusiastically hope for a sort of Virtual Console on the Switch, perhaps even porting GameCube games finally. And why not? After all, only because of Virtual Console was I able to play classics like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 64 while being in the new generation that grew up with a Wii. While I also own a GameCube, the younger fans will most likely not, and without Virtual Console, it will be hard for them to experience incredible games like Super Mario Sunshine. Like most voters, I am a staunch supporter of the service.

That's all the analysis for the year! Thank you for reading this month's Poll Committee Discussion. Next month's writer has yet to be decided, as a new rotation has yet to be formed. Thanks for reading, and good luck to the Eighth Poll Committee!

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