Peach's Castle (golf course)

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Peach's Castle
MG64 Peach's Castle Green Logo.png 
Number of Holes 18 
Par 53 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf (Nintendo 64)

Peach's Castle is a golf course featured in the game Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. It is one of only two Mini-Golf courses in the game, the other being Luigi's Garden. Due to its status as a Mini-Golf course, all eighteen holes have a par of 3.

The fairway has a green and white checkered pattern, and the first 17 courses are shaped as the letters J through Z. The eighteenth hole resembles a question mark (?).

Similarly to Luigi's Garden, Bob-ombs and Bob-omb Buddies appear in the background of this course. Despite being called "Peach's Castle," the castle itself does not appear in the stage. It would later appear in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour in the background of Peach's Castle Grounds.


Hole Number Image
1 PeachCastleHole1.png
2 PeachCastleHole2.png
3 PeachCastleHole3.png
4 PeachCastleHole4.png
5 PeachCastleHole5.png
6 PeachCastleHole6.png
7 PeachCastleHole7.png
8 PeachCastleHole8.png
9 PeachCastleHole9.png
10 PeachCastleHole10.png
11 PeachCastleHole11.png
12 PeachCastleHole12.png
13 PeachCastleHole13.png
14 PeachCastleHole14.png
15 PeachCastleHole15.png
16 PeachCastleHole16.png
17 PeachCastleHole17.png
18 PeachCastleHole18.png