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Mobile Trainer
The Mobile Trainer Game Pak
Developer MissingLink
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Release date Japan
January 27, 2001
Genre Mail software, web browser
Mode(s) Online, Peer-to-peer
Game Boy Color:
Game Pak
Game Boy Color:

The Mobile Trainer is the operation software for Nintendo and Mobile21's now defunct (as of December 14, 2002) Mobile System GB service, designed for both Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.

The Mobile Trainer was originally planned to be released as the Mobile Starter Cartridge, but the name was later changed, perhaps to allude to Pokémon Trainers, as the Japanese Pokémon Crystal Version was one of the intended games to use it.

The Mobile Trainer was intended to be used for the combination of a peripheral known as the Mobile GB Adapter and Japanese mobile phones to connect to the World Wide Web, similar to services such as Satellaview, Randnet, and its successors such as the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Nintendo Network. This included games relevant to the Super Mario franchise, such as Mobile Golf and the Japanese version of Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

The Mobile Trainer's main purpose was as operation software for configuring the Game Boy Color with the user's mobile phone. However, the Mobile Trainer could also be used to connect to a limited web browser for news, and to send email between friends.

Relevance to the Super Mario franchise[edit]

The Mobile GB Adapter was packaged with this software, but there was also a bundle including it and Mobile Golf. Furthermore, both Mobile Golf and Mario Kart: Super Circuit were advertised on the software's web browser, according to Nintendo Online Magazine.

In 2016, a dataminer with the pseudonym Háčky documented that hidden Super Mario related emails with an unknown purpose can be found within the code. (The other non-Super Mario related messages can be seen here.)

Original contents Translation
こんど、またあそぼう Let's play another time
マリオ Mario
またあそぼうね Let's play again
7がつのさいしょのにちようびに、 On the first Sunday of July, I'll come to you while playing baseball
クッパだいおう King Bowser
やきゅうやるぞ I will play baseball

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モバイルトレーナー
Mobairu Torēnā
Mobile Trainer