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Good Egg Galaxy[edit]


  1. Electrical Bowser jr. I think this article should become featured, because it is packed with details. The writing is pretty good, and it's loaded with pictures.
  2. Ultra Koopa
  3. Spenzer66 (talk)


  1. New Super Yoshi (talk) Some images are bad quality and there is and improvement template in the trivia section.
  2. YoshiKong (talk) It is of decent length, but per NSY, "Quality, not quantity". I just don't think the content is that of feature standard.
  3. GreenDisaster (talk) Per all, and I'll also point out there's an improvement tag for the overly long trivia section. It can be easily fixed, but an improvement tag is an improvement tag.
  4. Master R.O.B Per New Super Yoshi.
  5. Commander Code-8 (talk) The start section definetly needs rewriting
  6. Koopa K (talk) per YK
  7. MarioManiac164 (talk) An improvement tag is present, not everything's well written, and some images are from E3 and not the final game.

Removal of Opposes[edit]