List of Star gimmicks in the Mario Party series

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Stars in the Mario Party series are often acquired through a unique method depending on the board. The following is a list of how Stars are purchased, their locations etc. for each board in the series.

Mario Party[edit]

Peach's Birthday Cake[edit]

The Star has a fixed location on the board, but the players must win a Flower Lottery to access it. During a Flower Lottery, the player must choose one of four seeds, with one leading to Bowser and the other three leading to Toad.

Yoshi's Tropical Island[edit]

The board being divided by two, the Star will be on the right side, and Bowser on the left. Landing on one of the Happening Spaces will cause the Star and Bowser to switch places.

Eternal Star[edit]

Seven Koopa Kids hold a Star each. In order to get the Star, the player must roll a higher number than the Koopa Kid, with the player's die being numbered 8 through 10. Once all seven Stars have been acquired, seven new Star Spaces will be created.

Mario Party 5[edit]

Although there are no board-specific ways to earn Stars in this game, one of the outcomes during the Last Five Turns Event can cause five Star Spaces to be present on the board at a time, though this event has a rather small chance of occurring.

Mario Party 6[edit]

Faire Square[edit]

The Star is fixed on the inner circle of the board. During the day, Brighton offers the player to buy up to five Stars for twenty Coins each. During the night, Twila will roll a Dice Block determining the price of the Stars, the purchasing system remaining as is.

Snowflake Lake[edit]

Each player starts with five Stars, and they need to use Chain Chomps to steal Stars from others players. During the day, the player can appraoch a Chomp House and roll one to two Dice Blocks, paying 10 Coins each. During the night, Chain Chomps can be used with three Dice Blocks for thirty Coins.

Castaway Bay[edit]

Bowser and Donkey Kong will ride boats on the end of the board, with Donkey Kong giving a Star to the player and Bowser taking one away, with Bowser and Donkey Kong switching places each time. When one of the two is visited, the player will be sent back to start.

Clockwork Castle[edit]

During the day, Donkey Kong will give a Star to whoever passes him, with the board's direction being clockwise. During the night, Bowser will take a Star away from the players passing him, with the board's direction being reversed to be counter-clockwise.