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A Snufit attacking Metal Mario.

Snufits first appear in Hazy Maze Cave, specifically in the Metal Cavern, during the events of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. In Super Mario 64, they are only floating miniature Snifits, but one unique trait is that Snufits inflate like a balloon before firing. When Mario comes too close to one, it will shoot balls out of its mouth in short bursts. Snufits can be jumped on, and if Mario does this quickly enough, he can defeat them before they have a chance to fire at him. However, in Super Mario 64 DS, they appear to be normal sized ghost snifits. They later make an appearance in Mario Party 2 on the Space Land board as the Snufit Police, but they are referred to as Snifits in some copies of the game. They can fire small projectiles similar to rocks.


  • Their Japanese name is identical to that of an ordinary Snifit, implying that they are intended to be the same species.[1]


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