Shroom Choco-Bar

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Shroom Choco-Bar
ShroomChoco-bar SPM.png
Appears in: Super Paper Mario
Made by: Dyllis
HP restored: 15
FP restored: 0

A Shroom Choco-Bar is a recipe found in the game Super Paper Mario made by Dyllis. It is a shroom-flavored bar, and also has a red wrapper. It fills 15 HP and cures Poison. It entrances fungus gourmets the universe over. It is made by mixing a Mild Cocoa Bean with a Shroom Shake, and can also be bought in Howzit's shop in Outer Space.

Squirps wanted chocolate so he could split into two and open the door to the Whoa Zone. Other kinds of chocolate bars would also do the trick. The other kinds of chocolate bars are Sweet Choco-bar and Golden Choco-bar.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコチョコバー
kinoko choko bā
Mushroom Chocolate Bar
Spanish Barra de Champi Shroom Bar
German Pilz-Schokoriegel Mushroom Chocolate Bar
Italian Barretta Cioccofungo Literal Translation