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“That mustached guy... Does he like me?”
Jojora's Friends, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Superstar Saga Enemy
Jojora's Friend
Location(s) Joke's End
Level 32
HP 500
Defense Blonde Hair - 130 (120)
Pink Hair - 170 (160)
Speed Blonde Hair - 100
Pink Hair - 60
Fire Blonde Hair - Critical
Pink Hair - Heal (Normal)
Thunder Blonde Hair - Heal
Pink Hair - Critical (Normal)
Stun? Blonde Hair - 30%
Pink Hair - 0%
Burn? Blonde Hair - 30% (0%)
Pink Hair - 0%
Stat Down? Blonde Hair - 30%
Pink Hair - 0%
Experience 800
Coins 180 (240)
Item Drop
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese version (if they differ from the original American and European stats).
  • Stats in gray are only found in the game's coding and are not available during "normal" gameplay.

Jojora's Friends are a group of four friends from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga who are all mutually friendly with Jojora. The girls are named Chucklissa, Oholina, Hoohoolia, and Teeheena. They all have the same appearance and perhaps are possibly the same person. They have snowball-like bodies, white faces, and muscular arms. They are all named after places in the Beanbean Kingdom: Chucklehuck Woods, Oho Oasis, Hoohoo Mountain/Village, and Teehee Valley, respectively. As a result, the names are all related to onomatopoeia for laughter. One of the selected friends is the boss of Joke's End, the icy castle that is the second to last world of the game.

When the Mario Bros. reach the top of Joke's End, Jojora invites them to a tea party and asks them which of her friends they want to meet, and the player can choose. The friend ends up attacking the Bros. when she appears along with Jojora. Jojora's friends still pretend to have a tea party and they sometimes put on makeup and try to kiss Mario and Luigi. This attack can be countered with a Jump. If the Mario Bros. are damaged by this attack, it will cause minor damage, however, it may also cause the poison status effect. The Bros. should not hurt Jojora's friend when Jojora is around, or Jojora will bury the Bros. in snow (prevented by pressing A Button and B Button rapidly), as well as restoring 18 HP to her and 60 HP to her friend. The friend can either be healed or take critical damage from the Bros., depending on her makeup: the monster is healed with Firebrand (so Thunderhand is effective) when she has makeup, and healed with Thunderhand when she does not (so Firebrand is effective). The makeup increases the defense of the friend wearing it at the cost of speed. The friend also has the ability to turn into a snowball and crush the Bros. (A well-timed Hammer strike counters this attack.) If she winks her right eye before performing this attack, she is targeting Mario; if she winks her left eye, Luigi is the victim. She melts after being defeated. It is unknown if any of these friends are the "cousin of the descendant of the spirit who guarded Joke's End", mentioned by Jojora when Mario and Luigi first entered the frozen palace.

Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲラーネ
From 「げらげら」geragera (guffaw).
Spanish Srta. Jejé Ms. Heehee
German Grinswalda From grinsen (to grin) and the dated feminine name suffix -walda.
Italian Ghignina From ghigno (grin) and the dated feminine name suffix -ina.


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウフーネ
From 「うふふ」ufufu, a chuckling sound.
Spanish Srta. Juajuá Ms. Hoohoo
German Lachgunda From lachen (to laugh) and the dated feminine name suffix -gunda.
Italian Tiriterina From tiritera (rigmarole) and the dated feminine name suffix -ina.


Language Name Meaning
Japanese アハーネ
From 「あはは」ahaha, a sound of laughing loudly.
Spanish Srta. Jojó Ms. Hoho
German Gröhlburga From grölen (to bellow) and the dated female name Walburga.
Italian Crepapellina From the common expression ridere a crepapelle (laughing uproariously) and the dated feminine name suffix -ina.


Language Name Meaning
Japanese デヘーネ
From 「でへへ」dehehe, a laughing sound.
Spanish Srta. Jijí Ms. Hehe
German Witzegard From Witze (jokes) and the feminine name suffix -gard.
Italian Sorrisina From sorriso (smile) and the dated feminine name suffix -ina.