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The Donkey Kong II system.

Donkey Kong II is a multi-screen Game & Watch game released on March 7, 1983[1]; it was later re-released as part of Game & Watch Gallery 3. It is the semi-sequel to Donkey Kong Jr. While Donkey Kong Jr. is based on the first level of the arcade game of the same name, Donkey Kong II appears to be based on the third and fourth levels.


Essentially, it contains the same story as Donkey Kong Jr. - Donkey Kong is trapped by the tricky Mario and now the ape's son must save him.


Donkey Kong is chained to the floor in the top of the upper screen by several locks. Donkey Kong Jr. must hit a key up to the top screen, and then progress through the bottom screen, jumping over enemies much as Mario jumped over barrels in Donkey Kong. When he reaches the top screen, he must hit the key to right next to one of the locks, then climb up the chain that trails below the lock. Once he reaches the top, he uses the key to unlock the lock. Then, he must progress back down to the bottom to hit a new key up, and so on.

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