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Donkey Kong Circus is a Game & Watch title released as part of the Panorama series on September 6, 1984[1]. It is a remake of the second Mickey Mouse Game & Watch game, which was released worldwide seven months earlier. The two games' codes even seem to have gotten mixed up, with Mickey Mouse being model "DC-95" and Donkey Kong Circus being "MK-96".[1] Neither the Panorama Screen Mickey Mouse nor Donkey Kong Circus were released in Japan.


In this game, Donkey Kong (Mickey Mouse) balances on a barrel (circus ball) while juggling pineapples (batons) and avoiding the flaming torches. Mario (Donald Duck) watches his performance.


  • While this originally had a Disney license that was dropped in favor of Nintendo characters, the previous Game & Watch game featuring Mickey Mouse was an alternate version of Egg released simultaneously in certain countries.
  • This is one of the few Game & Watch units to feature full color. This was actually due to Gunpei Yokoi's idea to move the background around the characters rather than vice versa.
  • This game may be set as a prequel to the original Donkey Kong, since it is said that it was Mario who unwittingly started the conflict by mistreating his pet. It is possible that Mario is taming him to perform rather than being a mere audience member. However, the relationship between the two in this instance seems to be good-natured.


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