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The 'Shroom

Issue XVIII September 6th, 2008 About        

Character Comparison
Garlic Man

Fun Stuff

Director's Notes
Stooben Rooben
Beta Elements
Z3r0 Tw0
Fangamer Reports
Dark Lakitu 789

Character Comparison

by Marcelagus (TCE)
Artwork of Pauline from Donkey Kong (Game Boy)
Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: Rosalina with her wand held.

Characters: Pauline vs. Rosalina

Yes, yes, here I am. Doesn't this comparison seem so unfair? Rosalina is like, the newest Mario girl out there, and… Pauline is the oldest one out there! And that would be exactly why I'm comparing them. They've both only been in two games, so heck, it might not be as unfair as you might think. Oh, and BTW, feel free to come to my talk page to give me ideas for comparison subjects. I will read each and every one if you do. Rest assure. But I won't give any guarantees as to whether I will use it or not, and you may not get a reply from me in either case. But if your idea is used, I will credit you for your comparison ideas. Enough with that, let's get on with the comparison.

Physical Appearance


Okay, there isn't much to say, I guess. Well, then again, last month's Comparison just had too many physical characteristics. Anyway, yeah, red one-piece, brunette hair, typical lady that you might see any day. High heels, all that stuff. The artwork I put up there is from the original Donkey Kong, just because there is no artwork for March of the Minis. Like, what happened? Anyway, below is a screenshot of Pauline, in-game.

A screenshot of 25m from the arcade game Donkey Kong

What the heck? She looks nothing like herself in the artwork!! Is that brunette, or is that blonde? And, either way, her dress is definitely not red! It also looks like she's wearing blue stockings, too! It's like she decided to go and jack Princess Peach's clothes, even though she didn't exist yet! They screwed up with either not making her look right in-game, or they messed up on the artwork. OR, Nintendo all believed us to be color-blind.


Did you notice that rod thing in Rosalina's hand? It was only in SMG, I guess she realized she wouldn't be needing to collect STAR BITS in a KART RACE… despite there are star bits on Rainbow Road. The tip of the rod has a yellow star on it. The beta version of SMG was seen with a yellow pointer star, rather than a blue one. I guess it was saying that “Your Wiimote is like that rod thingy Rosalina has!” Because it collects bits, right? Well, they changed it later to blue, but the co-op star pointer became yellow, so it was still there. Anyway, let's get on with appearance. First of all, you know this is no normal lady, because she is wearing a crown. It must mean she is some sort of figure of authority. Also, I've always been wondering; does Rosalina have a right eye? I mean, seriously! YOU CAN NEVER SEE IT!! It’s like a pirate's eye-patch or something. Maybe there's no eyeball, and maybe it's just a socket (ew, gross). Her clothes have less skin exposure compared to Pauline, and she seems more shy. Her voice is also strangely low.

Character Traits


You can tell she is the active kind, and loves attention, I guess. Remember in Donkey Kong, when you're playing as Mario, dodging barrels, climbing ladders, getting the crap beaten out of an ape? Guess what Pauline was doing the entire time. She was up on the upper most platform, crying “Help!” Now look again at the image of the game screenshot. What is right behind Pauline's back? THAT RIGHT, IT'S A LADDER. Like, just climb the stupid thing while the ape's occupied with rolling barrels! Nope, she wants to be saved by the hero. If a bushy-moustached carpenter can really be considered a hero, that is…


She practically has the opposite character as Pauline. As mentioned before, she is shy. She is also caring, and a mother-like existence for Lumas. She even dragged one into Mario Kart, too. Besides, she was never the damsel in distress. She also cooperated with Mario, a complete stranger, to help save Peach, another complete stranger. It takes a lot of generosity to do that. It would be like “What if it's blizzarding outside, and a stranger comes to your door, and asks if he can stay at your house for a few hours?” Would you let him in? “What if it was Michael Jackson?” No. So, I guess it takes courage to control the stars as well.



Pauline. She, was… kidnapped by an ape with a tie on. Actually, he didn't have a tie back then. But the story… it's so unoriginal! My brother got kidnapped by an ape once! I've been kidnapped! Everybody's been kidnapped by apes everywhere! Right? It happens all the time. Like, what were they thinking? Couldn't they have thought of something never thought of before? Nintendo got smart, and later changed it to a turtle; now that's some creativity to be credited right there.


I was being stupid and/or random in the Pauline section for history, my apologies :P. Anyway, Rosalina has a deep history. Super Mario Galaxy actually had a completely pointless story section! Well, I mean, it wasn't necessary to beat the game or anything, though. So she cared for all these Lumas, yadda yadda yadda. The point is, Mario platformers shouldn't have storylines. Wait, that's not the point. I'm doing a comparison here, not a review. So, for a Mario character, and a platformer, that is, she has a pretty concise history. Interesting.


So there you have it. The classic, but yet active, Pauline, vs. the modern but yet shy Rosalina. I will ask you not to sue me for results, though. Get a lawyer, dude. Now click "Show" for your awaiting surprise...(or is it...? dun-dun-dhuuuun)

Rosalina from the character selection screen from Mario Kart Wii

ROSALINA – I'm sure the results were practically expected :P. Anyway, forget history, but I think Rosalina's character itself is better than Pauline's. Also, Pauline has way too much lipstick... And, Rosalina will likely appear in games yet to come. Pauline's pretty much stuck in the warp pipe.


From the Mushroom Vaults

by — Stooben Rooben N64 Month! OMG!

Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

Secrets: Super Mario 64 (N64) North American box art of Super Mario 64.

A classic! I'll get right to the ooey-gooey center. So, you wanna go up, up, and away? Use triple jump! (Not advisable for use in mountainous regions.) It's easy HARD. Get all 120 stars, and all the extra lives from Yoshi; then you get all bouncy with your bad self! (...Wait, lemme reword that) then, you can jump SUPER HIGH!

Cheats: Mario Golf (N64 [you don't say? o:]) North American box art for Mario Golf on Nintendo 64

Ah, this is an oldy, but a goody. I'll give you the cheats for each unlockable course. =3

  • Toad Highlands – Unlocked from start.
  • Koopa Park – Get 50 Course Points.
  • Shy Guy Desert – Get 300 Course Points.
  • Yoshi's Valley – Get 1000 Course Points.
  • Boo Valley – Get 1500 Course Points.
  • Mario's Star – Get 2200 Course Points.

Well, that's it! ...Go away...

No, seriously. o:

Fun Stuff

Guess the game

By Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png

Hiya! Welcome back to "What's that Game?"

1. It was the first 3d game.

2. Luigi was not in the game.

3. Yoshi made a cameo in it.

4. A remake for it was made on a handheld system.

5. It was for a home console.

6. Mario was the only playable character.

7. It had the same routine: Bowser captured Peach and Mario had to save her.

The answer is <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Super Mario 64! </hide></showhide>


By Tucayo (talk)


The answers are <showhide>__HIDER__<hide> here! </hide></showhide>

Mystery Image

by Tucayo (talk)






The source images are in this link, folks.

Hiding Koopa

By Tucayo (talk)

Can you find the Koopa Head hidden in this image?


The answer? You know the drill, it's here!


By Artwork of a Hammer Bro. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.MCHammerBro.MC Ballyhoo and Big Top

1. In Mario Super Star Baseball, what category is Daisy grouped in?

2. What is the name of Waluigi's Special Shot in Mario Hoops 3-on-3?

3. How long is Mario's driving distance in Mario Golf (64)

4. In Mario Super Star Baseball, what is DK's Special Pitch called?

5.What course in Mario Kart 64 can you find Peach's Castle?

6.What is Yoshi's swimming style in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games?

7.How many times can a character preform a (not perfect) Power Shot in Mario Golf (64)

8.What does Pianta use for a baseball bat?

9.What is Mario's Offensive Powershot in Mario Power Tennis?

10.What is Koopa Troopa's Defensive Powser Shot in Mario Power Tennis?

The answer are <showhide>__HIDER__<hide> 1. Balance

2.Twist Dunk


4.Banana Ball

5.Royal Raceway

6.Doggie Paddle

7.6 times

8.Palm tree

9.Iron Hammer

10.Water Shell Dash</hide></showhide>

Character Comparison

by 30.pngR.O.B. 128User offline.gif

Hello folks. I'm R.O.B. and I'm here to tell you the Character Comparison! This'll change daily so make sure you check in.


  1. Please sign your name using the following format {{User|[Insert name here]}}
  2. Do not vote more than once per issue.

Not available yet

Kammy Koopa
A popularity contest between two of Bowser's most loyal servants! Who do you like better?

Votes for Kamek

Votes for Kammy


Well, that's it for today folks. I'm R.O.B. and I will see you next time in Character Comparison!

Find the Differences

by Artwork of Luigi from Super Paper Mario.Super Luigi! Number one!Artwork of Luigi from Super Paper Mario.

Super Paper Mario North American cover art
The original


The photoshop
The answers are on this: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide> </hide></showhide>


by RAP.pngRAP...

... RAPstar is here, but...this is not a good time to write a 'Shroom-- even now these days month after month. Mainly due to the fact school is in session (ahem) High school! And that I need to work more hard this year than... last year. ;_; I will try my best to get this issue piece going for just like other issues, except for a slightly shorter piece. I'm here for a certain amount of time, my female pet and partner Hooktail will not appear in here due to the previous reasons above but she said “Hi.” incase you guys missed her. XP So I have to get the two fan games, again.

RAP's Section:
Koopa Breakout

Another clone apart form the original Breakout, but with a rush fix within the Mario magic in there. Hence the name rawr. Is this cash cow worth even a download for a play by causal or to the hardcore? Let's find out, my way!

Like most clones of this daring series consisting of those flat paddles, you control the paddle with your mouse guiding the ball as it bumps into many things. Instead of the ball, you get a Green Shell another Mario touch-up for such freakish Mario-fantics or fanboys out there. Hooray. </sarcastically> Each level, you have to guide the shell to break the Brick Blocks (excluding those ? Blocks which are duh, breakable, in this game) to advance to the next set of bricks n' blocks. And here's a Mario piece for us to collect 'em. Coins, 100 = A good life for a free paddle. XDD Halt! Don't forget the traditional item power-ups that boosts your success. Or not. XDD I'll list down the results:

  • Mushroom – Uh, it grows your paddle?
  • Blue Mushroom – The opposite of that red piece, figure it out lawl.
  • Yellow Arrow – Increases the shell speed. G'luck.
  • Blue Arrow – Negative version of the yellow arrow.
  • 1-Up Mushroom – Self-explanatory. XP
  • Fire Flower – Lets the paddle glow freakishly red so you can shoot bricks, or even ice blocks. XP
  • Starman – OMG! It's over 9000!!!! Use this to make sure the ball may be within the paddle-- As death rate tolls of 100 brick bodies. But! It's limitation, go for it quick!

Despite the goodness I have said above, here are some downfalls I have witnessed rawr. Collision problems, some of the breakable objects won't break at the time of impact. And the ball can get stuck into a brick wall at occasional times. Bad draw. The levels I played, it lacks innovation. Come on, cannons? Though I admit this game's for the competition from MFGG, I was expecting a great result of an expansion. Get an inspiration from a Mario game rawr! I think that will support adding existing pieces, or even make new ones. Oh, I know, Perhaps the enemies from those platforming games, ;P Make them interact with the paddle game. A Red Koopa Troopa, if hit, you receives points and if you hit that shell, it will bounce as it breaks those bricks! Another piece of criticized info, mixed difficulty. Look here, with that star going on the ball, and going through the bricks, many many items fall out. Too much-mix-in-a-blender difficulty. Too many 1-Ups, and then not so much. On the other hand, if your tired of the same song, switch it with between 1-0, ;>

This game is created by ultramario, yet another member of MFGG we have allied with. With the powers of getting known well, we will dominate. Want to break Brick Blocks? Go to this page for more details!

One down, one to go rawr.

Eerie's Mansion

Heh, another mini-game about such undead ghosts. Like the other game I have reviewed a moment ago, this is a mini-game from that competition. Rawr, nuff said. Expect the pros and cons there my friends.

The story runs in that Mario is suddenly trapped in the last floor of this creepy mansion. There's a letter saying, “Collect those Red Coins if you want to free yourself! While the message is briefly summarized by me, the story remains intact true. Your mission, get those red shiny ruby coins and access to another floor when gathered in one piece. Unless your afraid rawr. (evilgrin) Ghosts? Sounds verrrrrrrrry original. Despite that, there are some puzzle-action approach mechanics set in for the gaming mood. Er, iMinigaming mood. Switches n' spikes, nice. But there's more rawr. It's just...

Criticization, part one: Physical engine. Controlling Mario seems too slippery, I have a hard time passing level 3, it's slip and slide as I “step” on the spikes which it's a bump. I didn't even bother passing that. :< That's not right... And... there's no other bad things there. The music seems to be in the perfect mood rawr.

Oh well, Darkyoshi from MFGG created that game for keeps, and that minigame competition. Boo-based mini-game anyone? Go here because it's not halloween yet!

Uuuuuuuggggggggh, that's done for. I think my section of the 'Shroom will be inactive. Due to school. X_X (makes sure Hooktail is sleeping) Hello hello my girl, sleeping peacefully under your times. (hugs her head for a moment gives a kiss on the cheek) Ah, good night you beast. And I'll see you later reader, despite that I will be inactive from the 'Shroom rawr. XP (goes to bed in his own room)

Beta Elements

by LuigiZ3r0 Tw0Zerotwo.jpg
Hello everyone! In this month's Beta Elements, we will be looking at:
Super Mario Galaxy

Here are the Facts

  1. A demonstration galaxy named Star World was revealed during E3 2006. Rabbits and Cosmic Toads wandered the area, giving hints as to what to do.
  2. The life meter had 8 wedges of health instead of only three.
  3. The star bit counter had a scale out of 100, meaning only 100 star bits were in each galaxy.
  4. Rosalina had a different design, and was also planned to be related to Princess Peach.

Fact 1. Having this planet would have completely redesigned the game. With no Lumas, that meant there was no Rosalina or Comet Observatory. This would even mean that galaxies were accessed differently. The game wouldn't really seem all that interesting without the Comet Observatory as the main hub. This exclusion of Rosalina would even alter future games, such as Mario Kart Wii.

Fact 2. With 8 wedges of health, the game would be much easier than with the three. With 8, that meant there were probably no Life Shrooms, and it could also mean there was more hazards and harder bosses to get around. It would have made the game more Super Mario 64/Sunshine like, with bosses and enemies that are more numerous and try to attack more.

Fact 3. X/100 star bits? That would change the entire game so much. With only 100 star bits are allowed, there were probably no Hungry Lumas. Perhaps this meant to be like the 100 coins missions in the earlier games, where getting 100 coins grants a star. This could also mean that Purple Comets would not appear in the game.

Fact 4. Rosalina in her different design would probably not have changed much of the game, but being related to Peach would have probably changed up a few things. The Storybook may have been different, possibly talking about Rosalina and Peach playing as children and the like. Being related may have also changed up the ending, making it more like a family reuinion between Peach and Rosalina. Rosalina may have also called Peach my cousin or sister, however they were related, instead of Mario's "special one" like in the final game.

So overall, these beta elements would've changed the game majorly. The ones that might be for the better would have been facts 2 and 4. The game would've displayed more of a challenge in number 2, and number 4 probably would've made a deeper, more emotional plot. So, that's it for this month's edition of Beta Elements!

Fangamer Reports

by Mario hammer smw.PNG Dark Lakitu 789 Lakitu with flag.png

Hi kidz, Welcome to the Fan Gamers are not excited =\.Ok the game I be talking about is *drum roll*...Mario Forever.Mario Forever is a mix of The Lost levels and some how Super Mario World. The game has 8 worlds with 4-5 levels in each world.The opening cut scene is simple,Bowser kidnaps Peach.

Mario Forever has all the basic enemies,and items. It also has a lot of features such as one mini game A few secret levels and stuff like that. The game has worlds called "Hardcore Worlds"The is about four Hard core worlds. There is another world that the world map call "The lost map.It's the game,s equivalent of the The Lost Levels.The is a secret level called Goomba party,sound easy? WRONG! Goomba's are everywhere! Goombas fall out out of the sky, making it hard to jump with out getting hit. The last level I'll want to talk about is Funny Tanks. The level is just like world 8 of SMB3 but harder.

The game has two new power ups. One of theme is a beet.The beet lets Mario throw beets. The other other one is a green item (forgot what's it's call). Any way it makes Mario run faster.

The game has a few "new enemies".The enemies are just upgrade of the Venus Fire Trap and Cheep-cheep.

If you download the game you'll get anther program I believe it's called Mario fixer.Mario fixer is a level editor. It will give you all the enemies and items.The is problems with Mario fixer.One is you can't make long levels.Also if you get a game over in your level you'll have to restart Mario fixer. Mario forever is a good game 7/10(from 1 to 10). That's all I have to say. Just don't get this game confuse with the SMB1 hack. Bye.

Director's Note

To the four people that voted to get rid of the 'Shroom on the survey:


Thank you for your attention and have a nice day ^_^.


Who's New: Lakitu Bros/Dark Lakitu 789 is now in charge of the Fangamer Report (This is the first time this issue actually get released, infact).

Who's Gone; Both InfectedShroom and Glitchman were supposed to have their issue, out this month, but InfectedShroom couldn't get his issue in time and Glitchman retired. If anyone want to replace him, please contact me.

What's new: After harassing me to no endasking me, Garlic Man was granted sub-director position which means that he get a fancy new section under this. Tucayo is also now in charge of the "Hiding Koopa" game.

Sub-Director's Note

Hello, Garlic here, and I've been enthusiastically writing for the 'Shroom in the past few months. As you may have noticed, there is a new position on the sign-up roster called "Sub-Director". Basically, I'll be archiving any past issues, updating Subscription templates, replacing the single page, and other necessary duties. Because, yes, it does look nice when we're nice and neat in order. Anyway, this issue, we have a few new writers, with Palkia47 doing "Guess that Game!" and Luigi001 joining us with "Should Have Been". So don't be hesitant to let out your ideas, because it may just become the most popular section of the 'Shroom.

Whenever Blitz isn't available(well, he usually is), feel free to ask me questions, I will answer them to my full abilities.