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by RAP.pngRAP...

... RAPstar is here, but...this is not a good time to write a 'Shroom-- even now these days month after month. Mainly due to the fact school is in session (ahem) High school! And that I need to work more hard this year than... last year. ;_; I will try my best to get this issue piece going for just like other issues, except for a slightly shorter piece. I'm here for a certain amount of time, my female pet and partner Hooktail will not appear in here due to the previous reasons above but she said “Hi.” incase you guys missed her. XP So I have to get the two fan games, again.

RAP's Section:
Koopa Breakout

Another clone apart form the original Breakout, but with a rush fix within the Mario magic in there. Hence the name rawr. Is this cash cow worth even a download for a play by causal or to the hardcore? Let's find out, my way!

Like most clones of this daring series consisting of those flat paddles, you control the paddle with your mouse guiding the ball as it bumps into many things. Instead of the ball, you get a Green Shell another Mario touch-up for such freakish Mario-fantics or fanboys out there. Hooray. </sarcastically> Each level, you have to guide the shell to break the Brick Blocks (excluding those ? Blocks which are duh, breakable, in this game) to advance to the next set of bricks n' blocks. And here's a Mario piece for us to collect 'em. Coins, 100 = A good life for a free paddle. XDD Halt! Don't forget the traditional item power-ups that boosts your success. Or not. XDD I'll list down the results:

  • Mushroom – Uh, it grows your paddle?
  • Blue Mushroom – The opposite of that red piece, figure it out lawl.
  • Yellow Arrow – Increases the shell speed. G'luck.
  • Blue Arrow – Negative version of the yellow arrow.
  • 1-Up Mushroom – Self-explanatory. XP
  • Fire Flower – Lets the paddle glow freakishly red so you can shoot bricks, or even ice blocks. XP
  • Starman – OMG! It's over 9000!!!! Use this to make sure the ball may be within the paddle-- As death rate tolls of 100 brick bodies. But! It's limitation, go for it quick!

Despite the goodness I have said above, here are some downfalls I have witnessed rawr. Collision problems, some of the breakable objects won't break at the time of impact. And the ball can get stuck into a brick wall at occasional times. Bad draw. The levels I played, it lacks innovation. Come on, cannons? Though I admit this game's for the competition from MFGG, I was expecting a great result of an expansion. Get an inspiration from a Mario game rawr! I think that will support adding existing pieces, or even make new ones. Oh, I know, Perhaps the enemies from those platforming games, ;P Make them interact with the paddle game. A Red Koopa Troopa, if hit, you receives points and if you hit that shell, it will bounce as it breaks those bricks! Another piece of criticized info, mixed difficulty. Look here, with that star going on the ball, and going through the bricks, many many items fall out. Too much-mix-in-a-blender difficulty. Too many 1-Ups, and then not so much. On the other hand, if your tired of the same song, switch it with between 1-0, ;>

This game is created by ultramario, yet another member of MFGG we have allied with. With the powers of getting known well, we will dominate. Want to break Brick Blocks? Go to this page for more details!

One down, one to go rawr.

Eerie's Mansion

Heh, another mini-game about such undead ghosts. Like the other game I have reviewed a moment ago, this is a mini-game from that competition. Rawr, nuff said. Expect the pros and cons there my friends.

The story runs in that Mario is suddenly trapped in the last floor of this creepy mansion. There's a letter saying, “Collect those Red Coins if you want to free yourself! While the message is briefly summarized by me, the story remains intact true. Your mission, get those red shiny ruby coins and access to another floor when gathered in one piece. Unless your afraid rawr. (evilgrin) Ghosts? Sounds verrrrrrrrry original. Despite that, there are some puzzle-action approach mechanics set in for the gaming mood. Er, iMinigaming mood. Switches n' spikes, nice. But there's more rawr. It's just...

Criticization, part one: Physical engine. Controlling Mario seems too slippery, I have a hard time passing level 3, it's slip and slide as I “step” on the spikes which it's a bump. I didn't even bother passing that. :< That's not right... And... there's no other bad things there. The music seems to be in the perfect mood rawr.

Oh well, Darkyoshi from MFGG created that game for keeps, and that minigame competition. Boo-based mini-game anyone? Go here because it's not halloween yet!

Uuuuuuuggggggggh, that's done for. I think my section of the 'Shroom will be inactive. Due to school. X_X (makes sure Hooktail is sleeping) Hello hello my girl, sleeping peacefully under your times. (hugs her head for a moment gives a kiss on the cheek) Ah, good night you beast. And I'll see you later reader, despite that I will be inactive from the 'Shroom rawr. XP (goes to bed in his own room)