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Fading Into Obscurity

by KP (talk)
Hi! I am a Pianta and the people here love me soooo much!

Hello there and welcome to Fading into Obscurity! KP here, and today we are going to look at a not-so well known character from the Mario series: Il Piantissimo!

Piantissimo appears in Super Mario Sunshine, making his appearance in Gelato Beach, demanding that Mario race him to the nearby flag, being the exuivalent of Koopa the Quick in that manner. He returns in Noki Bay and in Pianta Village, staying true to his overconfident and superior attitude, even though Mario beats him both times. At the end of the game, Piantissimo finds the Magic Paintbrush while at Gelato Beach, making an elusive ending to the game. Well, that's it for this issue-

BWAHAHA! You really thought I was going to end there, weren't you? Well, no. There is a lot more to Il Piantissimo that the eye can see! If the player explores a little around Pianta Village, they will find out from the locals that Il Piantissimo is a creep, a rogue, and he isn't even a Pianta! (ooo, big surprise, especially considering his costume) Il Piantissimo's face dimensions are identical to those of the Running Man from the Legend of Zelda games, which explains things much better! The Running Man decided to go on a vacation to Isle Delfino and pursue his hobby there. However, he got an overtan and also got lazy, since Link could never beat the Running Man in a race in previous games! That's good for Mario, otherwise, the police would have kept him in custody forever! Certainly an obscure man, we learned the truth about Il Piantissimo in this issue! I really hope you enjoyed it, and have a nice day!

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